Colts Dating Again And It's Embarrassing For Everyone

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11 days ago

We back with more TLC 90 Day: The Single Life. Colt is dating again! It's embarrassing for everyone! He tells the truth about himself at speed dating and no one wants to date him so the producers set him up with an "adult star" and he just lies to her to whole time.
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CinnamonToastKen 10 days ago
Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker Day ago
The bandana bandit rullllllzzz! Help us all! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
sts ros
sts ros 4 days ago
Joanna Pride
Joanna Pride 6 days ago
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 7 days ago
8:01 That dog had a look of please help me
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy 7 days ago
More colt please
Andrew Wessel
Andrew Wessel Hour ago
I’m 23, unemployed, single, and living at my parents house still. This made me very self conscious
Coco Smith
Coco Smith 2 hours ago
I loved her so much, her laugh to me was super cute & unique
Rose Petro
Rose Petro 4 hours ago
Colt is so nasty. How and why would any woman find him attractive? Seriously, he has nothing going for him. Loser...
LPS shiny
LPS shiny 6 hours ago
Colt: I have six cats My grandma: pfft, pathetic! I have almost 20
Smol Princess
Smol Princess 9 hours ago
Her laugh is honestly the best LMAO, made my day soo much better. XD
Colby Waldemar
Colby Waldemar 10 hours ago
I’ve watched this video 6 times! They need to get the Porn’ Star on the show again! She was interesting and entertaining!
Respect big man
Respect big man 14 hours ago
Shannon Conlon
Shannon Conlon 16 hours ago
He has decided to lean into everything he was trying to hide season 1
Ansley Belle
Ansley Belle 20 hours ago
Plants! You can have 6 plants!!! Now me, I have maybe 200. But it’s okay.
Jason 22 hours ago
That lady is 100% insane and just not showing it on camera lol 😂
Flora J
Flora J Day ago
No more colt. 🥴🥴
imagina20748 Day ago
Hey he put it all in thr table there. It's up to you lady if you want to run or take a chance to improve this guy.
imagina20748 Day ago
You guys lost weight and looking great and as always when I feel depress yall laughter alone always makes me feel better.
Mikaela Yuri
Mikaela Yuri Day ago
She's a catch😂
Dawn Wagner
Dawn Wagner Day ago
Man I hope she gets casted as a super villain...THAT LAUGH IS GOLD LOL
Modacious Lav
Modacious Lav Day ago
The only thing wrong with this video is it wasn’t an hour, also both y’all lookin handsome AF!! 🥰
Heidi Faulkner
Heidi Faulkner Day ago
Colts glasses are a paid actor
Stuff and things 5551
Stuff and things 5551 Day ago
The appropriate number of cat is 0
SaltyBoyTyler Day ago
This women kind of reminds me of the tape worm mom, idk why they gotta be related or something
Frutzke Selten
Frutzke Selten Day ago
Colt thirsty af because he never actually drinks anything.
Amanda Baker
Amanda Baker Day ago
Omg! Lmfao!!!!!!!!
KCStoneMeNott !
KCStoneMeNott ! 2 days ago
My ex had 8 ball pythons, 2 blood pythons, a corn snake, a savannah monitor, a leopard gecko, 2 bearded dragons, 2 parakeets, one chameleon that laid 20+ eggs, an iguana, a fish tank with 5 goldfishes and a Mississippi map turtle, five cats and two dogs. 8 cats and 3 dogs if you count his mom's pets bc she lives there too.... And I know he's bought more snakes since we split. Some people just wanna own a damn zoo I guess
Des Des
Des Des 2 days ago
OK let's be honest though, that laugh is contagious and that's pretty awesome :)
Cniknik98 2 days ago
You never see Colt with any friends. That's most likely why that's the way he is. Just Debbie and him, enabling each other's bad behaviors. Gotta have friends to call you out on bs. LifeLesson : be wary of people with no friends.
