Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kid Owns

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Month ago

Reacting to the CUT where Parents Guess What Naughty Items Their Kids own and its just full of cringe.
What do you hide from your parents?
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
Like the video if you would rather die than do this with your parents.
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming 2 days ago
I literally don’t have any
Jess 4 days ago
why is your page censoring out comments about condoms? It is vexing. STD's are on the rise bruhs. You can't make content like this, and demand to not be counter satirized. That's sad. This youtube makes me sad. I refuse to stop mutinously pouting at it. I'd threaten to hold my breath until I pass out, but I expect that I'd be the only one who cared if I did, and I don't see how me holding my own breath is an incentive for you to change the censorship policies.
Edak Droffats
Edak Droffats 10 days ago
Some of this stuff maybe. But the bong no because i am a Aussie and i would end up in a prison cell
Cpl Field
Cpl Field 21 day ago
Whoever disliked the video is from alabama no offense though
Stella and Rose.
Stella and Rose. 23 days ago
I’d love to do this with my bio dad to punish him for leaving.
JustinTheAwkwardOne 6 hours ago
I haven't watched you in 6 years-
OwenTheAmazing HD
OwenTheAmazing HD 12 hours ago
The kids are roleplaying as the flux capacitor for the first naughty item.
Simon Andriessen
Simon Andriessen 15 hours ago
Look at em, HE DUMB! 😂😂😂
Very Cool Leo
Very Cool Leo Day ago
I honestly thought Roy was pretty wholesome.
The normal youtuber
The normal youtuber Day ago
Am new Am speed But...... Most importantly Am subscribed
flip a dip
flip a dip Day ago
imagine giggling in front of the world about your son having those items
Nowa Ottsel
Nowa Ottsel Day ago
It's funny considering how prude americans are *laughs in german*
Human 2 days ago
14:46 ... Momento Mori
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming 2 days ago
Laugh through the pain... Laugh through the pain...
Return To Sender Rick Luv Morty
Return To Sender Rick Luv Morty 2 days ago
*Buffpro: She chases her weed with her cigarette 🚬 MOM* _Me: Don’t tell Mom_ 🌳 🚬 🥴
symbooblics 3 days ago
there so many young kids where i live that smoke
Hidden Gamer
Hidden Gamer 3 days ago
Let's trade our magazines. I'll trade you the easter Edition for the Halloween edition.
Logan Turner1
Logan Turner1 4 days ago
Roy is like how much is that, my step dad hasn't bought me one yet, omg Roy is the kinky king lmao
Shadow Wolf
Shadow Wolf 4 days ago
What's a bong for?
I could probably do this with my mom because she already knows what I have(can’t really hide it when you’re using her credit card 😂) but I could never do that with my dad
Galun Younker
Galun Younker 4 days ago
My man Roy
sean flanegan
sean flanegan 4 days ago
Finds a tazer
reo lynn
reo lynn 5 days ago
Haha this is normal for me we joke about stuff like all time 😂
Bai Richards
Bai Richards 5 days ago
Roy sus
Elizabeth 5 days ago
Only 30 something year old and 40 something year olds are having pregnancy test around if you dont have a baby yet
Angie Wangle
Angie Wangle 5 days ago
Honestly annoyed with the gay kids parents. He had the gall to share all that with the world let alone his parents.. and they reward him with 'when we get home we're searching your room and taking all these things away from you'. If they had no intent of taking things, they wouldn't need to know what he has and where.
Angie Wangle
Angie Wangle 5 days ago
Kristen looks like a little chubbier Melissa Mcbride.
Nick McDonald
Nick McDonald 5 days ago
I keep 3 pregnancy tests and 2 morning after pills in my top droor ! Be prepared, nothing like missing the window for a morning after pill because your hungover.
Ryan Marino
Ryan Marino 5 days ago
I told my parents my fleshlight was an insulated cup & that's why it was always in the dish washer.
Micheal Shank
Micheal Shank 5 days ago
Are all youtubers weird these days?
Priya Chaudhary
Priya Chaudhary 5 days ago
That medical term is Coitus interuptus
Sheila Lomprey
Sheila Lomprey 6 days ago
Oakyere 6 days ago
if i had kids the only thing id wanna know is if they're being safe it and thats it
Glen Ayers iil
Glen Ayers iil 6 days ago
Dose this host on the left have any buttons on his shirt or dose he just chose to force me to look at his excessive chest hair?
