Bunny Obsessed Lady Has A Dark Secret In Her Freezer

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Month ago

Today Me and Pewdiepie react to TLC My Crazy Obsession were this lady is completely obsessed with Bunnies. Her house if full of Bunnies and Rabbits, she never throws away any bunny items...or bunny pets.
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
Like this video or I'll stuff you in my freezer...
Chass 99
Chass 99 7 days ago
Anybody else thinking of rabbit stew about now🤣🤣😋😋😋
Cayle 7 days ago
If i liked this video my recommendations will be all bunnies and stuff.....
Titus Mukai
Titus Mukai 13 days ago
wood. exe
wood. exe 13 days ago
@Navi P they also are commonly in freezers up to 0.0012% by the time this video was out idk i just came up with that statistic
wood. exe
wood. exe 13 days ago
Beth Booth
Beth Booth 10 minutes ago
You don’t even wanna see her collection of rampant rabbits 😂👀🍆
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon Hour ago
My cat has no tail, just a lil puff, she squeaks not meows, and she hops like a bunny and I too named her hunny bunny aka hunny bun, bun bun.
Mara Almeida
Mara Almeida 11 hours ago
14:42 I- I’m just- I’m on the flooooooorrrrrr🤣🤣🤣🤣
BVA iLoveYou
BVA iLoveYou 14 hours ago
Where do they keep all their playboy bunnies? 🐰🐇👯‍♀️
Nuvo Vlogs
Nuvo Vlogs 15 hours ago
I just cant with this video!!! ahhhhhhh I love bunnies but no to this extent ...rip to all the bunnies ...yikes
BethDWriter 18 hours ago
When he dies she'll hve him freezedried
Justa Bunneh
Justa Bunneh Day ago
As a bunny obsessed lady myself....yikes. When it comes to dishes and collectibles, I try to pick bunny stuff that looks classy and not too much...Easter is a tough season to hold back owo That's also so disrespectful to deep freeze your bunny like that and pull her out when you feel like petting her...lay her to rest..
blackclouds909 2 days ago
Okay, but I'd like BUFF
Parham Oftadeh
Parham Oftadeh 2 days ago
not real bunny
HeartlandHunny 2 days ago
When the video ends and you get an ad for bunny cages 😳
flip a dip
flip a dip 2 days ago
*gun to my head* we don't... throw away... our bunnies..
Kass Michaud
Kass Michaud 2 days ago
So, if the power goes out. Don't the bunnies start to smell, since the freezer isn't staying cold?🤔😬
L30 2 days ago
“Oh she’s shit like a psycho”
Midwestern Explorers
Midwestern Explorers 2 days ago
Ken and Felix: man they’re creepy for their age.. Also Ken and Felix: 😺😸
YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced 3 days ago
The mob feeds bodies to pigs because they eat everything. Now that is scary.
Daniella Malcolm
Daniella Malcolm 3 days ago
I cannot express the amount of profound relief I felt when they said "That's not the only thing that we keep frozen. Every year we also eat a piece of..." And then they DIDN'T say they ate a piece of one of the rabbits. I was hoping for literally anything but that. Thank Goodness.
Headless Creator
Headless Creator 3 hours ago
Thought the same thing.
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 3 days ago
You think she owns the Donnie Darko bunny?
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 3 days ago
No its not a real bunny
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 3 days ago
There's a huge difference between having something you like and having a collection. And this video!
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 3 days ago
They seem so freaken strange. I definitely think it's the women who is obsessed the man seems kinda freaked out with it actually.
Melissa Whittaker
Melissa Whittaker 4 days ago
I want a pewdiepie amusement park
LikeAPro42 4 days ago
I got a rabbit ad and I’ve never been more uncomfortable
Loveless mejia
Loveless mejia 4 days ago
what if they were fed a bunny and didn't even know they were eating bunny and they liked it?
Zach Morgan
Zach Morgan 4 days ago
I can smell the room in the intro
Tilde Wetterlundh
Tilde Wetterlundh 4 days ago
Right when Felix mentioned the theme park with bunny theme I was LISEBERG I KNIW THAT PLACE I’VE BEEN THERE
DARK VOID 4 days ago
Fun fact rabbits actually eat their own alive
Tiga KD
Tiga KD 4 days ago
it is
WiZZERD 5 days ago
14:42 literally me
DodøMçdûckërbaggsß. poob eye
DodøMçdûckërbaggsß. poob eye 5 days ago
Nekkitty chan
Nekkitty chan 5 days ago
Okay but do the math she said they have had 13 rabbits so far 3 are freeze dried 10 are in the freezer. She has kept the corpses of all her rabbits. Not one of them has been laid to rest in the earth
Anthony Carrera
Anthony Carrera 5 days ago
Why does this persons bunny obsession remind me of The Mad Hatter from DC COMICS!
zacharie geertsema
zacharie geertsema 5 days ago
this was a wild ride
TheFoxesMind 5 days ago
Alternate title: Everyone freaking out and losing their shit for 20 minutes.
