We Know What They Did! Matching Crimes To Mugshots

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26 days ago

We know what these criminals did! We play a game where you have to match the mugshot to the crime we think they committed. Its a lot of fun and Buffpro is weirdly good at it.
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CinnamonToastKen 25 days ago
What crime did we commit if you saw us in this game?
Sebastian Barrios
Sebastian Barrios 3 days ago
{10:09} ken got caught for insurance fraud and buff got caught for criminal intent
ZoneRaider 6 days ago
Isaac arie
Isaac arie 7 days ago
Triple homicide/suicide
Colton Karpes
Colton Karpes 12 days ago
Sha3ker 14 days ago
@Som nambulants yes he is big enough
çlõudży 2 hours ago
the redhead looks like lydia from teen wolf and cheryl from river dale
Just a small cute normal dog
Just a small cute normal dog 16 hours ago
Buff pro: The Legend!
kirk mcclean
kirk mcclean Day ago
Yo they knew probation violation so wuick
M Day ago
This video proves how dumb prejudice is
Cy8er Cat
Cy8er Cat Day ago
I guess granny was a real sugar momma
blusclues Day ago
dane’s laugh gives me serotonin🖤
DarkwingSnark Day ago
'Who listens to the Doors besides drug dealers?' I get what you're saying, but HEY!
Costadinov Day ago
Imagine being in court trying to show remorse and then they show your smiling joke mugshot to the juri.
Highlander2016 2 days ago
"He didn't even mean to trespass, he's so high he doesn't know where he is" you can see it in the dude's eyes how confused he is 😂
Wi-Fi TV
Wi-Fi TV 2 days ago
Buffpro looks kinda like Aquaman with his hair down
Nyan Cat poptart
Nyan Cat poptart 3 days ago
9:35 is it just me or is that guy on the end doing the Troll Face?
Joseph Valenzuela
Joseph Valenzuela 4 days ago
Congratulations guys you finally passed the quiz! 🤗👏🙌
Christina Belmares
Christina Belmares 4 days ago
Ken and Buff using the word “house” like it’s nothing over here, meanwhile I just came from the coffee enema episode...🤣
Psycho Diary
Psycho Diary 4 days ago
4:45 maybe because I've experienced well enough, I can now tell someone with an assult crime by their eyes. As soon as my eyes landed on him that was the first thing that came to my mind before reading anything.
Psycho Diary
Psycho Diary 4 days ago
Guess it's safe to say that if you can't educate young people not to be criminals, make them play these games and laugh at others failure. I feel sorry not sorry.
spooks 5 days ago
As someone who had to go through a possession charge and get clean I find this highly insensitive and invasive. I just coped the wrong way after my mother passed. I admit doing drugs was the wrong way but I had no one to talk to anymore. It was escapism. I didn't know what to do. I'm sober now and about to be allowed to have my record expunged. But seeing myself on here as a "game" would devastate me. I've made so much progress. And I don't find it ethical or moral to pick on someone in their darkest moments of life. Some of these people may just be terrible people. But we don't know their story. So I find it hard and very dehumanizing and lacking empathy to joke on this and turn it into a game.
Nicole Drozda
Nicole Drozda 5 days ago
Red head with cocaine possession is giving me Lindsay Lohan vibes 😂
Al Bu
Al Bu 5 days ago
Where do they allow you to wear shades in a mugshot
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 5 days ago
A say the red shirts manslaughter! 😂
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 5 days ago
I love the doors and I'm 💯not a dr*g dealer. 😂
Элиас 5 days ago
Cocaine girl kinda cute ngl
Joanna Pride
Joanna Pride 5 days ago
I can’t stop laughing 😂 I know criminals!!! 😵😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
brenda fleming
brenda fleming 5 days ago
Awesome Buff!
Mataria Makeup
Mataria Makeup 6 days ago
What’s that game?! We need a link!