The1ModernCrisis 6 days ago
Girl in glasses and black and white shirt said “I like to think I’m sexually active”. Gtfo anyone who says “I like to think” is most likely not.
Sickem Jenkins
Sickem Jenkins 6 days ago
lol! "What kinda items did you have as a kid, Ken?" ... "Heu heu.....nooooo.....heu heu heu."
a dazed monkey
a dazed monkey 6 days ago
Escaped Cryptid
Escaped Cryptid 7 days ago
1:10 my parents do that constantly
IndigoViperLondon 7 days ago
Ken, those pearls aren't for show they rub the clit. Lol
who dis?
who dis? 7 days ago
"Smoking nowadays is probably pretty rare" Me and my whole school: 👁👄👁
timothy naquin
timothy naquin 8 days ago
Yeah... Less people smoke cigarettes now a days because of that "truth" campaign and most cities have outlawed smoking in public gathering spots
Tiffanie Napoli
Tiffanie Napoli 8 days ago
I moved back into my Mom/step dad's house after my divorce for a little while, one day while I was at work they needed to rearrange some furniture in my room for some construction going on in the house, I had a bag under my bed with some 'items' in it... I came home and saw they were moved and immediately was like omg please tell me my step dad didn't find them lmao so I asked my Mom and she was like 'Oh no, I saw the bag, peeked inside and put it in the dresser so he didn't find it' 😅 I was like Thanks! Lmao since being an adult her and I can talk about all that stuff no problem!
Elder Maxon
Elder Maxon 8 days ago
This is proof that boys dont grow up just get bigger
elayna gerner
elayna gerner 8 days ago
I wouldn’t want to do this. My parents wouldn’t want to do this. Why would anybody want to do this?
Robin Miner
Robin Miner 8 days ago
Is that blue Danube in the background?
Luke Schumacher
Luke Schumacher 8 days ago
half your videos are you guys just laughing
Blade Walker
Blade Walker 9 days ago
i think Roy is probably really easy to meet, get to know and keep him sticking 'round in the hizz-ouse
Austin&Vicky Moore
Austin&Vicky Moore 9 days ago
Lol well I like to see this as a piercing list lol and Roy... I think I'd end up being the Roy of the video lol not exactly expected to have one but does? Haha
Chris Stack
Chris Stack 10 days ago
i want more lou
Ace 10 days ago
my parents found my bong and grinder and some weed.... but yeah thats it
sillywilly 10 days ago
14:35 “just for the Aesthetic” like wtf lol
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
Oh no I would be so embarrassed.
Nirvana Fan
Nirvana Fan 11 days ago
Imagine, all guys would have to do is just cut off your 🐓 and place it on the pedistal Ew
Leavory 11 days ago
Dild0s is the new gate way drug to crack 😂
Crystal Denee
Crystal Denee 11 days ago
My boy said “Monajatwa” 🤦🏻‍♀️
wizadlychap og
wizadlychap og 11 days ago
I think I died 1 million times over and over ;-; cring
Nightknight 11 days ago
im irritated by kens inability to remember the difference between a stepdad and a father-in-law xD
Danny Hothrikker
Danny Hothrikker 11 days ago
Roy is literally a fucken man of culture and I salute him with my third leg, proudly. I mean arm. My arm. The second one. I'm drunk.
02 11 days ago
I have ten siblings no nine sry
Aaris Howton
Aaris Howton 12 days ago
He said his father in law bought it for him when he was married, not that his stepdad bought it for him when he was a kid. Jfc I hate when people don’t even listen to what they’re reacting to and make it so much worse.
toasty soda
toasty soda 12 days ago
... uhh dont u think its wierd that a 10 year old boy know what these are but they dont 8:00
DevinElyoh05 12 days ago
14:34 mr. worldwide when I step in the room..
Catman 12 days ago
What the hell happened to pewdiepie?? did he gain weight or something?
Helene H.
