The Cringiest Kiss We've Ever Seen

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19 days ago

Reacting to more TLC 90 Day The Single Life with Big Ed and Liz featuring the cringiest kiss we've ever seen ever. Big Ed goes in for the kiss, will he be denied!?
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CinnamonToastKen 18 days ago
What would you do if Big Ed tried to smooch you?
Luke Sammartino
Luke Sammartino 9 days ago
Smack him and say dude.... NO!!!!
Helo. 11 days ago
@cartay900 ok.......
Helo. 11 days ago
@cartay900 O.o
The Gagnons’ Show
The Gagnons’ Show 11 days ago
If TLC is paying me 100 million PUKER UP But he better use mouthwash
Lilith nana
Lilith nana 12 days ago
I'll break my own neck
Not Myrealname
Not Myrealname 5 hours ago
I want to start a charity to get Ed the 7 vertebrae he's missing
kelly 12 hours ago
Get big ed to date a girl you like, the aftermath will make her want you more than anything due to ed's torture and she'll be rich.
uncoordinated meaty boi
uncoordinated meaty boi 18 hours ago
That blokes head is build like a rounded pyramid
Frostehh Day ago
NiKhOoOLe Day ago
can't wrap my head around the fact that somewhere on this earth, this man *really* exists and all these things *ACTUALLY* happened 💀 is Big Ed not embarrazzed? like we're already dying from second-hand embarrassment, imagine how bad the first-hand embarrassment was 😂😂😂
rockyrocks1457 Day ago
ed is always trying to push that wine on the girls , i dont trust this dude
rockyrocks1457 Day ago
dang Ed is even abusive to the goats 🐐
lunachick613 88
lunachick613 88 2 days ago
He just fully admitted to stalking her wtf is going on!
Kyote 10
Kyote 10 2 days ago
He created his name "Big Ed" for himself, and that ugly AF logo he puts EVERYWHERE! From his passport to his luggage to apparently his body! 🤮 This creep disgusts me with his narcissistic attitude! His bathroom wall was ven covered in pics of young women (that he probably photographed). And his assault and harrassment of that one young lady! It's further disgusting that TLC still employs him and ads him to these spinoffs... Actually TLC has several men accused of DV that they've aired in the past (Geoffrey - 90DF), and presently Ed and Dimitri Snowden (SSW)! TLC is willing to do ANYTHING for another buck in their pockets!
Charisse Marie Linnell -Morton
Charisse Marie Linnell -Morton 2 days ago
How do I get on this damn show as I want to just tell big Ed off!
Initium Novum
Initium Novum 2 days ago
Ed: So the other day, you know when you left your place at 11:03, arrived at Subway at 11:21, ordered a 6 inch meatball marinara on Italian herb and cheese, a diet Coke, and two oatmeal cookies, drove to the park to eat, and then went to Kroger to do some shopping? I just happened to be by the yogurt while you were getting some milk and noticed you talking to a guy and it seemed a little too friendly. Her: They are gonna have to up my pay for this...
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 2 days ago
If people liked ed more liz would get alot of hate for acting the way she does
Gustavo Rod
Gustavo Rod 2 days ago
You should do a video review on your life when you got married to your young wife, probably got her because of your USposts fame and got her pregnant with multiple kids, But react with the same energy you gave big ed haha. It should be funny
Katelyn Triana
Katelyn Triana 3 days ago
That’s creepy 😩 I couldn’t do it.
Bee Rose
Bee Rose 3 days ago
Dude it's like border line harassment- Like if you keep pressuring and pressuring and begging for dates she's just gonna say she likes you back cause she either feels bad, or wants you to shut tf up. take a fucken hint and go on with your life eeeeeee
MultiMaximus17 3 days ago
Oh no the cringe levels are on a different level
James Feeley
James Feeley 3 days ago
Wen he came out as elvis it was like an egg on sticks like humpty dumpty from puss in boots
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews 3 days ago
Sometimes I feel like I can't get a gf than I see videos of Ed and I feel like I can (:
Kimsingsit Lhing
Kimsingsit Lhing 3 days ago
Honestly the girl won't like him but I think may be just for the show😄
Rach 4 days ago
One time I had to stay over night in an airport due to weather, there were a ton of flights that got cancelled. A lot of people were being really friendly to one another, sharing food and entertainment and what not. This one guy said he wanted to watch a movie with me so we found a hallway with carpet and outlets(a popular place with many other people hanging out in the area). He told me about his fiancé and how he was on his way to visit her. So at one point during the movie he says hey and I look at him and he starts leaning in to kiss me and I put my hand directly on his face and pushed his head away and said “what are you doing?” And I would do the exact same thing if Big Ed tried to kiss me.
gemma pratt
gemma pratt 4 days ago
Maybe she's pan sexual 😂 😂😂🤣
Rosemary Root
Rosemary Root 4 days ago
nasty POS
Amy 4 days ago
Nothing much more to say regarding Big Ed, but that goat yoga... Didn't seem right.. It felt like too many goats were out at once, ones with horns didn't have them capped with foam or something (they're level with your FACE), and with the number of goats there, I doubt they've been like, properly socialized to be around humans to that extent (like the goats head-butting 6 inches from your head is a big yikes)...