Nether WOLF
Nether WOLF 6 days ago
This one guys laugh is funny but he does it too consistently and I often find myself getting annoyed, plus he’s really loud and needs to quiet down sometimes.
libertymurdoch 6 days ago
It would be easier to guess political affiliation
Karina Wilson
Karina Wilson 6 days ago
Caption was “Semitones Candice” lmao
Jax in the box
Jax in the box 6 days ago
“Who listens to The Doors besides drug dealers?” Me who owns at least two Doors records:👀👀
Hannah Stock
Hannah Stock 6 days ago
You know you grew up visiting your dad at work at the police department when you all of these right lol
Xephyr 7 days ago
why some of these people do be lookin fine tho
nichole Roberts
nichole Roberts 7 days ago
The guy with the shirt off he looks like he's taking a crap..lol
Cate C
Cate C 7 days ago
Do it again!😂
Cate C
Cate C 7 days ago
I loved this😂
Liz Duffy
Liz Duffy 7 days ago
Cluedo much,?
LPS Cobalt
LPS Cobalt 7 days ago
Dane’s reaction is priceless😂😂😂
PEEN'S GLOVES 7 days ago
7:59 is that Varg Vikernes?😆
Mr Willsin
Mr Willsin 8 days ago
do an episode of ya'll watching buff laugh his ass off lol
Sobergirl0629 _
Sobergirl0629 _ 8 days ago
Buff was on it! 💯 That laugh!❤️❤️❤️
Peter O'Hagan
Peter O'Hagan 8 days ago
Oh yes... a classic who has done this
Allibaad Cortzen
Allibaad Cortzen 8 days ago
everybody gangsta until they get caught
Kelsey 98:
Kelsey 98: 8 days ago
I love the doors😐😂
Tracy Briskar
Tracy Briskar 8 days ago
Love that game play it again it's awesome
Awesome St. Cool
Awesome St. Cool 9 days ago
6'2" isn't tall enough to do criminal damage? What?
Olivia Pierce
Olivia Pierce 9 days ago
I love how excited Dane is about this! Keep making reacts cause I’m addicted to all of them!!
Liam Engram
Liam Engram 9 days ago
I got the first one 100% lol.
candece427 9 days ago
Move out of the way RDJ, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Henry Cavill, Dane is THE modern day Sherlock Holmes!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
This looks so cool.
MaskYT 10 days ago
10:32 That pog face Ken made XD
Gigi D.
Gigi D. 11 days ago
Is Cinematoseken a type of Photosynthesis? 🤔 My brain every time he says his name fast 🤣
Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde 11 days ago
After the first one, I decided to play along, pausing before they started and just kinda following my gut. 2nd round: 1 of 5 3rd: 3 of 5 (mixed up the dudes' crimes) 4th: 0 of 5 5th: 0 of 5 (okay this is embarrassing) Can I redeem myself? 6th: 0 of 5 7th: 1 of 5 8th: 3 of 5 Okay that last one I almost had, but for the most part....maybe not so great at this.
Ashley Persaud
Ashley Persaud 11 days ago
as soon as i saw the old lady with the red shirt i thought, she 100% doesn't have teeth probably meth mouth
Catherine Morris
Catherine Morris 11 days ago
Lol awesome
Shaurya Singh
Shaurya Singh 11 days ago
I want a part 2 of this video😂
Kimberly Bowman
Kimberly Bowman 11 days ago
Y’all nailed it..🤪👏😂😂 . Time 2 head out for $2 Margarita night @ Applebee’s 😅
XZR 11 days ago
i commited half of these crimes i didn't even know they were illigal
Kelli Greco
Kelli Greco 12 days ago
This was great! Play this again lol 😂
halo218813 12 days ago
What's the website?
taylormxrie 12 days ago
Please do this again!
PArRACYTIXx 404 12 days ago
It kinda looks like kids drew on his face for some kind of makeover --guess the makeover was preparing him for jail ...
Becca Maeve
Becca Maeve 12 days ago
PLEASE do this video again I’m crying before work watching this
Mellisa Kessler
Mellisa Kessler 13 days ago
Definitely need a part 2. This was freaking hilarious!!
Aldo Parziale
Aldo Parziale 14 days ago
10:54 Got them all right, but isn't that guy like 6ft/6ft 1 inch tall? That's not HUGE, but that's NOT short at all either
Rebekah N
Rebekah N 14 days ago
Dane, if another hoodie string goes wonkie in the wash, here's how to fix it. Pin a safety pin to one end of the tie. Then you can slowly thread it back through. Once it's fixed, tie a large know on each end so you want lose it again.
