The "Oopsie" Predator Shows Up TWICE! (Gets Caught Both Times)

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8 days ago

Checking out To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen where the Oopsie predator shows up and gets caught TWICE! He swears he will never do it again...but he does. Lock him up!
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CinnamonToastKen 7 days ago
ken candu
ken candu 2 hours ago
Second chance?..... Really.. Buff come on noone on these shows should ever get any second anything especially another chance, chance to do what talk to a kid that is actually a kid the second time
Fun With Minerals
Fun With Minerals Day ago
I want to know if he also peppered somebody.
TinyBOss Day ago
Riverside to Long Beach. Next LA that a better shot lol.
Chelsea Worrell
Chelsea Worrell 5 days ago
WEAK! that’s the best you could pin. LAME
wheelwatcher05 6 days ago
Perfect video since Ken is "cop-staching" right now.
Wade Norkett
Wade Norkett 12 minutes ago
Brittany spears: oops I did it again!
Gun Rights Are Women's Rights
Gun Rights Are Women's Rights Hour ago
Next time I royally f up, I'm just gonna say........ "Oops."
Blue Fan
Blue Fan 9 hours ago
Piece of dirt dug down through mud, past acid, spit up by a slug, eaten again and shat out a slug's arse. He is lower than that. Anyone who doesn't know the difference and thinks it's ok, same for YOU!
Sara Colglazier
Sara Colglazier 12 hours ago
What gets me is the tiny amount of time they spend in jail and then are released to do it AGAIN!! 🤬
Victor Flores
Victor Flores 18 hours ago
Typical PT Cruiser owner
Serucipe Day ago
Am I hearing this right? The guy's last name is "Cybert?" As in a combination of Cyber and Robert?
AlphaGamer Day ago
If I was him I would ran out or have done something to get shot, I do not submit to police, even tho I do not agree at all with what he did at all
Jane Dupree
Jane Dupree Day ago
RosemarieK Day ago
There has to be some guys cruising by checking out the house and not showing up cause they saw the last guy get arrested
Problem with this show is alot of these guys got off their charges because of entrapment and stuff. It's messed up.
Andy Perez
Andy Perez Day ago
I hate when mfs be like Edit: ThIs Is ThE MoSt LiKeS I EvEr GoT
Sara Morris
Sara Morris Day ago
He just wanted to get his noodle wet...
Lauren James
Lauren James 2 days ago
James Charles when multiple allegations come out and it’s like at least 10 guys “oops sorry sisters”
C Brown
C Brown 2 days ago
Boys lookin fresh with the fades 😉
Jasmine Nichols
Jasmine Nichols 2 days ago
This is what i wanna to see!!!! Quality content omg
Daniel Buchanan
Daniel Buchanan 2 days ago
His Mom’s brother probably said “oops” the night he got her pregnant.
Alex Lyons
Alex Lyons 2 days ago
Pedos need to be seriously taken care of.
Pyromaniacal Magpie
Pyromaniacal Magpie 2 days ago
my two favourite things! Ken and Buff reacting to things, and TCAP.
aaartnaz 2 days ago
They should play TCAP and USposts pred hunters to inmates across the country
beanbean 3 days ago
when i was like 11 12 13 14 15 i would purposefully answer these guys and build "relationships" with them just to study them cuz it was funny and weird to me. i got hurt a lot if or when i got too close. now ive got my own baby girl on the way - NO UNSUPERVISED INTERNET TILL SHE 16. watch what ya girls do online. oh and btw yes they all ask if you're a cop
Occboc 3 days ago
He looks like Nigel Thornberry
ぴゃ人何 3 days ago
Ah shit here we go again
Occboc 3 days ago
*Commits Genocide* “oops”
Xedd MrC
Xedd MrC 3 days ago
He came for the kids, stayed for the Nightline interview
Christopher Santos
Christopher Santos 3 days ago
I feel kinda bad for the cards the guy was dealt with in life. Clearly something is extremely fucked up in his head for him to be this way, and I’m sure what happen to him as a kid with the seizure and brain damage is a huge part of this problem he has. But it is very clear he is a danger to children and he needs to be separated from society.
Cat the Invisible
Cat the Invisible 3 days ago
Chris Hansen is a peice of shit but I'll do this for you
Varmint LP
Varmint LP 3 days ago
6:20 nah she's not a cop. She's an actor paid by cops. Also she could have been like: my friend is a cop. 😂
Niksa Aa
Niksa Aa 3 days ago
I truly believe that pedofiles should be locked up somewhere where they cannot hurt anyone. Pedoland or something like that 🤔
tntrobin 133
tntrobin 133 3 days ago
Yo is that lazarbeam
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh 3 days ago
Buff thinking to himself all the words I have for these people sound like demonetization 🤣
SirSilentSquall 3 days ago
Sexual predators never learn.
