Man Obsessed With Love Dolls Treats Them Better Than His Wife

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17 days ago

Today Me and Jacksepticeye react to TLC My Crazy Obsession were this man is completely obsessed with love dolls. He has 240 of them and treats them better than his own wife.
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CinnamonToastKen 16 days ago
Hope you guys enjoyed the video!
Prinempal 17 hours ago
sure did! it was really fun!... hahaha (help me)
C8H18 Octane
C8H18 Octane Day ago
It needs more chest hair hahaha:)
Hiprock diva
Hiprock diva Day ago
I dis enjoy it and u guys r so funny
Powerful vs
Powerful vs 4 days ago
Welcome to the Dark Realm
Sumiel Tarai
Sumiel Tarai 4 days ago
Your shirt and the first dolls dress look eerily alike ken >.>
Hannah DS
Hannah DS 50 minutes ago
That one house you discover while trick or treating:
Coal_04 Hour ago
Okay but why is no one talking about how he has a literal COFFIN inside his house?????
Bob Sweet Tart
Bob Sweet Tart 4 hours ago
Heh Salad Fingers
Free Range
Free Range 6 hours ago
They need to check this dude's web searches,etc. I bet you he's a p!do
Andrea Miller
Andrea Miller 10 hours ago
The only cool thing I can think of would be I could totally steal the clothes from the dolls to wear myself....
St. Pinkerton
St. Pinkerton 10 hours ago
If I were the one real girl in this scenario, I'd jump scare the shit out of this dude all the live long day.
Phasmoeye 14 hours ago
Thier son would really would never want to leave the house because of their house.
Arif Ramen noodles
Arif Ramen noodles 14 hours ago
Ken is cheeting on pewds with jack
Fisher Barry
Fisher Barry 15 hours ago
I picked the WRONG video to eat breakfast to
Animalia Olgren
Animalia Olgren 15 hours ago
Hol up, instructions?
Mooncake S
Mooncake S 15 hours ago
Thanks Ken for pointing out the slightly used.
Zacchery McArthur
Zacchery McArthur 22 hours ago
Best part of this video is they referenced Tim Tams πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ˜‚
Yeps Neps
Yeps Neps 23 hours ago
I just keep thinking about people with a doll/mannequin phobia and how they feel about this episode
Shyamli Tiwari
Shyamli Tiwari Day ago
Why is Jack's face so overly edited?
C8H18 Octane
C8H18 Octane Day ago
Jacky boi!
christina1986ify Day ago
Can you imagine living next to these people as a child and having nightmares about the doll people.
christina1986ify Day ago
$150,000 you could just get one really nice one with a heartbeat and thoughts.
Alice Teighe
Alice Teighe Day ago
S/o to any fellow Herefordians tho πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
Emily Hinkson
Emily Hinkson Day ago
Idk that I would have such a big issue but whenever he's "taking care" of them, he's like whispering to them creepily and I do not like that
Margaret Rielly
Margaret Rielly Day ago
"I collect them for the plot"
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston Day ago
Check the fit bit. For a steep discount
Syrus Angi
Syrus Angi Day ago
0:20 Daaaaaamn u gonna diss Felix like that huh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
LAMB Day ago
This is screaming Craigslist
Brendon Bethell
Brendon Bethell Day ago
6:43 so what do you like the flower on fire if you're done or every time you do it you pluck one flower pedal off that flower have you got all them she comes to life
E942 Day ago
you know these dolls are about 1k$ each
Zoia Komarova
Zoia Komarova Day ago
the fact that Ken's shirt and doll's dress are made of the same material is hilarious
Regularity Day ago
I thought this was with pewdiepie
Meredith Adams
Meredith Adams Day ago
There was no warning when he took that doll's eyeballs out and ripped her face off. I.. I wasn't prepared for that 😳
Dream Day ago
15:08 fnaf!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lost Soul
Lost Soul Day ago
the betrayal, felix is jealous
Nathaniel Shrock
Nathaniel Shrock 2 days ago
Oh my gosh!! The Salad Fingers! I can't stop hearing it now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lyssa Ramirez
Lyssa Ramirez 2 days ago
Is no one going to comment how the dolls dress matches Ken's shirt?!