Rio G
Rio G 14 days ago
Buff just criminal mind the heck out of that quiz
Jennifer Rose
Jennifer Rose 15 days ago
Evan Alpaugh
Evan Alpaugh 15 days ago
buffs reaction when yall got 5/5 was priceless lmao
Brody Metoyer
Brody Metoyer 15 days ago
This was one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time 😭HAHAH
Jacqueline Williams
Jacqueline Williams 15 days ago
'Sick sence'... from a 'Sicko' xx 💋
Jacqueline Williams
Jacqueline Williams 15 days ago
Don't be 'Dumb' - this was all just a 'set up' 🤣
charcharlie183 16 days ago
What is the name of the game
Brittney M
Brittney M 16 days ago
This was so funny! I paused and guessed also. It was fun ! Lightens the mood from the rough times
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan 16 days ago
I can't believe you didn't think grandma wasn't doing meth. She was the ONLY candidate. But I was raised by a tweaker. I can spot one from a mile away. Maybe I have an unfair advantage for this game.
Solid x Angry Joer
Solid x Angry Joer 16 days ago
The woman was a supplier, she looks well expirienced and the Woman with the counterfeiting makes sense, she looks stunned that she got caught.
Deja Zoo
Deja Zoo 16 days ago
Imagine if police arrest you because you holding fart and he thought you had drugs!
S Parker
S Parker 16 days ago
This was fun
Yuvraj Parekh
Yuvraj Parekh 16 days ago
Think twice before doing something wrong. Buff will always know what you did
TheLMB 17 days ago
7:30 well, my heart of course...
billy badazz
billy badazz 17 days ago
I love the stories with it all. Yall got me LMAO the hole time.
Luis Godines
Luis Godines 17 days ago
Buff Pro Uchiha be displaying his sharingan .
Luis Godines
Luis Godines 17 days ago
If I iust have a day of happiness like buff pro in this video... life won't owe me anything.
Lipi19821 17 days ago
this was hilarious...
Allie Bug
Allie Bug 18 days ago
I need more, please lmaoooooo
Lod Will
Lod Will 18 days ago
I I did not want to watch another one. But this was so funny. Lol probably find some other stuff like this. . For these guy to do. But this was so intreging . I had to watch whole thing. So funny
Richard Butchko
Richard Butchko 18 days ago
The old lady with narcotics was probably actually 15. Meth.. Lol
TheAlxXxandRuh 18 days ago
Damn! All of them hahaha
laan _1
laan _1 18 days ago
I know im not the only one who LOOOVES dane’s laugh it makes me crack up lol
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 18 days ago
You guys are horrible at this game.... all but the last that was flawless! 😂🤣😂🤣
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 18 days ago
Fav to least fav 1.NIRVANA 2.Wu-Tang 3.The Doors 4.Ramones 5..............
Lisa Jervis
Lisa Jervis 18 days ago
Lol, I'm so happy, I know all the criminals,
Dave Saylor
Dave Saylor 18 days ago
You're not convincing me that dude with the dreads didn't commit domestic violence. He just didn't get caught.
Dark SeiderZ
Dark SeiderZ 18 days ago
Nessa Boo
Nessa Boo 18 days ago
Ok I wanna see more of this 😂
Jacqueline Lewis
Jacqueline Lewis 18 days ago
Buff has the most wholesome and hearty laugh. Thanks for the serotonin, guys.
Martin Provo
Martin Provo 18 days ago
A life hack for hoodies, have the drawstrings be even and then tie a knot right where the draw string goes into the hood, and that problem with the uneven strings goes away. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but considering when I realized to do that, I'd wager that there are others that haven't thought about this either.
Josh Lips
Josh Lips 18 days ago
Watching buffs thought process was amazing great job.
adrenallen 18 days ago
They let the dude keep his sunglasses on in a mugshot?
Craig 19 days ago
Making fun of other peoples misfortune is just plain wrong.
Sonja Birch
Sonja Birch 19 days ago
Lol I listen to the doors...dang must look like a drug user lol 💋😘
mrsunshine2322 19 days ago
More theses lol
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