SirSilentSquall 3 days ago
Idk which is more disturbing, the predator being allowed to be caught again (why was he let go?) Or the fact you guys are actually smiling/laughing when you hear what's he's done and when he was let out. That ain't funny,bro. This stuff is a real world problem that is still ongoing today that affects children of every single age, everyday. I'm truly surprised you could smile at this knowing you have kids too.
Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker 4 days ago
Oops is his cover story, like Colt has changed!!!
Carrie lynne
Carrie lynne 4 days ago
When he asked him what are you thinking about?! DUH I think that was obvious!!
Dylon Cain
Dylon Cain 4 days ago
Britney Spears must be his spirit animal because “Oops I did it again”
Elixzer 4 days ago
He’s actually a speed runner
Dawn E. Shelley
Dawn E. Shelley 4 days ago
My hands are up, I gave oopsie. DO OVER!
NotBacon 4 days ago
NotBacon 4 days ago
I am sorry for my sins
Ivan Lawrence
Ivan Lawrence 4 days ago
Buff is just your laugh track. I can't wait till you move.
Christian kathryn Grimes
Christian kathryn Grimes 4 days ago
why do i feel this guy might have some sorta developmental disorder?
Nikki McRorie
Nikki McRorie 4 days ago
This guy: "Oops.." The narrator: "He did it again." 💯👌
Fahad A.
Fahad A. 4 days ago
"my moms gonna kill me" She doesnt have to, people in prison will takecare that for her
PappaGoober 4 days ago
give me the uno reverse card predator
Pika Poo
Pika Poo 4 days ago
All those men need castrated
Lisa R
Lisa R 4 days ago
This is when you play “oops I did it again”. With some lyric changes of course
Robert H
Robert H 4 days ago
That guy is tall, daaamn
Johan S
Johan S 4 days ago
He looks to be the type of person that could say ”its the first time i ever done anything like this” the second time
ShadowlIlIlIl 4 days ago
Ken is like a mix off Rhett and link
Dominik Kunavar
Dominik Kunavar 4 days ago
Damn dude got spawnkilled
Mani H
Mani H 4 days ago
Man you guys gotta find the one where the guy takes his kid with him to the meet up. HIS KID.
chalita carrasco
chalita carrasco 4 days ago
Buff you're looking great. Healthy. Nice.
JimmyRizz 4 days ago
2:09 dude didnt even have to close his mouth to pronounce the p
Levi Legend
Levi Legend 4 days ago
I know all of the to catch a predator series i binged watched it as a child for a justice feeling for myself, ( I was affected by online solicitation from an adult when I was 10) but I love the way you guys react to these chomos and how ridiculous they can be, they deserve to be mocked and have something happen to them for the potential harm they could've done to real children (and probably are doing anyway)
Madison Sido
Madison Sido 4 days ago
There is no reason why people should be serving decades or life in prison for dumb crap like weed possesion/distribution while pedophiles get a slap on the wrist and set loose. The likelihood of them reoffending is so high and the harm done is so profound that this really is the one situation were I can get fully on board with harsh carceral punishment.
Luke The Gamer Dude
Luke The Gamer Dude 4 days ago
I'm sure there is a song fitting for this, oops I did it again
ThatF*ckingPanda 4 days ago
*I got cought be for*
eatpant 4 days ago
Okamii mizu
Okamii mizu 4 days ago
Omggg I can't with these Chris Hanson vids 😂😂😂
ravenguest 4 days ago
I couldn't be a cop. All these people would end up with 'mysterious' injuries before they even got to the cop car.
ravenguest 4 days ago
Can you imagine trying to sell a house in that neighbourhood when this is going down. 'Low crime area....apart from the 38 paedophiles that were taken out over the last three days'
Jasom Trammell
Jasom Trammell 4 days ago
How the hell you want to mess with a 13 Year old? But in a situation this serious all he can say is oops. And he knows what he is doing isn't right because he wrote are you a cop I been caught before.
Benjamin Silvert
Benjamin Silvert 4 days ago
Oops he did it again.
Jakori 4 days ago
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie 4 days ago
Sometimes your parents are first cousins.
xSam Waynex
xSam Waynex 4 days ago
Normally I am against sting operations because they skirt the line between legal and straight up entrapment, but in the case of these scumbags I have no problem.
