The Sweetest Old Man Makes The WORST Grilled Cheese I've Ever Seen

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13 days ago

Today we watch Featureman Tom Willett cook the worst grilled cheese I've ever seen. He's an awesome sweet old man with a lot of content on his channel but this grilled cheese deluxe we just can't agree with!
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Recipe Deluxe Grilled Cheese with Other Stuff Sandwich Tom Willett
"This is my recipe for that old favorite, the grilled cheese sandwich. This is a grilled cheese with bacon and egg and other stuff. This can be served with French fries or a salad and dessert. It is tasty and can be cooked to your own degree of brown or gold or completely burnt crust."

CinnamonToastKen 12 days ago
How do you guys make your grilled cheese? I like mine CHEEEEEZY!
Fun With Minerals
Fun With Minerals 11 hours ago
Honestly Im tempted to make revolting food videos, like all the reject recipes.
Savage Sam
Savage Sam Day ago
I like mine golden brown with extra cheese.
Daddy nightmare
Daddy nightmare Day ago
Burned, obviously
Dylan Donign
Dylan Donign 2 days ago
@TheRealFourthHorseman ohhhhh that makes more sense
TheRealFourthHorseman 2 days ago
@Dylan Donign she was just gifting you a charcoal filter for the coming apocalypse
Soori 92
Soori 92 5 hours ago
What if....... We r making grilled cheese sandwich in wrong way hmmmmmmm think about it 🤨🤨
ImNotWorriedBro 5 hours ago
Oh yeah! He loves the burnt taste
Ricky H
Ricky H 6 hours ago
OMFG! That 'sammich', f___ing decimated!💀
Crystal Wu
Crystal Wu 11 hours ago
Gordon Ramsay having a heart attack rn
Ian Ramos
Ian Ramos 11 hours ago
he seems great and I love the way he says "bread"
Misty Games
Misty Games 18 hours ago
So basically he made a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich? Dude...that’s not a grilled cheese...
al5in 20 hours ago
Why you got to be so loud dude omg I think you gave me tinnitus.. please copress laughs and put a limit to your talking set as 60 db max..
Keyona Johnson
Keyona Johnson 21 hour ago
oh my heart heaven
Sam Law
Sam Law 22 hours ago
I love USposts and Cinebun totes kent is the best youtubes
vicky Rodriguez
vicky Rodriguez Day ago
Buff is cute af🥰
Savage Sam
Savage Sam Day ago
Thats Nasty
Paulius Žiemelis
Paulius Žiemelis Day ago
how dare u make fun of my man Tom Willett
Tarissa yell
Tarissa yell Day ago
aww i love that guy he seems so nice 😄
These cooking video's are helping me lose weight. Watch'em BOOM not hungry!! Thank's TOM!!
ALEX 2 days ago
Buff looks stressed lol
boobehry 2 days ago
Guy can make a better grilled cheese than gordon ramsay at least
Britbdog 91
Britbdog 91 2 days ago
Your mate ruins your videos not gunna lie. He's the reason I haven't subscribed yet, sorry bro.
Daniel Evans
Daniel Evans 2 days ago
Is it me or is Buffpro look like he’s losing weight cause thwt shirt looks very loose on him compared to how he looked on meme couch
Lauren Rose Lee
Lauren Rose Lee 2 days ago
Buff’s face throughout this entire video gives me life
Sambo Ty
Sambo Ty 2 days ago
he looks so nice but his food is not
Aricca Sondag
Aricca Sondag 3 days ago
He’s frying that sandwich 🤣💀
Carlie Flowers
Carlie Flowers 3 days ago
"bloop" ❤️
Carlie Flowers
Carlie Flowers 3 days ago
Bro I have been subscribed to this man for so long lol! I love his videos 😂 he's so sweet bro. I'm pretty sure his videos are geared towards old folks living on their own on low funds.
Kai Lucas Zachary
Kai Lucas Zachary 3 days ago
For whatever it's worth, USposts comments from before a few years ago actually just show up as their own comments instead of the replies they originally were for many years ago. I've had the same happen on old videos I uploaded on another account. At one point, USposts changed their formatting and it totally screwed over the old comments that were "replies" at the time.
Darin Conard
Darin Conard 3 days ago
this was like watching the food equivalent to a snuff film
Becca Milne
Becca Milne 3 days ago
buffs laugh is my favourite thing ever ahhh
Shyshka 3 days ago
Well, if he likes it, why not
Nehaa Trivedi
Nehaa Trivedi 4 days ago
Psst Psst Gordon Ramsay, check this out!