Kimberly Chiimba
Kimberly Chiimba 5 days ago
This was such a wholesome video. Laughed so much! Loves you two
kibi 5 days ago
10:28 Pewdiepie getting excited about the bunnies from the theme park that was by his house was the cutest thing to me
hristau 5 days ago
The red bunny looks like a hot cheeto puff
WaterLilly_AftonsFamily 5 days ago
Star Bunny
Star Bunny 5 days ago
does she have any play boy merch then?
Bobert A name
Bobert A name 5 days ago
mother rabbits will eat there own children if there too stressed
Reptile Assassin
Reptile Assassin 5 days ago
Ken, I’m startled.
Real Victoria
Real Victoria 5 days ago
5:51 its a major Mandela effect that ppl remember duracel battery. I member both.
Jela Lejana Abubakar
Jela Lejana Abubakar 5 days ago
15:25 pewds thinking in her shoes about his pugs in a freezer
Mark Watson
Mark Watson 5 days ago
7:44 Marzia : *quindi hai scelto la morte*
Galaxy inc.
Galaxy inc. 6 days ago
bunnies stress eat their babies sometimes
Austin Wheeler
Austin Wheeler 6 days ago
Candace Rabbit Frazee?
Sphynx Rayne
Sphynx Rayne 6 days ago
I have a pet rabbit but this is a little much XD
Iszy Church
Iszy Church 6 days ago
Do you think she likes or hates Watership Down?
SolidSapphire 6 days ago
Did anyone read or get read to the book called Bunnicula in elementary school? That's...this is what this reminds me of.
Samantha 6 days ago
Yamila Nieves
Yamila Nieves 6 days ago
Kids collecting things cute? You should see the little girl who collects roaches. Super adorable 🥰😆
MannaElinor 6 days ago
Why is the bunny video giving me rabbit care essentials as an ad. Something is so wrong lol
KFC Official
KFC Official 6 days ago
10$ I bet ya the wife dresses up a bunny and make love 😂😭💀 why did I say this
Yamila Nieves
Yamila Nieves 6 days ago
Elly R
Elly R 6 days ago
As someone who owns pet rabbits...
Dustin Jesse Balansag
Dustin Jesse Balansag 6 days ago
Imagine if they see that one episode in Blooc C...
Sacred Sin
Sacred Sin 6 days ago
So....does she collect rabbit vibrators too because of the name?
Aizu Aizu
Aizu Aizu 6 days ago
I feel bad for the husband bruh... I hope he's okay... And she's too...
Big Bob
Big Bob 6 days ago
Anyone else get rabbit related ads...
seriouslycatie 7 days ago
ohkay... I loved my first bunny & I love my little boy bunny but GODDAMN I WOULD NEVER. my first bunny girl is buried lovingly in my backyard. we VACUUM UP our bunny boys poops cuz DAMN THATS GROSS. also realized I might fit into the obsession a LITTLE cuz I collect pandas & I'm almost 25 & don't think I'll stop but idk if they'll ever be THAT creepy.
Kelsey Jackson
Kelsey Jackson 7 days ago
Bunnies are cute in all, until you learn that both the mom and dad bunnies have the tendency to EAT THEIR BABIES! Here comes Petter Cottentail, until something startles him and he eats the children...
Daniel Quijano
Daniel Quijano 7 days ago
So we freak out about the 10 rabbits in the freezer but not about my 3 chickens, a turkey, 6 trout, pieces of cows and pieces of pigs?
Joshua Marchand
Joshua Marchand 7 days ago
This man goes through some shit to get his noodle wet.
Avril Yielena
Avril Yielena 7 days ago
I think the husband is a bunny that she transformed into a human... Change my mind.
Gracie S
Gracie S 7 days ago
Is anyone gonna tell them that bunnies will eat their young under certain circumstances 👀😬
Apo 7 days ago
9:25 yo?
randy bobandy
randy bobandy 7 days ago
I collected egg cups when I was a kid...Anytime I mention it people don't even know what an egg cup is 😂😧
randy bobandy
randy bobandy 7 days ago
A lot of them are bunny themed too 😂
theSPYDERDUDE 7 days ago
1:24 What Felix doesn't realize is it is actually fairly common for rabbits to cannibalize their young when something invades their homes. They also can be known to attack other rabbits (especially males) and do a lot of damage. Rabbits may be cute, but they can be pretty scary if you actually look at what they do to they each other sometimes.