Helene H. 12 days ago
In Germany it’s unusual if you don’t smoke lol
Kaito smith
Kaito smith 12 days ago
Carmella Blendzwell
Carmella Blendzwell 12 days ago
Ok I really really really don't wanna admit it buuuuuut I definitely own a magazine 😧😅 I didn't know they're considered outdated 😭🤣😅
Tonantzin Talavera
Tonantzin Talavera 13 days ago
Roy is awesome! He looks so straight, but he's got a sense of humor. His wife is laughing along with him and their daughter is mortified. Is it terrible that I loved it?😂
Ethan McEntyre
Ethan McEntyre 13 days ago
I'm just here to help
Ryan something
Ryan something 13 days ago
Roy is legit me as a parent take that as u will
Pansexual_ Disaster_
Pansexual_ Disaster_ 13 days ago
14:46 ah yes, the perfect cooking utensil! 🖤🤍
Gabriel Brown
Gabriel Brown 13 days ago
What are the cigarettes for, is it to relax, or is it some twisted desire to ash it on themselves?
Madison Fox
Madison Fox 13 days ago
I’m 18 and vaping and smoking and drugs Alcohol are stupid Iv learned from my aunt rip it’s addictive and sad
Florian 13 days ago
You aren't even linking the original video 🙄
GALAXY_GAMING yt 13 days ago
Oh well o had a woman 🤣
Gman on crack
Gman on crack 13 days ago
Roy's a chad
Pamela C
Pamela C 13 days ago
Might have been an interesting video if you guys didnt talk over it so much
julia cassie
julia cassie 14 days ago
They should be making asian parents version of this. Probably gonna end up in screaming moms and dad waiting to beat their kids up when they get home.
Introverts United
Introverts United 14 days ago
There is probably a vid of Roy with a dominatrix somewhere. Probably in his hidden room with various other items
Introverts United
Introverts United 14 days ago
"Compare what we wash out" made me throw up in the back of my throat a little.
Talwar3k 14 days ago
That oversized suit guy reminds me of Vince Vaughn
Jerimie West
Jerimie West 14 days ago
Gateway? It's a dong not a bong.!😂😂
Inderjot Singh Roll no-8
Inderjot Singh Roll no-8 14 days ago
Is family friendly still family friendly?
Gage Parker
Gage Parker 14 days ago
Roy’s the mvp
The Night King
The Night King 15 days ago
Bilal Chocto
Bilal Chocto 15 days ago
Only thing that’s naughty is my browser history
Alana Banana
Alana Banana 15 days ago
The Roy and step dad were the funniest and cringiest 😂 I owned some trash romance books and would fear my mum finding them.
jayden towns
jayden towns 15 days ago
I have a phone
Dustin Loucks
Dustin Loucks 16 days ago
Roy’s into some shit. But there’s nothing wrong with that. The people he’s had in his life though...
LARE 16 days ago
RoY is a LegenD
Alex Rider
Alex Rider 16 days ago
Roy used to live in them streets
Ellen Hill Garrett
Ellen Hill Garrett 16 days ago
You shouldn’t douche. Pushes things up further.
Donaven Kinmor
Donaven Kinmor 16 days ago
Why does ken look like Ryan Renold a bit
NorwegianPride 16 days ago
Ken.... there's a bit of a difference between a stepdad and a father in law XD Still a bit weird though
Morrighann Snakes
Morrighann Snakes 16 days ago
I can just picture my mom on this show. She would be pointing at the douche, "Is this a bong for smoking heroine?"
Hitroman 16 days ago
That green haired thing is typical millenial angsty edgelord.
TheAngryDanishViking 16 days ago
Any parent that goes through their kid's room is breaking the rights for privacy. I don't care if it's the parents that own the place... a kid with their own room has the right to not have their parents riffle through their stuff.
Tantronic 16 days ago
Dad makes son wear a g string... Jeez
Awsome The Rat
Awsome The Rat 17 days ago
What happened to cinnamon- why does he look like dude in his 60’s trying to be hip and cool
L.A. Freeman
L.A. Freeman 17 days ago
Roy's cool
ben c
ben c 17 days ago
1. How did this end up in my recommended? 2. Roy was totally wasted. 3. The girl in pink looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. 4. No way in hell... and I'm a grown ass adult. Funny though.
Sawyer Conrad
Sawyer Conrad 17 days ago
Cheese day 7 Cheese
Charlie 17 days ago
Just medical advice DO NOT DOUCHE your lady bits. Causes more infections. Your bag is a self cleaning machine don’t douche.
Bounty Hunter Master
Bounty Hunter Master 17 days ago
There are no winners here
King Leonidas
King Leonidas 17 days ago
Oh no my parents are gonna find out that I have a hand!!
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