Parents & Kids Look Through Each Other's Phones And Can't Believe What They Find

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27 days ago

Reacting to Cut where they give parents and kids full access to look though each other's phones and can't believe what they find! It's as cringe as it sounds. Some of these parents and kids will be scarred for life.
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CinnamonToastKen 26 days ago
How badly would you scar someone looking though your phone?
SlothLikesWaffles Day ago
@mahi tahmid again... AGAIN??
Jazmine 4 days ago
Rowan Work
Rowan Work 8 days ago
Not mine, but my friend's phone. He has a folder named "Why does humanity exist" with such photos as "Christmas Tinner" and "Obamarang". My other friend got his phone stolen, and we spent most of band class texting the entire folder to whoever stole it.
ADAM's Simp
ADAM's Simp 10 days ago
let's just say they'd be so scarred that they're physically scarred :")
Cayden Marissink
Cayden Marissink 11 days ago
I’d rather not say
Morgan Pettipas
Morgan Pettipas Hour ago
Imagine letting your parent go through your saved snapchat photos 😂😂
Morgan Pettipas
Morgan Pettipas Hour ago
If buff isn't in the video with you I refuse to watch it. Love y'all together
Red Army
Red Army Day ago
not telling everything about yourself is what makes things more fun as longs it's not too bad.
Luka 3 days ago
Elton John lookin grandma
chance thomson
chance thomson 6 days ago
what's a mom? or a dad for that matter.... spoiled kids
Madison Sunflower
Madison Sunflower 7 days ago
Does Ken know what a giraffe looks like?
amr ehab
amr ehab 8 days ago
Everyone go subscribe to buffpro toast wouldn't be as funny as he is without him and buff wouldn't either without toasty give him some credit
Derek Smith
Derek Smith 9 days ago
Love watching you guys react to vids! I wish the volume was more normalized, cause everytime Buff laughs it wakes up the whole house! XD his voice is too powerfull thru speakers!
Solus 9 days ago
If my parents went through my phone they'd send me to a mental institution
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
Oh no😅😅
Heisenherb 10 days ago
6:53 holy shit that one chicks face looks like well placed chocolate chips on a chocolate chip cookie.
Sarah Lovee
Sarah Lovee 11 days ago
All the kids just stealing loo
Sarah Lovee
Sarah Lovee 11 days ago
You keep saying back to 10 mil... Where did the other ones go?
Susanna Vesna
Susanna Vesna 11 days ago
The father & son had the best chemistry 😹😹
raptorms773 12 days ago
Who are these people? Am I supposed to know?
predator 11010
predator 11010 12 days ago
Well I delete my history everytime but just went back and realized bookmarks are for both incognito and regular 😂😂just saw alot of bookmarks
RealmRabbit 12 days ago
I can relate to the guy who had a ton of windows opened on his phone... It's like, I just leave all these things open thinking "I'll look into that later" and then sometimes I do, sometimes I don't and it's on my phone for months until maybe I decide to go through them and close the ones that no longer hold my interest... It feels easier to use than bookmarks...
Noble Glory
Noble Glory 13 days ago
2:25 does the blonde girl have a glass eye?
JYKEIM KNIGHT 13 days ago
Wow Lol IM crying
LoveIsTheSolution 14 days ago
This was frickin hilarious. I wouldn't do a video like this nor let someone go through my phone. Lol. Nothing to hide, just a lack of privacy these days and I value mines beyond any money.
kirk mcclean
kirk mcclean 14 days ago
Why is he trying to get back to 10 million subscribers?
boom_jamieandr e
boom_jamieandr e 15 days ago
I love how the parents on camera is like this is ok im not mad but when they come home they r like what is wrong with u
WHERES MY FOOD 16 days ago
"Yea yea" - BuffPro 2021
Freedlooker 16 days ago
Best Karen ever!
LRK CM3 16 days ago
Is it possible to learn more about Amelia...for research purposes of course.
LRK CM3 16 days ago
If I’m put into this situation I’m burning the phone, and if that doesn’t work I give them this ultimatum: look through the phone and I’ll jump off a bridge.
