Desperate Man Calls Police Because He's Out Of Toilet Paper

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Reacting to TLC Outrageous 911 where we have 3 stories. Man calling the police because he's out of toilet paper, a woman taking a dump in a mans yard then washing off in the pool, and a bear mascot in the street attacking cars!
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Man Calls The Police From The Toilet Because He's Out Of Toilet Paper | Outrageous 911
This man was in a shop's bathroom when he noticed that it was out of toilet paper. Instead of calling the manager, he calls the police to help him solve the issue.
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
Thanks for the support guys! Back on the road to 10,000,000 subs!
jnie swartz
jnie swartz 4 days ago
Buff looks high ah
Angela M. Stovall
Angela M. Stovall 25 days ago
NEVER BEEN THERE I CHECK 1ST but yeah someone FINALLY CALLED THE DAMN STORE he has a phone HELLO! Also paper the NASTY toilet seat then you'd know, tip from a female that always has to sit down, Mama's 1st rule!
Claudine Sabila
Claudine Sabila Month ago
Yay congrats granpa max, love your content💞
Vivi Burger
Vivi Burger Month ago
Great, loved it and yes I do want more. Thanks for this video Ken
Jose Padilla
Jose Padilla Month ago
Buff be puffing lol
Brandon Daniels
Brandon Daniels 11 hours ago
No idea how the dispatcher doesn't laugh when the guy was like "there's poo out there. Dirty poo water"
Mikki Hesson
Mikki Hesson Day ago
is that supposed to be a reenacment or are they claiming this guy got trapped along with a camera crew with no tp and the only recourse being 911?
The Greedy Worm
The Greedy Worm 2 days ago
I ran out of toilet paper, and my brother wouldn’t toss me some unless I said ‘This is an avengers level threat’
Princess Banana
Princess Banana 3 days ago
When I was a kid at school I went to the bathroom during class so I was the only one there and there was no toilet paper in any of the 3 stalls so I had to use my underwear and flushed them😅 I was like 10 don't judge me
michael sliwa
michael sliwa 3 days ago
Floor gang vs couch Gand!?!?!?
user not found
user not found 3 days ago
that tp thing happened to me (a girl) when i was little. i was probably like 7. i was at a restaurant and went to the bathroom. there was no tp and as a little kid i was like omg this is life or death. with my pants around my ankles i muster up the courage to dash over to the next stall really fast. The second i opened my stall door and took one step out, a lady walked in she was like 1 foot from my face while im standing there with my pants down. I ran back in my stall and closed the door i was so scared. She asked me if i was okay and gave me tp but i was traumatized lol
Trendy Timmy
Trendy Timmy 4 days ago
My man should have called the grocery store he was in and ask for paper
Diy_CaT 4 days ago
I've been to so many events and the TP runs out every time, so I keep extra in my purse or pockets. I have a vest with a front pocket and on the first trip to the toilet, I stock up lol
t_ n_rasberry
t_ n_rasberry 6 days ago
*Exhaust all options before calling the cops for something like this. Option 1: This man could have called the store instead and ask for an employee of the store to bring it to him. It would have been faster and easier. Option 2: use paper towel Option 3: a clothing item on you Option 4 (if out of toilet and paper towel): if there are two single bathrooms. Go to the next one to wipe down. If option 1 - 4 fails, option 5: call someone you know that lives near the store to bring you some toilet paper.
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan 6 days ago
I was in the tp situation. I was not wearing socks. So I had to use my underwear. I didn't want to flush my underwear and maybe back the toilet up. But there wasn't a trash can either. So, I put my underwear under the "wet floor cone".
machinegunkelley80 6 days ago
Shout out to Springfield!
it's just brandy
it's just brandy 7 days ago
I would call the store before calling 911.
hawk 5
hawk 5 7 days ago
Ive had to use a sock before. I just threw it in the trash and went all day with just one sock on
Ginger Munchkin
Ginger Munchkin 8 days ago
If you are stuck in a stall in a store... Call The Store! Hahahaha
Bert Hubnip
Bert Hubnip 8 days ago
Durdee poo waatah
SwtorBro 8 days ago
Wipe with u boxers of whipe with u hand and then wash it 20 time 😭
Jenna Bella Expectation Vs Reality
Jenna Bella Expectation Vs Reality 8 days ago
What do they charge the woman with who pooed and the guys backyard is there a charge for that?? Disappear poo in the city!!