Professional Tobogganist
Professional Tobogganist 4 days ago
real home smoke-house bacon from a fire, homemade white bread with cheese in it, little butter, maybe a fried egg, five year old chedder, that's a sandwich. two year old will do.
Anne Haight
Anne Haight 4 days ago
Bruh that's just a bacon and egg sandwich with other shit on it.
roxmysox90 4 days ago
This is someone's grandpa ya jerks
GoddessLove Remedies
GoddessLove Remedies 4 days ago
Please do more of his videos!
TotallyNotAZombie 4 days ago
Honestly concerned for this old dude..... stove has crap all over it and is a fire hazard....he needs someone to come by and tidy up and make him meals....
3aboodation 4 days ago
I'm pissed that he started eating the sandwich from that side... 13:35
Alexey Saranchev
Alexey Saranchev 4 days ago
14:56 It says the comments are 7 years old. IIRC, back then there might be no comment thread mechanic on YT, so there was just comment section and people @ed each other.
August Brown
August Brown 4 days ago
This old man is so sweet and wholesome. He may make terrible food, but it’s the thought that counts. 😫 So precious of a human being. ❤️ BufPros laugh is so contagious. 😂😂💀
muadhnate 4 days ago
He probably has the cleanest teeth.
Yeyo Rdz
Yeyo Rdz 4 days ago
It took this guy like 20 minutes to make a sandwich
Peter Wallis
Peter Wallis 5 days ago
Hey, don't knock it till you try it guys. Maybe it tastes better than it looks.
Mr. Original
Mr. Original 5 days ago
I'm just glad I'm not the only one crazy enough to microwave eggs or bacon.
Todd Scholefield
Todd Scholefield 5 days ago
Stay toasty get it?????? Hahaha
The man is obsessed with vegetable oil I mean, I respect it, I’m obsessed with anything salty (especially sea salted caramel milk chocolate, delicious)
Estrella Dearborn
Estrella Dearborn 5 days ago
Drew Goin
Drew Goin 5 days ago
"How to burn 800 calories in 10 minutes"
Lady MF Unicorn
Lady MF Unicorn 5 days ago
My kid loves burnt bread. I can believe our elder.
Byebyelena 5 days ago
I've been following tom for a long time and boy the love I have for this man is immeasurable
Janet Hilton
Janet Hilton 5 days ago
Buffpro has always been hot to me but he's looking really great today :)
RatCryptid 5 days ago
this guy makes me smile, he seems super sweet
Amy Jo
Amy Jo 5 days ago
How’s he still alive?
John Dearborn
John Dearborn 5 days ago
C'mon don't go after featureman. He's a national treasure
rebecca lazzell
rebecca lazzell 5 days ago
Please do more of him! Lol
Rykensnow 5 days ago
when them new dentures just arrived
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 5 days ago
Pans gotta be hot, and you gotta use butter, this whole oil business is just why, a bottle of vegetable oil and a stick of butter are not much of a difference in price, realistically less than a dollar.
Tim Jones
Tim Jones 5 days ago
Idiots. Y’all don’t even know who Tom is.... booo
S Kitty
S Kitty 5 days ago
Say what you want about this man, but at least he knows what he likes
Taylor Doyle
Taylor Doyle 5 days ago
He probably recently lost his wife and is finding a little purpose left in life with these videos. Someone that cares. Something to avoid the quiet nights and maybe fill that void a bit... yaaaa dicks
Kevin C
Kevin C 6 days ago
You put anything other than cheese on it, it's no longer a grilled cheese
Samuel Eskilsson
Samuel Eskilsson 6 days ago
Carson Brown
Carson Brown 6 days ago
You should check out Weber Cooks
Ashley Horncastle
Ashley Horncastle 6 days ago
Goodness, I do like colour on my grilled cheese but dude.. put that thing in an urn
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt 6 days ago
I really like the old man
Brandy Jean
Brandy Jean 6 days ago
Older people like burnt things idk why my grandma likes her toast and marshmellows burnt
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn 6 days ago
That's the feature man. He was an actor. He loves to talk about his time in Hollywood.
Olivekittens 6 days ago
lol i gotta broil my bread
Brutus 60s2
Brutus 60s2 6 days ago
I've been subscribed to Future Man for a while now. Love his old school vids!