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 7 days ago
*Wait... the bunnies in the freezer.... it's the one on the door tagged as "Tbag".... anyone else catch that??!*
Remi Lockhart
Remi Lockhart 7 days ago
I call bullshit on the 6 hours cleaning, it takes me around 4 hours to clean all my figures (getting the dust out of spiky hair is a pain) and i have less than 100... So to think it takes her 6 hours to clean over 2k, doubt it.
Gab 7 days ago
ofc i was eating when she decided to show the dust bunnies
CRAZY NATE 7 days ago
I got an ad for a rabbit cage while watching this 👁️👄👁️
melanie sewlal
melanie sewlal 7 days ago
As a rabbit owner ummm I call sus on the treatment of the rabbits
Nate The Nub
Nate The Nub 7 days ago
I need a chemical spray shower after watching this 😩
Ppanda 2018
Ppanda 2018 7 days ago
I know this because we had 2 rabbits the female was a demon and a bad mother she had 2 litters
Ppanda 2018
Ppanda 2018 7 days ago
Sad thing is mom rabbits will eat their children in the wild if the die
Maximillian 7 days ago
When one of our cats died during winter we kept him in a nice cozy box in the freezer so we could give him a proper burial as soon as the weather would allow instead of tossing him in the pit where the hunters throws skins and bones after a hunt. That is proper and dignified, Bealsebub (yes that was his name) would not have minded. He was in a sealed box wrapped in a towel, undisturbed, just waiting for spring to come. This, what these people are doing, even the dry-freezing bullshit, is not just a massive offense towards life, but also towards death! Keep pictures of the bunny, make a photoalbum, give them a "dairy" where you write down every major milestone in their life, keep some of their ashes in an earn! Hell, you could even get some of the rabbits skin made into a pelt so you always have something to pet and remember them by! I dont approve of it, I think the animal has the right to fully rest in peace without any pieces left of them to be someones emitional support blanket, but its better than this!! If those two respected their rabbits at all, they would allow them to fully die. But no, even the living animals are just some toys to fuel their crazed obsession with bunnies. Its sick.
M E L I S 7 days ago
The frozen bunnies really freaked me out, I had to take pause wtf bruh
Deyanira Calderon
Deyanira Calderon 7 days ago
Am I the only one wondering if their wedding cake was carrot cake 😅
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda 8 days ago
MarieIsInTheDark 8 days ago
I got an ad for rabbit cages IM WHEEZING
Chippy Lipton
Chippy Lipton 8 days ago
I bet she has a rabbit vibe 😏😂😂😂🤢
Monique Belshaw
Monique Belshaw 8 days ago
Pet rabbits can live 10-15 years and can use a litter box. I have no idea what they were doing with those rabbits....
Heathbunny 8 days ago
I like rabbits but..... holy ****!
Kelsey Mae
Kelsey Mae 8 days ago
Ummm. I'd rather see Ken and Buff... just my opinion
SepticSoldier13 8 days ago
The bunnies in the freezer made this straight up psychotic 😬
Manan Gautam
Manan Gautam 8 days ago
But does she eat bunnies??
Daina Lyn
Daina Lyn 8 days ago
The fact that first advertisement is for rabbits wtf hahaha
Nell Ross
Nell Ross 8 days ago
Lady obsessed with freezing animals, keeping them, and her last name is Frazze? She's a goddamn Batman villain. Also, eating the wedding on the anniversary is only supposed to be after one year, not 19.
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis 8 days ago
How to unsee
Stormi Dawn
Stormi Dawn 8 days ago
Felix got excited
Stormi Dawn
Stormi Dawn 8 days ago
If it’s a real bunny the nose will move
Stormi Dawn
Stormi Dawn 8 days ago
Female rabbits kill their young
Korra 228
Korra 228 9 days ago
I got an ad about rabbit habitats
Lockhart Love
Lockhart Love 9 days ago
Thanks for taking us down that Phucked up Rabbit hole!!!
Mariaaa 28
Mariaaa 28 9 days ago
Jackie Boyan
Jackie Boyan 9 days ago
Ive heard of freezing the cake and eating it on the first year anniversary but 20years?? Ewww. And omg the bunnies in the freezer..what the f!!
Stefanie Zayas
Stefanie Zayas 9 days ago
felix is funny LOL
Stefanie Zayas
Stefanie Zayas 9 days ago
not the dust bunnies!!!!! ewwwaaaa
meh 9 days ago
You have to give it to them when the only thing in their freezer besides frozen rabbit is some Blue Bunny Ice Cream. I've never been THAT committed to anything. And did anyone else notice each time they said "Don't freak out." had corresponding correlation to the amount normal people were freaking out watching this?
heather lee
heather lee 9 days ago
Where’s the Playboy Bunnies?
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