Yes 4 days ago
i lost my apatite watching this I really wanted to finish my coffee jelly too
Beklee Dee
Beklee Dee 4 days ago
The franken-biting with the speech is disturbing. A lot of reality tv shows to it. The australian Bachelor/bachelorette and MAFS does it all the time
Luka 4 days ago
Where's your car? I'mma slash your tires
Since3YearsOld 4 days ago
She's too damn cute. You know TLC's a fakeass show.
lutheran 5 days ago
she's obviously going to hug him. i don't know what came in his noggin to assume she's going to kiss him :(
Sugawara Koshi
Sugawara Koshi 5 days ago
Therapist: Cinnamontoast Ed can't hurt you, he's not real Cinnamontoast Ed: 7:29
Brittany J. A.
Brittany J. A. 5 days ago
Buff pro is the best. He just exudes happiness 😭
Ashley Whalen
Ashley Whalen 5 days ago
I'm addicted to watching these videos!!
Vida Dolls
Vida Dolls 5 days ago
I love how bufftron laughs at everything
Hansen Life!
Hansen Life! 5 days ago
Does anyone else think Big Ed looks like Strax from Dr. Who?
Hansen Life!
Hansen Life! 5 days ago
Can we get Ken and Dane doing the Big Ed Nacho Libre dance at 5 Mil Subs?
Teresa Brickey
Teresa Brickey 5 days ago
SpongeBob in the flesh, come on Liz there's got to be other men in town.
MMA Shorts
MMA Shorts 5 days ago
Ed has more game then me 🙊what the absolute fuvkery is this
Lil Dipper
Lil Dipper 5 days ago
ed looks like a garbage pale kid the movie
Puginator 5 days ago
Ed can't move at all don't got a neck and gross af
Toss A Coin
Toss A Coin 5 days ago
(X) to doubt
Paranoxx 6 days ago
Hey Ken, we want to's a bet among your fans, how did you choose the name? Buff we get, he is. I don't want to fight him. Yours: we don't get it. It will make a fun segment on the show and we'd love to hear the tail. PLEASE!
anya 6 days ago
why does ed keep pursuing women that are the age of his daughter?
babybluex 6 days ago
Goats have demon eyes.
The Court Of Public Opinion
The Court Of Public Opinion 6 days ago
I love how everyone’s hating on him but not the women that clearly are using him even though he’s a jack ass he’s clearly being used so no one’s gonna talk about the fact that these women are clearly using him to get here?!
WayToGo WithJo
WayToGo WithJo 6 days ago
I would legitimately rather watch big Ed dancing for a solid 24 hours then ever watch another of these guys videos. Bully’s thinking they’re funny... hahahahaha!! Your not.
Andy 6 days ago
Big Ed kisses like Pewds shakes hands.
Lidia Rodriguez
Lidia Rodriguez 6 days ago
Lmaoooo I died when he said he had kicked a 🐐🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mr. yeetseeks
mr. yeetseeks 6 days ago
3:09 i smell the place , and i live in belgium
Tabatha Wiley
Tabatha Wiley 6 days ago
Ed is on some weird shit, she obviously tried to avoid his kiss, and he ended up holding her head still, and all she could do was lower head ..he didn’t “just happen to see her and whatever guy friend” he’s stalking her 100%. Everything about him screams RUN
Beverly Korte
Beverly Korte 6 days ago
Remy Clio
Remy Clio 7 days ago
since when did cosplay ever get someone laid
Hannah Lind
Hannah Lind 7 days ago
you & Buff make me feel so safe :,)
Lady Libra
Lady Libra 7 days ago
She’s talking to the money, not Ed 😂😂😂
Tyler Babcock
Tyler Babcock 7 days ago
Does big Ed have a neck?
Rodrick’s NutSock
Rodrick’s NutSock 7 days ago
He literally grabbed her head when she tried to move her head away from his face I’ve never been so uncomfortable for someone
Pumpinstein 7 days ago
Ed’s got more chins than a Chinese phone book.
Jocelyn Troher
Jocelyn Troher 7 days ago
I like that thank you for dinner. The free meal. LOL that kiss gross.
TheGamerInDisguise 7 days ago
Sorry Ed, but she’s looking for a man with a long neck. And that ain’t the neck I’m talking about. 😂
Mandy Dumesny
Mandy Dumesny 7 days ago
Don’t give him any time if he’s not what you want. He’s a cling on who has yet to realise he’s destined to be alone. Humans are very superficial and won’t look at anyone who isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Horrible but true. From someone who isn’t aesthetically pleasing.