Clay Moore
Clay Moore 6 days ago
If u ever mock feature man again I’m coming for u 💪🏻
David Quinn
David Quinn 6 days ago
Use mayo if ya run outta butter . And Tom is the ish
Okra Vendakkai
Okra Vendakkai 6 days ago
check out "eating watermelon with my clone".
Watchdog 6 days ago
It's hiroshima all over again.
Danyell xo
Danyell xo 6 days ago
Buff pro looking great ! Looks like he lost a lot of weight! Happy for you! 💗😌
Marvin Salmeron
Marvin Salmeron 6 days ago
Petition for them to cover more on this man or also make cook alongs also with the vidslol
Dale2uk 6 days ago
I'm pretty sure this old guy is taking the piss no way anyone eats the shit he cooks and is still alive
Turning Spade
Turning Spade 6 days ago
My brother likes to eat burned food. Rice, barbecue, garlic. Like my dad.
AbaddonAlmighty 6 days ago
He doesn't use water to make his coffee. He uses vegetable oil.
Sunny Down South
Sunny Down South 6 days ago
I’m surprised dude ain’t got cancer from all them carcinogens lol
barsa sharma
barsa sharma 6 days ago
Ken and buff should react to kitchen nightmares or hotel hell... It'd be hella funny 😄
Fady Mehany
Fady Mehany 6 days ago
hold on. there is no cheese
Emily Willis
Emily Willis 6 days ago
This ain't well done no more... Its just done
sam Buttertoast
sam Buttertoast 6 days ago
I mean I burn everything I touch but a grill cheese is my specialty and this was hard to watch lmao
Kamachi Akahito
Kamachi Akahito 6 days ago
mo anoni
mo anoni 6 days ago
he smash it recycling, vanguarding on youtube, making jokes, using tech, real clean. Does he have his nails done? ...a real MASTER haha
Shelly Shelly
Shelly Shelly 7 days ago
What did he mean at 14:57 when he said "I think he's responding to poeole, but he's not actually replying"?
Dylan Cooper
Dylan Cooper 7 days ago
This old dude reminding me too much of myself. Mood. Guy out here trying his best. You get it guy, you get it.
Rio grande lily
Rio grande lily 7 days ago
I love Tom's videos great story teller sweet old man.
pineapple party
pineapple party 7 days ago
On the real, this is how you get stomach cancer. DO NOT eat charred foods. You can sear things but scrape off the black char. Also the best way to make grilled cheese is: with at least 2 slices, a thin layer of mayo on both sides(inside), Thin bread so you can actually taste cheese, buttered outside *optional* sprinkle a layer of Mexican shredded cheese on the outside pieces, pressing it down so it sticks. Your welcome. You now have flavorful "inside out" grilled cheese.
Luigi 7 days ago
I'm going to do the same exact thing this man did.
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps 7 days ago
So much charcoal, his teeth will be sparkly white after he eats his samich.
Zacthesoda 7 days ago
This man actually 35 the samwitch just throwing some years on
Sammy Neil
Sammy Neil 7 days ago
What do Egyptian pharaohs and this man's toastie have in common? They both end up mummified 😅😂🧟
Soft Chocolate Mousse
Soft Chocolate Mousse 7 days ago
Featureman and skyrim grandma (Shirley Curry) are the actual grandparents of the USposts community
Occboc 7 days ago
Guys a Hold your Grandparents close and talk to them while they’re still here you never know when they’ll pass it can be out of the blue or prolonged
BoomPowBeth 7 days ago
I love him so much! Ive been watching him for over a year at least. He's so wholesome and has many stories about the film industry. Such a sweet ol man!
MrMr.Bongos 7 days ago
I've been watching him for awhile and this is weird.
Laura Pember
Laura Pember 7 days ago
It would take so much longer to cook this than a normal toastie
Wilbert Birdner
Wilbert Birdner 7 days ago
"Will it charcoal?"
Convolute Productions
Convolute Productions 7 days ago
I was mostly on board til he added the flour. Alright I was strongly opposed to microwave cooking the egg as well but I liked the bacon and slightly burnt bread. Call me weird but I don’t get the hate on the bacon
yangyang supremacy
yangyang supremacy 8 days ago
Kay as a man
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie 8 days ago
NatCav8 8 days ago
Anyone want a deep fried sandwich
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