His Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog - And He Loves It

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Month ago

We're reacting to Truly where this guys girlfriend Jenna acts like a dog and he loves it. Love don't judge, but we do! It's also interesting that Larenzo is the dude from NerdBallerTV that basically has a whole youtube channel of fake stuff like this they set up.
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My Girlfriend Acts Like A Dog - And I Like It | LOVE DON'T JUDGE
MEET the couple giving new meaning to the phrase ‘puppy love’! Jenna, 21, and her partner Lorenzo, 30, from Austin, Texas, have broken the internet with their TikTok "puppy play" videos, in which she can be seen drinking from a bowl on the floor, jumping into a river while playing fetch, and ripping up his slippers - or being walked on her leash. Jenna says she has enjoyed acting like a dog since she was a small child and loves entering the mental zone of "puppy space". She said: "I never leave the house without my collar, I feel most comfortable on my leash. Even if no-one in the world knew my name, I would do this anyway." Jenna met her current “owner” Lorenzo at a photo shoot last year and the pair have been inseparable ever since. But while Jenna’s videos have attracted an army of loyal fans, her canine ways have received some intense backlash from some quarters online, with people treating her puppy play as a sign of mental illness or telling her to "blink twice if you are being held hostage". However, the couple have no plans to change their lifestyle any time soon. As Jenna said: “I would say that Lorenzo is the best owner I could ever ask for. He cares for me, I feel like the luckiest pup at the shelter.”
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
Hope you guys enjoy the video! We didnt talk about it in the video but it's also important to note that Larenzo is from NerdBallerTV that is basically a whole channel of fake stuff like pranks and overly sexual stuff setup like this.
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley 7 days ago
Dane The "Great Dane" Make some fan art of Buff as a Great Dane
NateworthyP90X 11 days ago
Oh so it's fake... She's still hot.
inder sidhu
inder sidhu 13 days ago
we gonna get more dnd
The Blazer
The Blazer 22 days ago
Another amazing video Ken, you two are and always will be my heros!
HJ 25 days ago
What a hardworking camgirl!
Amanda Rhodus
Amanda Rhodus 14 hours ago
And they're sober? I mean not under any influence... I mean.... I need a drink!
Cole Webster
Cole Webster 14 hours ago
Doggie style ever night
Dream Hiker
Dream Hiker 20 hours ago
Am really concerned about her knees
keiiilalei Day ago
How to spot a fake dog: real dogs dont seductively pose for photos
Rory Spickett
Rory Spickett Day ago
What I love about jenna is her ability to embrace who she is as a puppy.....yeah so no likes on her as a person. Does she even really like this? Roleplay once in private okay. Everyday.......
Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde Day ago
I feel like some of the things these people are doing out in public on these shows would in fact fall under "Disturbing the Peace"
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Day ago
Next time show more of the video and not you guys coman
Tabby Holloman
Tabby Holloman Day ago
Ingrid97 Day ago
Such a bitch! 🙄
Kimsingsit Lhing
Kimsingsit Lhing Day ago
I wonder how she changes herself after bath
Virginia Anderson
Virginia Anderson 2 days ago
Dan Luckins
Dan Luckins 2 days ago
her knees wont let her do this forever, will she get put down when she cant walk anymore? and why is she talking? Dogs cant talk!
Gabriel Bruno Garcia de Souza
Gabriel Bruno Garcia de Souza 2 days ago
That's a well application of what Barney calls "Crazy/Hot Scale
Niki R
Niki R 2 days ago
Isn't she only supposed to bark why is she talking in English 🙄
Niki R
Niki R 2 days ago
People have some really crazy fetishes 😵
flip a dip
flip a dip 2 days ago
It's clear that the mentality of just "keeping it in the house" has failed us as a society.
jjodoin05 2 days ago
Doggystyle. There I said it.
Matt Canty
Matt Canty 2 days ago
Ya she weird but hott, plus he gets his pork pulled in all kinds of fun ways so of course hes gonna be cool with it.
Princess Banana
Princess Banana 3 days ago
STOP. DOING. SEXUAL. THINGS. IN. PUBLIC. I don't even wanna see someone on a leash like stop it, ew.