bokwit bruno
bokwit bruno 2 days ago
You're matching with the doll
Brennan Huff
Brennan Huff 2 days ago
I’m pretty sure there’s an episode of criminal minds where the guy paralyzes his victims and turns them into β€œdolls”
bloxxybaddie 2 days ago
jessica is the house's central heating source
Amar Salum
Amar Salum 2 days ago
ken’s shirt looks the same as the dress of the first doll
chaotic dreams
chaotic dreams 2 days ago
u two posted this on my birthday! i can't believe it
Hannah DS
Hannah DS 45 minutes ago
the clown king :]
the clown king :] 2 days ago
this is anti-british propaganda
Madcat 2 days ago
17:05 I’m sorry their faces are killing me 🀣
Hannah DS
Hannah DS 45 minutes ago
Don Morningstar
Don Morningstar 2 days ago
Why is ken's shirt the same pattern as the first doll's dress πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
K E 2 days ago
I love how Ken’s shirt matches with the first doll’s dress πŸ˜‚
hurricane of the seawings
hurricane of the seawings 2 days ago
This is a new resident evil game
Jam Monaghan
Jam Monaghan 2 days ago
i wanna see more of these videos with jack reacting because these are great
Julie G
Julie G 2 days ago
Benjamin Silvert
Benjamin Silvert 2 days ago
Anyone else notice that Ken and one of the dolls have matching outfits? The first doll you see that buddy hangs up for, reasons.
Heather Lube-Bomba
Heather Lube-Bomba 2 days ago
Salad Fingers impression πŸ’―
Heather Lube-Bomba
Heather Lube-Bomba 2 days ago
Somebody could break in, live among them, and they'd never know πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘
- Purple
- Purple 2 days ago
ken's wearing a matching shirt with the first doll lmfaoooo ( 2:11)
Matthew Murdock
Matthew Murdock 2 days ago
Me over here struggling to buy a junker car and this guy in the England Farmlands, as Ken calls it, is dropping 11k on a doll
Christine Valentine
Christine Valentine 2 days ago
Well dang, what would you rather have, 7wives oor 7 or more dolls
Christine Valentine
Christine Valentine 2 days ago
Oh, he's married?
Christine Valentine
Christine Valentine 2 days ago
I hope his mom ain't living w him.
fanyu owa owa
fanyu owa owa 2 days ago
a freak house..
fanyu owa owa
fanyu owa owa 2 days ago
2:10 matchie
candie frazier
candie frazier 2 days ago
Sorry I kept staring at the child dolls and then thinking of the movie The Purge.
NasikaSakura 2 days ago
Sean: "It's a scary, sexy future, Ken!" David Byrne: "How did I get here?"
BethDWriter 2 days ago
It makes me wonder how many people he's killed considering dragging around bodies is not uncommon for him
Metro Exokitt
Metro Exokitt 2 days ago
Doll Harem Anime protagonist. Bob is a man of culture and art.
spoonyluv19 Day ago
He's probably got a very intricate filing system for all of them. His heirs are going to have one hell of a time selling all those.
Rhonda Fleming
Rhonda Fleming 3 days ago
When I read the headline i was like wait....he married lol
Arcadia Occult Curio Shop
Arcadia Occult Curio Shop 3 days ago
I just want my innocence back will a bottle of vodka give me that?
yukizumi oni
yukizumi oni 3 days ago
Why does the doll on the drumset looks like the janice doll off the Muppets 🀣
Laurie Cutler
Laurie Cutler 3 days ago
White flower: New Red flower: Used
Dragonflies NH
Dragonflies NH 3 days ago
I feel so bad for his wife. Her demeanor about everything seems so passive and being put in the backseat, literally... I wonder if he is abusive to her or something. Of course, I could be completely off base but it wouldn't surprise me. Whether or not he abuses her, she looks like she's neglected, ignored and it's easier for her to just go along with it to keep the peace.
Alliyah Anderson
Alliyah Anderson 3 days ago
So I no longer watch horror movies because they give me nightmares. Thanks a lot for introducing a new stimulus for nightmares. I’m terrified.
Return To Sender Rick Luv Morty
Return To Sender Rick Luv Morty 3 days ago
*Colt: What’s the odometer on the dash?* _This guy: What’s the odometer on the dash?_
AgUsT D 3 days ago
Man i love you but please stop pausing the video lol
Doctour Two skull
Doctour Two skull 3 days ago
why do some of them almost look child like?