Mandy Dumesny
Mandy Dumesny 7 days ago
Like the rest of the desperados they “care” for anyone who looks their way. Embarrassing for everyone. Just don’t ppl, don’t. Cringe of the highest order.
Dauntless XD
Dauntless XD 7 days ago
0:35 literally thought this was an orangutan dancin
Hari-Maku 7 days ago
How can someone like this cringey stalker guy with no neck, if not for money?
Paula Pedraza
Paula Pedraza 8 days ago
I would not kiss him!!!
Paula Pedraza
Paula Pedraza 8 days ago
Big Ed’s name should be Mayonnaise (libre) YUK
SSK 8 days ago
guys there's one way either you're neckless-edsexual or not ,this is disturbing , he can't be bangable , that's unfair ffs and let him know what he really is , making fun of him is meaner i guess
Chelsea Redworth
Chelsea Redworth 8 days ago
Ed is a weirdo
Kat Fox
Kat Fox 8 days ago
How is he *happening* upon her at night when she's out??? He HAS TO BE FOLLOWING HER.
Elise Fincher
Elise Fincher 8 days ago
Ed goes for kiss Liz: Hell naw bruh that check from discovery ain't cleared yet.
JadedCicada 8 days ago
Ed, with his hair down, looks like a compact Danzig.
Dakota Woloschuk
Dakota Woloschuk 8 days ago
Jeez, I'm better at romance than this guy. And that's saying something.
Dakota Woloschuk
Dakota Woloschuk 8 days ago
Ed: "How dare you talk to other people! You don't love me anymore!" Liz: "I never loved you anyway, I only saw you as a friend."
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 8 days ago
In that suit Ed looks like the guy from Master of Disguise when he was dressed as a turtle.
SweetSavvy 8 days ago
😂😂 omg I love y’all
Curtis Hall
Curtis Hall 8 days ago
I have a question, does Ed only own that one black V-neck shirt ? that is the only thing he wears in every single video
Ogress Heroine
Ogress Heroine 8 days ago
Ed looks like old school Penguin from the weird Batman movies (played by Danny Devito)
kyjfhyjcg frttty
kyjfhyjcg frttty 8 days ago
Just cant get enough of that Big Ed....
Aricca Sondag
Aricca Sondag 9 days ago
I love you both so much!!! Especially buff pro 😍
RedEye 2287
RedEye 2287 9 days ago
I have a girlfriend but I don't stalk her and follow her every second of everyday plus I don't rush things like this guy Who else can relate
Angela Thayer
Angela Thayer 9 days ago
im just trying to figure out what is the deal with his neck? I want to do an X-Ray ASAP!
EH Waltemath
EH Waltemath 9 days ago
They 100% paid her no way you choose to go on a date with bug ed
Memeadict 9 days ago
Where his neck at
isaiah 9 days ago
She head butted his kiss 😂
midnightwolfgamer 9 days ago
I know this is weird but why does that girl look like Gab (sean's girlfriend) without tattoo's
ShadowBurn 10 days ago
My. Neck
lana S
lana S 10 days ago
If I were the yoga instructor, and big Ed acknowledged my legs being spread apart like he did to her. I’d close my legs so fast, stand up, grab my mat and quit my job. He is literally so repulsive i can’t finish half of this video🤮 And it’s not bc of the way he looks but just the way he carries himself
Morgan Pettipas
Morgan Pettipas 10 days ago
HOW IS SHE NOT CONCERNED that he's literally f*cking stalking her!
Morgan Pettipas
Morgan Pettipas 10 days ago
The fact that he tried to force the kiss even when she pulled away, makes me wonder what he does to women when cameras aren't around.
Kamalu426 10 days ago
who slipped her a $100 bill to say “i like you too”
Kamalu426 10 days ago
4:21 Nip slip
Kamalu426 10 days ago
Okay, who stole Ed’s neck??
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias 10 days ago
Ken is very attractive
Shadowbane Asena
Shadowbane Asena 11 days ago
If big Ed tried to kiss me I'd burp or vomit in his face. Might give him the reality check he deserves at how disgusting he truly is inside and out.
Micolette Jenkins-Quintero
Micolette Jenkins-Quintero 11 days ago
Ed is giving me Joe vibes from You. Liz, run!
The Rough Go
The Rough Go 11 days ago
Ed is just nega Danny DeVito
innovati 11 days ago
buff pro would look killer in a suit
Heather Hall
Heather Hall 11 days ago
I wonder if she ever feels like the escort that she is.
PookiePye 11 days ago
the only way i can watch the videos of big ed is if there's someone else there with me to hold my hand through it that's how you ~know~ it's cringe
EmmettXIV 11 days ago
That one weirdo
That one weirdo 11 days ago
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