Jonesy Bones
Jonesy Bones 3 days ago
I hope they never procreate
Julia G
Julia G 3 days ago
Bruh love don’t judge really has us all out here judging that’s for sure
Whatever Dude
Whatever Dude 3 days ago
Where do I get a dog like this??? Damn. I'm down.
Jeepin’ Girl
Jeepin’ Girl 3 days ago
She acts like a puppy, leash and all, going to the dog park....... then wonders why she gets so much hate..... you know you really can’t fix stupid.
sick Beats1209
sick Beats1209 3 days ago
This made me lose hope in our species
Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams 3 days ago
I bet I know their fav position
Lehs reiemch
Lehs reiemch 3 days ago
Pewdiepie needs to tag you, took me 3 damn weeks to find you Ken!!!!! Or maybe I’m slow 😂
DEVANG SHAJI 3 days ago
Maybe he just likes her 'personality'.... Jiggling around in yoga pants
BoostedEfSi 3 days ago
Whole new meaning to doggy style lol
CrappieHook King
CrappieHook King 4 days ago
I like how the boyfriend trys to be all innocent, but he likes it
just_ adrian15
just_ adrian15 4 days ago
I was immediately greeted by a dog grooming ad lmao💀💀
rena chaan
rena chaan 4 days ago
Does he know dogs are polygamous? xD
Kappa Feel
Kappa Feel 4 days ago
He's living off her for sure that OF money.
ひげ 4 days ago
I got a pet fence ad before this
Mel Kat
Mel Kat 4 days ago
Buffpro - Rottweiler for sure
Lordofdragonss 4 days ago
Her knees will hurt in few years and then she will give up xD
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor 4 days ago
Honestly... I'd enjoy this.
Karutox 4 days ago
Daibu Kun
Daibu Kun 4 days ago
now i do believe being in quarantine makes people mad
Manjushri 5 days ago
I knew a girl who was into leashes and dog bowls and stuff. She looked like Marcia Brady. She was... Interesting. Edit: Tbc, it was indoors. And not dog related iirc.
DreakonReal 5 days ago
Bruh i find her attractive but shit that dog stuff weird asf
Nostalgic Havoc
Nostalgic Havoc 5 days ago
Hey checkout buff stuff
Rjasbert Strongman
Rjasbert Strongman 5 days ago
getting to this video and I know I got to shut my eyes and just sleep. for a long long time
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades 5 days ago
Their couples therapist is Cesar Millan.
Gloriana Catherine
Gloriana Catherine 5 days ago
Why tf would anyone put dog food all over themselves? She hasto smell disgusting! How is she not gaging?
chip89 5 days ago
Wait till everyone finds out she gets slapped with a rolled news paper when she pees on the carpet.......
Karma 5 days ago
looks like Elon played the safe game and made doggirls first.
Geoffrey Wendelen
Geoffrey Wendelen 5 days ago
This is why I like dogs more than people 😭
DampCake 5 days ago
Looks like her breath smells
Jesus Alive
Jesus Alive 5 days ago
Imagine if he woke up one day and was let me treat her like a dog so she leaves me. To this day he tries every day to get rid of her 💀💀💀
Gretchen Manzella
Gretchen Manzella 6 days ago
So does she poop behind the couch on a rainy day? 🤔
Hannah Sava
Hannah Sava 6 days ago
She’s a different kind of bitch.
Water Waifu
Water Waifu 6 days ago
This is a fetish
Rejected-From-Eve .Zero
Rejected-From-Eve .Zero 6 days ago
Lol these guys are funny lol 😆
Joanne McKann
Joanne McKann 6 days ago
If she needs to poop, does he pick it up with a baggie?
Elizabeth Prater
Elizabeth Prater 6 days ago
I think it's super sad that women stoop so low that they want to be owned. Like I get that it's a sexual thing for her but that's just a demeaning
Ryan Vodak
Ryan Vodak 6 days ago
Furry: fan of anthropomorphic animal cartoons. (Not always sexual) Puppy play: someone acts like a dog and has a handler. (Not always sexual) There ya go.
rachael Smith
rachael Smith 6 days ago
I HATE Ellen DeGeneres
Renegamr 6 days ago
Ayoo that thumbnail gonna make me adopt a dog too lmao
Purple frog
Purple frog 6 days ago
Nobody this girl I got dog I got human what you want
Isaiah Duran
Isaiah Duran 6 days ago
Hey Ken and Dance I saw that article mention Jenna banking in 6 figures a month not a year.....The Great Dane I can see it now!