Korri McGee
Korri McGee 17 days ago
What’s there’s story? I feel like they’ve been friends since childhood.
ฅʕ•ع•ʔฅ 17 days ago
I love you guys you’re are hilarious
Teragram 17 days ago
Am I the only one who doesn't have anything incriminating on their phone? smh
DubCatXero 17 days ago
This is your reminder to clear your phone 👀
Kate K
Kate K 18 days ago
Buff your locks are lookin' luscious today, fam!
Brian Taylor 2.0
Brian Taylor 2.0 18 days ago
6:53 That message looks fitting for who I assume is a Los Angeles mouth-breather.
DJ Double K
DJ Double K 18 days ago
Bruh this is just Tuesday for me. 😎
Naui Cardona
Naui Cardona 18 days ago
these videos are really funny I would love to see more content like this in the futrure
Schwifty Dale
Schwifty Dale 18 days ago
I want that mixed girls @ though hahaha
sarz beth
sarz beth 18 days ago
Drjkl Fooryoup
Drjkl Fooryoup 18 days ago
The mum from the thunbnail looks a bit like Katy Kerry
Anthony Macaluso
Anthony Macaluso 18 days ago
imma need emilias @
cereal with bleach
cereal with bleach 19 days ago
moms when they find something dirty: omg what is this! why would you look at that! dads: mah man!
Chad Powell
Chad Powell 19 days ago
Oscar Velazquez
Oscar Velazquez 20 days ago
I've heard at least "if it's your 1st time or your 5th time" at least 20 times
Rodrigo 2345
Rodrigo 2345 20 days ago
Can someone give me the link to the original video but I loved the content
Knox Thomson
Knox Thomson 20 days ago
2:09 Yooooooo is that the old guy in the movie UP He is drippin
Clementine 20 days ago
If my parents looked through my phone, they wouldn't talk to me for a few weeks lol
Clementine 20 days ago
1:11 Damn I really wanted to see how that ended!!
T 20 days ago
This is not only uncomfortable, but I would never take money from my parents. Like, what!? I'm an adult, I have my own money. Kids, don't steal money from your parents.
Yami Yugi
Yami Yugi 20 days ago
This is my worst nightmare 💀
TenkuOtoshi 20 days ago
idk why but the thumbnail looks like ethan klein and trisha paytas lol
qwp_920 21 day ago
Is it allright if u make ur jumpers less expensive plz
Raccoon 21 day ago
My sister blocked me too... because I wouldn’t stop sending her the bee movie script
Lyrro 21 day ago
"I see some hub on here, let's see what he's been watching." ... "OMG, MOM!"
Ratio of a Dorito
Ratio of a Dorito 21 day ago
I also never close safari tabs
Joshua Martinez
Joshua Martinez 21 day ago
MorganG 21 day ago
i have my sisters blocked LMAOOO
Ty Quin
Ty Quin 21 day ago
The genocide tab is about the Dzungar genocide
Dragon Girl 69
Dragon Girl 69 21 day ago
We know Ken's been watching those well dressed chickens XD
lori mastroianni
lori mastroianni 21 day ago
I’m on my 3rd vid this morning
Dalton Harmon
Dalton Harmon 22 days ago
3:11 the amount of tabs I have open on Chrome is so bad simply scrolling through them freezes up my phone for a few seconds and closing one can take up to a minute
IL tuo giocatore medio
IL tuo giocatore medio 22 days ago
f for our fallen soldier that has been friendzoned.
Ty Rabut
Ty Rabut 22 days ago
Wth with these thieving kids
zak stev
zak stev 22 days ago
Ken:"If Ur on Ur first video or Ur 5th video' Me:"how did u know I was on my 5th video?"
Travis LowRider
Travis LowRider 22 days ago
Don't you have to enter your cash pin before you can send someone money on cash app?