Dr. Philth
Dr. Philth 8 days ago
This is like when people see a UFO the whole neighbourhood just comes together and decides the police are going to arrest the spaceship
Sully Rane
Sully Rane 9 days ago
As someone who had to grab their phone out of a taco bell toilet (I worked there, not the cleanest of toilets 😂) there is definitely no coming back
heather martin
heather martin 9 days ago
All this poop talk Now I am at work cause I gotta poop It's okay though, I got t.p.
HaroldM814 10 days ago
Google the phone number of the store you're at and call them and tell them what's going on!!!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
I feel bad for the polices.
xleftmotionlessx 10 days ago
How em-bear-assing...
Wolfenacht 10 days ago
Why doesn't he use his phone... to call the store and ask for an associate to bring toilet paper. :P
Rileigh 11 days ago
Why couldn’t he have just called the store to ask them to bring him some toilet paper
Destiny Tertocha
Destiny Tertocha 11 days ago
Why didn’t the guy in the bathroom call the store he was at... bruh
AlphaxWolf18 12 days ago
This is an easier way. Google the store's number call it and ask for some toilet paper.
GiDD 12 days ago
Bro that’s why you wear socks. Sock it and flush the sock
GiDD 12 days ago
That’s the DancingBear! He does parties too. Check him out, just google dancing bear party.
Shian Andrei Laudato
Shian Andrei Laudato 12 days ago
The girl reminds me of felix
Ryan Trent
Ryan Trent 12 days ago
Use the draws, and toss
RavenBird_19 12 days ago
As someone who lives in Springfield,mo I wouldn't even be surprised by that lol
Abigail Prichard
Abigail Prichard 12 days ago
Id like to see more
King King
King King 12 days ago
Still not a better poop story than Felix
The Great Cornholio
The Great Cornholio 12 days ago
Before entering a bathroom stall always make sure there is enough toilet paper to last. But if you're in a hurry and find yourself stuck here is what you should do. Public Restroom No Toilet Paper Tips from a Master: 1. Use the hygienic toilet seat covers. 2. Rip up the toilet paper roll and use that. Pro Tip: Always keep extra tp in your pockets.
Geeky13Girl 13
Geeky13Girl 13 13 days ago
No matter how many times I watch this video the "hey booboo part still gets me 🤣
Jack Hendrickson
Jack Hendrickson 13 days ago
Dark Magician
Dark Magician 14 days ago
i actually had a similar incident, i was a manager at chuck e cheese and there wasnt any toilet paper, so i called the store and had an employee bring me a roll XD
Emporer Tivurnis
Emporer Tivurnis 15 days ago
Unfortunately you've gotta sacrifice a sock.
Kimberly Harting
Kimberly Harting 16 days ago
I can hear the call on the first one. One Adam-12. We have a Code Brown Fury progress.
taylor made
taylor made 17 days ago
This is too damn funny
Rachel Robertson
Rachel Robertson 17 days ago
Surely you just ask the next person to pass you some 😂 every gals been in that situ, esp in the club
Bekah 17 days ago
LOL "dirty poo water". Im wheezing
KayKinz 19 days ago
Why would they not call the store before the police wtf 😂 they’d bring it to you I’m sure
KayKinz 19 days ago
This is why I always check before I go 😂😂
KayKinz 19 days ago
The only problem would be if it’s one of those bathrooms that only have one toilet and the door is locked then the employee couldn’t get it to you 😂🤷‍♀️ least they could put it by the door I guess 😂🤦‍♀️
Kimberly 19 days ago
Ok but when you find the guy in the toilet do you yeet the roll over the top or pass it from the bottom?
TFCoM 20 days ago
Most places I've been have disposable seat covers. I've had to use them before to wipe when there is no paper
Randy Lott
Randy Lott 20 days ago
Bruh, WTF. I'm from NH. Hudson isn't one of the nicest towns.