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts 6 days ago
Yep if I could keep her on all 4's I'd probably like it too.
Asherithink? 6 days ago
Buff has the most sadness curing laugh ever
Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson 6 days ago
Is that your girl? Dmx voice: Nah, that's my dog!
Darkch4o5 6 days ago
All pets must be on a leash sign 😆
Lesliefedy 6 days ago
People really is Fatish out here
elaina sb
elaina sb 7 days ago
i literally can not stop watching your videos
Robert Blumpkin
Robert Blumpkin 7 days ago
Hope she ain't got flea's...
Tabien Pueee
Tabien Pueee 7 days ago
Okay but I'm here for the giant mareep
Tabien Pueee
Tabien Pueee 7 days ago
Do she use puppy pads or she trained to go outside
Skankhunt 42
Skankhunt 42 7 days ago
The bf looks like franklin the turtle.
Naomi Jen
Naomi Jen 7 days ago
"She will beat you up in the bedroom but then tap out." Lol. 🤣
Trey White
Trey White 7 days ago
I'm a dog guy now
Reggielacey 223
Reggielacey 223 7 days ago
I followed her
Sour Sausages
Sour Sausages 7 days ago
Imagine her onlyfans is like "everytime I here a dog whistle I take off a piece of clothing" or something like that
Misery Dark
Misery Dark 7 days ago
What? U don’t pet play? 😝
Andres Alonso
Andres Alonso 7 days ago
I brought my own peanut butter, thanks
Siddhant Dubey
Siddhant Dubey 7 days ago
this is not what i wanted when i asked for a dog girl
Ichibro 7 days ago
But... She's HOT
Pelinal Whitestrake
Pelinal Whitestrake 7 days ago
Wonder what her favorite position is.
Just Learning
Just Learning 7 days ago
These 2 guys are annoying
Sovereign Snorlax
Sovereign Snorlax 7 days ago
What a lucky guy
Celi Torrez
Celi Torrez 7 days ago
Why 🙃🙃🥲🥲
Rodrigo Zenha
Rodrigo Zenha 7 days ago
2 seconds clips, 5 minutes comments
Ethan Schend
Ethan Schend 7 days ago
Toooooooooo muchhhhhhhh cringeeeeeee
Darlan Amós
Darlan Amós 7 days ago
I love that I got a "puppy training hygienic pads" ad
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens 7 days ago
Gee I'm not sure I could afford the peanut butter bill I'd have.
Gabriel Rios
Gabriel Rios 7 days ago
imagine how the dogs at the dog park would feel about this
Gabriel Rios
Gabriel Rios 7 days ago
The real reason the boyfriend like this is the view
Lisa Mazz
Lisa Mazz 7 days ago
People are strange lol 😂
Elizabeth Hook
Elizabeth Hook 7 days ago
I feel like it’s fitting that it gave me an ad for dog treats in the middle 😂
ccol009 7 days ago
He trained her well.
GSoney 7 days ago
Well I guess, that makes her a fine Bitch..
Javier Montes
Javier Montes 8 days ago
Did she make that sandwich???
Javier Montes
Javier Montes 8 days ago
Peanut butter!!!!
chim mao
chim mao 8 days ago
If he sleeps with her is it considered beastiality?
zshadowdudez1 8 days ago
Doggystyle, amiright boiis??
nacrid231 8 days ago
I mean but shes hot tho
Stirling Moore
Stirling Moore 8 days ago
Id take her to a cosplay convention as Clifford the big assed dog
Syd Tha Kyd
Syd Tha Kyd 8 days ago
I’m not one to kink shame but involving the public in your kink is literal sexual harassment. They didn’t consent to being a part of it. Keep that shit at home and no one can say shit about it.
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