George Frangs
George Frangs 5 days ago
So the dude literally got dropped on his head as a baby. And yet here we are.
Мишенька и Шарик
Мишенька и Шарик 5 days ago
Oopsie-doopsie! Look, Micheal, help me help you.
Itsghostgamer 16
Itsghostgamer 16 5 days ago
Y’know people can change right?.... Except for the oops man
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 5 days ago
Ok I speak for everyone when I say first offense you get castrated. Second offense you get death penalty.
HorridCascade49 Gaming
HorridCascade49 Gaming 5 days ago
That oopsie guys ugh be ware of guys like that they're creeps lmfao
Yumi Kurama
Yumi Kurama 5 days ago
I wish they woulda let him in the bathroom so he could’ve jumped out the window and STILL gotten pummeled by the cops. You know that dude’s face would’ve been OOPS
Gary Baldwin
Gary Baldwin 5 days ago
Bet dude loves Easter time..... with teeth like that he could have chewed his way through the bars of his cell to escape
Eric Brewer Guitar
Eric Brewer Guitar 5 days ago
It’s more “ooots” than ooops with them there beaver teeth
Xyu Bam
Xyu Bam 5 days ago
Trying to get to 10million subs? Y'all haven't even hit 4million yet! Maybe it's wiser to shoot for more in reach realistic goals?
PapaJon. PNG
PapaJon. PNG 5 days ago
Why he say "oops" without closing his lips 😭 he really out here like "oots" 😂
Rosemarry Polack
Rosemarry Polack 5 days ago
"Tell me the trute!"
Rosemarry Polack
Rosemarry Polack 5 days ago
Probably said, "oots!"
Anthony 5 days ago
I miss this show, mad tv's version of this is hillarious.....I bet the courts said he's to not have internet access, wtf are the parents thinkin
AggroBlu 5 days ago
I would love to sign up to help catch these people
Shyann Upton
Shyann Upton 5 days ago
Do Worlds Strictest Parents
Derrick Harmon
Derrick Harmon 5 days ago
Man's worried bout his mom im thinking how the Aryan Brotherhood is going to hurt this kid bad
Marissa Adamson
Marissa Adamson 5 days ago
Chris Hanson is way too nice, especially to this creep lmao
E Boy
E Boy 5 days ago
Chris Hansen is gonna give this man PTSD
Pepe Silvia
Pepe Silvia 5 days ago
"It won't happen again" 72 hours later..."oopth"
Kat Marr
Kat Marr 5 days ago
TW bruh the part about how he says he's being treated for seizures reminds me of my p3d0 ex when i tried to report him like years later he texted me (???) and said he had a brain tumor and that's why he was trying to marry a 12 year old child in his mid twenties EDIT: he even lives with his mom too wow
Like Button
Like Button 5 days ago
I would make a Britney Spears joke but she's had enough.
Courtney Hedahl
Courtney Hedahl 5 days ago
My birthday is on the 9th of May.
Like Button
Like Button 5 days ago
I have epilepsy and seizures and I don't have a single urge to do that. There is no excuse. Unless you are a duckbilled platypus
NikkNack 5 days ago
He clearly needs therapy of some kind because prison just doesn’t work to rehabilitate people
No Name
No Name 4 days ago
One lead therapy session right in the temple.
Oops,he did it again......
Luka 5 days ago
Are you David Arquette?
Hey It’s Me
Hey It’s Me 5 days ago
Oops! That’s what our Government’s slogan should be since they keep letting convicts outta jail to hurt people over n over again! OOPS🤷🏻‍♀️
Timothy Dealgood
Timothy Dealgood 5 days ago
Next time he meets a Dad with a shotgun. Won't have the time to say Oops 💩
Nicole McCloskey
Nicole McCloskey 5 days ago
i have come here instead of studying because I feel like I am going to fail anatomy. i have an A but when too anxious I forget everything and usually have an anxiety attack during the tests. so thanks for humorous content to distract depression and cheers to going from an A to a C because of testing anxiety
Kathy J Gouvas
Kathy J Gouvas 5 days ago
He looks like baby new year!
notangryjustsayin 5 days ago
Omg you two make me laugh till my stomach hurts. I would love to do a episode with you. I love making jokes and commentary to pics and videos.
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 5 days ago
I so want your Batman shirt.
Tuni Scott
Tuni Scott 5 days ago
Please just keep this man in jail
The Majestic Manatee
The Majestic Manatee 5 days ago
I don't think that was his lawyer
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