SpexMusic 23 days ago
ayo Ken leave me a like if you're gunna do more like these, I usually hide from the comment section but I enjoyed this one enough to REVEAL MYSELF. aha oh yes. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
DarkNebula199 23 days ago
ken: whether its your first video, or 5th video me: probably my 500th video, been watching yall since 2018 lol
Billy Rosenburg
Billy Rosenburg 23 days ago
I wish I could subscribe twice
Jo 23 days ago
Ooh, I have a little sister like that. Always blocking my mum and I. Its basically because of anger issues/tantrums. Anyone want to guess what age she is? 😂 She says similar stuff too, always thinks that people are talking behind her back etc. On two occasions she never spoke to me for an entire year each time. Its super stressful, we always feel like we're walking on glass around her. I wish she would get help.
Potato Bruh
Potato Bruh 23 days ago
themodern age
themodern age 23 days ago
man i haven’t watched you guys in forever y’all look great! i’m so glad i found this video today lol
Caerid Lock
Caerid Lock 23 days ago
I hope when I'm that mother's age that I can look half as awesome. 10/10
Drew 23 days ago
I’d off myself if my mom looked thru my shit
thedevastator420 23 days ago
That glasses mom looks wild. You know she's like a dominatrix in her off time
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks 23 days ago
all the guys did was search history
anum rose
anum rose 23 days ago
I already know the day my family wants to "check" my phone Im breaking it.
Sidney TSG
Sidney TSG 23 days ago
Why does the first mother look like Karen-Shrek?
demontrent10653 23 days ago
😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
John Galt
John Galt 23 days ago
Honestly I use TOR for everything and don’t have too many embarrassing apps so tbh idk if this would be too bad for me. (Except I guess my USposts history because I use the app for that with no VPN and never delete my history, but to be honest it is not that bad either.)
Jared Neville
Jared Neville 24 days ago
Loving the new stuff guys, lots of variety!
HerRoyalMelanin 24 days ago
Amelia: my family is toxic 🗣📣
Pixie_Parker 24 days ago
Omg she reminds me of my sister 🙄
TyroPirate 24 days ago
There's a French movie on Netflix called "Nothing to Hide", where a group of friends get together for dinner and they decide to make it more interesting by revealing every phone notification they get with the group. It goes wayyy downhill... I highly recommend it!
Tommy Guillemette
Tommy Guillemette 24 days ago
Loved that vid 😂
Extraneus 24 days ago
aint shit on my phone, my computer however...
mistress lavander
mistress lavander 24 days ago
I’m in my 20’s my mother would just laugh at my memes
MrGundam0083 24 days ago
That girls mom looks like drew carey
coolenaam 24 days ago
Glasses woman really failed raising that entitled skank..
Nori Vixen
Nori Vixen 24 days ago
Bruh every kids nightmare once they hit 12+
Sloth team six
Sloth team six 24 days ago
When the girl watches the video and she was like well im glad he didnt ask me out it was just his father
Dalton Harmon
Dalton Harmon 24 days ago
My mom would kill me with the images and memes I save she hates memes
Brook Hall
Brook Hall 24 days ago
if my dad or anyone in my family looked through my downloads gallery on my phone... let's just say I'd be disowned thrice.
MR PORTFOLIO 24 days ago
Anyone else Intrigued with the caveman’s lounge
Carlos Roy
Carlos Roy 24 days ago
Ken: those are the buggest ear rings I ever saw African cult: ok yeah never mind
Demgphi x
Demgphi x 24 days ago
After 2020, ima have to clean out my phone 😅
ROO 24 days ago
“10,000,000 make it happen”
Tiffany H.
Tiffany H. 24 days ago
Just because we are family doesn't mean I want to be around you.
Sioux D
Sioux D 24 days ago
Change your shirt Ken. Ya can’t do three videos with the same shirt on man!! 😂 see ya in Australia!!! 🇦🇺
that random account
that random account 25 days ago
girl buys something : ion like her personality guy takes 50 bucks from his dad: hahahaha ken what 💀💀
Iced Pickles
Iced Pickles 25 days ago
Those parents were hella chill with what they found
Ozy Illustrates
Ozy Illustrates 25 days ago
Anyone else kind of creeped out that the “kids” and parents pretty much look like they’re VERY close in age? Lol
Glenn Long
Glenn Long 25 days ago
Lol do more of these if they are available
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