Natalie Bedford
Natalie Bedford 20 days ago
Does a bear shit in the woods? Apparently not, it shits in a pool.
Douglas Cramer
Douglas Cramer 20 days ago
*Solution:* You Sacrifice the underwear to get to the Toilet Paper, then throw it in the trash if it wasn't kept between the cheeks.
ғ o x ί e .
ғ o x ί e . 20 days ago
This is way you always bring a napkin with you when you go to the bathroom looool
Honey David
Honey David 21 day ago
I would’ve called the store instead of 911.
Tony Price
Tony Price 22 days ago
That’s why I have a slingshot with paintballs you land a hit and they can’t even run just look for the painted person.
Gabriel Bailey
Gabriel Bailey 22 days ago
Use toilet seat covers
SpoolOfThread 22 days ago
I would just look if there's toiletpaper before i go and poop 🤣
kai1068 22 days ago
great video as usual but gdi scott, i was never ready for all those "nasty"s LOL
DrMaxwell and MineCD DP
DrMaxwell and MineCD DP 22 days ago
➕ Fellowship invite
Shin 22 days ago
69 dislikes. Nice
Zozo 22 days ago
Simple. Call customer service of the store and location you’re in, tell the worker at the customer service desk that your stall ran out of toilet paper. Everyone has a shared sympathy and understanding for this situation. They’ll bring you toilet paper to the stall you’re in.
Zamkuma 23 days ago
I couldn’t even read this title without laughing LMFAOAOA
francisco aguirre
francisco aguirre 23 days ago
Firefighter/EMT here... we get all kind of dumb calls like this. It’s like 80% of the time. We got called out for tooth aches, overdose of weed, even a guy with a swollen thumb because he slapped his child 4 hours ago....we deal with this 24 hours a day while only getting paid $15 a hour.
Kylie McCaughey
Kylie McCaughey 23 days ago
Unfortunate story: I was opening the restaurant I worked at and was there an hour and a half before anyone else. I used the bathroom, and apparently someone had failed to do their job because the toilet paper holder that held two GIANT rolls was completely empty. There are only two toilets and they’re in separate rooms, and I’m not in the one with the storage closet where we keep extra. There are security cameras outside. Luckily my hands were small enough to maneuver up into the tp holder and release the lock (if you’ve never opened one up to refill before you’d probs be f**ked, they usually need a weird plastic key that’s universal throughout the brand). I ended up just tearing up the layers of the cardboard tp roll and using that 😂
Isis Blackfeather
Isis Blackfeather 23 days ago
South Park's Pink Eye episode. I would actually rather throw out a chair than have to drain and clean my pool. Why does this guy think it's better that she ruined his whole pool before she sat in the chair? You can't just put more chemicals in it-he is kind of an idiot. The bear suit is hilarious. Some shit that my friends and I would do if we could afford a bear suit. Butt paper dude was probably at Walmart. They never have butt paper. But those high powered poop machines throw out so much water when you flush. So, he should have flushed the poo and then flush to clean your butt. This is why the US needs to get with it and normalize bidets everywhere. Save the environment and enjoy a nice ass shower. No more running out of toilet paper.
PJΛZΞЯŁΛZΞЯ 23 days ago
Once you reach in that bowl you loose your soul
Me Maybe you
Me Maybe you 23 days ago
3:00 🤣🤣🤣 At least she's cleaner than using TP. Think about it, if you had poop on your hands, would you just use a napkin to wipe it off? MY GURL SMART 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Patricia Dozier
Patricia Dozier 24 days ago
Buff blinks a lot lol but it's wholesome hahaha
Amber Willard
Amber Willard 24 days ago
Springfield mo 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ My home town 🙄🙄🙄
chocoboasylum 24 days ago
When you started talking about socks I thought you meant slip one in the crack and remove it once you got home to get some proper cleaning done. Like a stop gap 😂🧦
Denise G.
Denise G. 24 days ago
If the guy had his phone.... why not call the store he is in and tell them....??????
Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet 24 days ago
Guy at the restroom should be ready for PLAN B xD
athenax 24 days ago
I know chlorine would take care of the poop particles in the pool, but I’d still have to drain and bleach the damn thing. Mentally couldn’t deal with it.
cat burn
cat burn 25 days ago
The way you started this video is so pro. I have just started watching your videos, you're funny man. I'm a parent too, you're bad ass
Angel sighTV
Angel sighTV 25 days ago
U leave with 1 sock,,how do you know when the crusty punk girl is on her period? Only wearing 1 sock, story as old as time
Steiner 25 days ago
Watching while eating and all I can say after 11 minutes is eugh
Gacha Emily
Gacha Emily 25 days ago
This is the reason girls go to the bathroom in groups
Luke Brideau
Luke Brideau 25 days ago
I think I would call the store I was in and then tell them that I’m in the bathroom and I don’t have any toilet paper and I’m sure they would just bring you some toilet paper. So I am revisiting my comment because I was right I said this at the beginning of the video by the way lmao
RealmRabbit 25 days ago
I just imagine someone flushing down their dirty underwear and then having it clog the toilet of their friend's house or somewhere like a hotel you're staying with your friends at, without there being an obvious plunger nearby... Just think of the questions you would have if your friend clogged your toilet, you went to use the plunger and then up came some dirty underwear... Like, at that point you pretty much can tell that they're going commando for one thing because their underwear clearly is in another castle, and for another thing you're probably wondering why exactly they chose to flush their underwear down your toilet...
GAGES STAGE 25 days ago
10:44 dude, just wash off with water, then wash your hands.
lizard LTD
lizard LTD 25 days ago
And the camera men are transparent
suisei_flat _board
suisei_flat _board 25 days ago
4:12 that laugh terrifies me
oh my
oh my 25 days ago
You could use the cardboard part tho.... just scrape it off
MIten V
MIten V 25 days ago
i'll lick that shit up
Pixie Pie
Pixie Pie 25 days ago
Its people like Jeremy that make people think NH is a joke 😭😭 i wanna know if ive ever seen this dude
Michael Cook
Michael Cook 26 days ago
Or sacrifice a sock.... lol.
xVacunaVenomx 26 days ago
This had me screaming 😂😂
TheGamerInDisguise 26 days ago
I had a similar situation with no toilet paper in my stall. But instead of calling the cops like a dumbass, I waited until it was clear and I ran to the next empty stall and used the toilet paper from that one. It’s amazing what you can get away with in a public bathroom if you know what you’re doing and you clean up after yourself. xD
Who's your mate?
Who's your mate? 26 days ago
You sacrifice a sock like a man 🤣
Llama Warrior
Llama Warrior 26 days ago
Guys. I know what he should have done.... oh shit, they actually just mentioned it: call the store.
kt kat
kt kat 27 days ago
Calling the store was the first thing I thought of 🤣
Nicolai Janssen
Nicolai Janssen 27 days ago
Why does the pool owner sound like Bill Clinton
kolton Hanson
kolton Hanson 27 days ago
niklas fink
niklas fink 27 days ago
3:50 "dirty poo water" My dude is about to cry :"D lmao
C P 27 days ago
... just call the people who work there
LE-HAM & CHEESE 27 days ago
LE-HAM & CHEESE Who has there phone in the bathroom My man be playing candy crush? Or doing important phone calls.
LE-HAM & CHEESE 27 days ago
“First world problems”
Lacey Wildman
Lacey Wildman 27 days ago
"Whoa whoa whoa, I'm not a real bear!" 🥴😂
Appendix 27 days ago
I've been here and I just called the store number, didn't let the shame get to me lmao
Bunkysmom65 27 days ago
Poo Girl and Poo Bear were way funny. BUT, TP Guy, is ridiculous. He has a cell. If there's wifi or access to data why not call the store directly and have a staffer bring toilet paper in? Nope. Has to be a drama queen and call the cops.
Richard Walsh
Richard Walsh 27 days ago
Your videos are helping me through a hard time right now thanks Ken a Dane thank you
Littil Avindar
Littil Avindar 27 days ago
This should be a "What Would You Do?" segment. I can already imagine John Quiñones rolling up with the camera crew and an extra roll in his hand, asking people what was going through their heads when they reacted the way they did.
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