Reginyra 3 days ago
I was semi-understanding the doll collection (Life size barbie dolls was how I had to think about it), but then they kept referring to virginity and naughty outfits and it just doesn't fit that scenario to me.
Kathryn Combs
Kathryn Combs 3 days ago
The first dolls dress is the same print as kens shirt 😳
Redactdead 3 days ago
WOW Jacks salad fingers impression was spot on
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 3 days ago
Why do some of them look like kids? That just... goes beyond collection...
Danielle Bergmann
Danielle Bergmann 3 days ago
This is what you do when you're really a serial killer, but haven't acquired the skill to get away with it
abbie miller
abbie miller 3 days ago
the bears and porceline are just a cover up so his wife thinks he didnt buy the dolls for kinky purposes he probably bought the first one and then told his wife that he just likes how they look
Kimsingsit Lhing
Kimsingsit Lhing 3 days ago
Wat is he doing with all this dmm so scary
Sandi X
Sandi X 3 days ago
Wait wtf I live there!?! 😱🀣
irishlad 93
irishlad 93 3 days ago
Just remember if your dolls nose starts running she's not sick, just full....
Emily Gladwin
Emily Gladwin 3 days ago
... this man lives near me... will be moving away immediately ✌🏻
Bumbi Nelson
Bumbi Nelson 3 days ago
I am so.... uncomfortable. I can’t even....
Mr. Fox
Mr. Fox 3 days ago
Anyone seen Lars and the real girl
s.drxke 3 days ago
18:26 he said second hand- I- nooo
Kill Switch
Kill Switch 3 days ago
I hate all kinds of dolls they all are scary , In future if I have a daughter I would never buy her even a Barbie .
Cherie ann Duarte
Cherie ann Duarte 3 days ago
No one gonna talk ken and one of the doll have same clothes?
Gumball 3 days ago
This is just a reaction from people that are not weebs this video that they reacting is like them reacting to weebs that have stupid body pillows
Junka J
Junka J 3 days ago
this is actually a plot of a Heavy Rain DLC 🀑
Mehwish Malik
Mehwish Malik 4 days ago
Did anyone notice that Ken and the first doll has the same shirt pattern? πŸ˜†
David Gibbs
David Gibbs 4 days ago
Nobody noticed that one is wearing Ken's shirt as a dress..??!! 15 minute mark 😳
Powerful vs
Powerful vs 4 days ago
Well back to the dark side for me...
Sumiel Tarai
Sumiel Tarai 4 days ago
Omg the first doll and kens tshirt are made of the same fabric!
Liam Parnell
Liam Parnell 4 days ago
Anyone watched Ex Machina πŸ¦ΎπŸ‘πŸ‘…πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»
NOT_anartist 4 days ago
8:42 is it me or is that one in blue looking a bit sus I mean I'm no expert or anything but that looks like it should be illegal
MANIE374 4 days ago
U can’t make this up πŸ˜³πŸ€­πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚
Kat 4 days ago
I like rusty spoons.........
Diego Olalde
Diego Olalde 4 days ago
I can't wait for Jack to look as old as Ken
Alkinur Dotran
Alkinur Dotran 4 days ago
JoJo Jersey
JoJo Jersey 4 days ago
OMG!! What the Hell am I looking at!!! 😨😨😱
Julebis C.
Julebis C. 4 days ago
Reminds me of House of Wax......feeling like there were people within those dolls.....
Jacobi Stein
Jacobi Stein 4 days ago
Why is Ken and the doll matching at 14:30 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Kaie LaFountain
Kaie LaFountain 4 days ago
anna marie is my sisters name and i can never look at her the same ever again now
SkyrimBarbie 4 days ago
I’m 24 and I collect dolls, monster high before they stopped making them and now I’m obsessed with the big lol suprise dolls idk why I just get so happy when I buy one and take it out of the package and like touch the hair and look at all the accessories and then setting them all up on the shelf. It’s a rush of fun.
Rose the great 69
Rose the great 69 2 days ago
Holy shit same!! I'm 12 so kinda young but I just LOVE dolls, I used to love monster high and once upon a zombie etc. Idk why I just rlly like it, it's pretty embarrassing for liking dolls my age lol
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