Fel 2 days ago
I thought he was with vanessa now? Wth coltee
Bam allama
Bam allama 2 days ago
I’ve had 8 cats. I don’t have any now .-. (8 cats at once, in my live I’ve had 14, I don’t have any now because I was forced to give them to new homes when I had to move out because I couldn’t afford the home anymore)
Amber Bastek
Amber Bastek 2 days ago
6 fish
I Speak 4 the Dead
I Speak 4 the Dead 2 days ago
Hey Brittany hmu you lookin too fine for a dude like that 🥵🔥🔥
Jessica PN
Jessica PN 2 days ago
that girl is stunning
Pondo Logo
Pondo Logo 2 days ago
Yall talk too much
marcelle dass
marcelle dass 2 days ago
Aaah your an ass man... no hes a trash man 😂😂😂
Marisol Diaz
Marisol Diaz 2 days ago
Where’s pewds
Kurb 2 days ago
1-3 cats are usually the most common amount
Jenna Grosh
Jenna Grosh 2 days ago
Colt talks such a big game about what a catch he is so I LOVED how intimidated he was by Brittany. He avoided a kiss in a hot tub with a gorgeous porn star who is more intelligent then he could ever be. Sorry can’t relate...
chongshan mo
chongshan mo 2 days ago
CosmicKev 2 days ago
This is my favorite video on the internet right now! ...i was just laughing sooo hard. Fuckin colt.
FranFry 2 days ago
They should just hook up big Ed and Colt. Idk. Pay for some butt implants for big Ed, about that TLC?
zZOdysseus Zz
zZOdysseus Zz 3 days ago
Colt is way out of his league with that chick
Kevin Wasiuk
Kevin Wasiuk 3 days ago
MBF = Mama's Boy Forever. 😅
Vo11yBa11SsSsSs Gaming
Vo11yBa11SsSsSs Gaming 3 days ago
I have totally seen at least 5 pornos filmed in that house and pool
LeJ3STER 3 days ago
LittleLlama .-.
LittleLlama .-. 3 days ago
The only respectable animal to have 6 of is cows or fish ☠️
Julie D
Julie D 3 days ago
Wow she looks incredible for being 47!!!
David Barbos
David Barbos 6 hours ago
what is her name
Saint Babylon
Saint Babylon 3 days ago
I was recommended this crap & who is Colt in a nut shell? was he some game show contestant? What’s up with that stupid face he always makes like he just whipped his ass & noticed shit got on his thumb.
Kandy Craven
Kandy Craven 3 days ago
Personally I like bigger guys
Allison Hart
Allison Hart 3 days ago
i love that woman!! she's a programmer who studies astrophysics, is an adult film star, AND a DJ? i wanna date her now... like for real tho...
Sadie Alexis
Sadie Alexis 3 days ago
I have 4 cats - they’re all 8 months 😳
KCJUSTER 3 days ago
i got 7 parrots among other pets lol
Dancing Bears
Dancing Bears 3 days ago
I live in Vegas and want to be her friend like smart sexy independent and takes care of herself, so out of colts league
Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady 3 days ago
She’d crack his bones to suck the marrow up.
Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady 3 days ago
She is scary
Elisabeth Dumigan
Elisabeth Dumigan 3 days ago
60 year old call girl steals the show.. lol come on
TheKingTehaxur 3 days ago
Dying when they said 6 cats is weird dating a female that has 9 cats shit always gets me sometimes when I see them
Kells G
Kells G 3 days ago
This guy looks like Kephrii So much...🆘
Mean Old Cat
Mean Old Cat 3 days ago
Buffpro is making fun of her laugh but has the same awkward forced laugh
Missy Mayo
Missy Mayo 3 days ago
most rich ppl wear sketchers tho
Kimsingsit Lhing
Kimsingsit Lhing 3 days ago
OMG love the show hehehehe🤣
Madison Arriana
Madison Arriana 4 days ago
Bruh when I went from 3 to 7 guinea pigs I definitely went damn a couple of times 😭🤣
Tabitha Hayes
Tabitha Hayes 4 days ago
His laugh is so loud OMG! I cant take it.
Yianster 12
Yianster 12 4 days ago
Teganism 4 days ago
You guys talking about having your thighs touch no matter what was relatable af haha. x)
JPachu16 4 days ago
I wish there was more clips of the girl. She’s so funny
Frank Tremblay
Frank Tremblay 4 days ago
I'm in love 😂
Summer Hill
Summer Hill 4 days ago
Not even 5 minutes in and I'm loving every second of this man's misery
Marissa 2 days ago
@Summer Hill 💀
Summer Hill
Summer Hill 4 days ago
15:15 This man also looks like Mr. Krabs out of his shell 0.0
Haley Mitchell
Haley Mitchell 4 days ago
She laughs like a 50 year old woman who smoked since age 13. I'm pretty sure she's older than she says, did you see those fingers?! Looked like a mummy's hands. You can tell 99% of her body is made of plastic and botox injections. Colt tho, is just naturally disgusting.
Rhyan A
Rhyan A 4 days ago
6:24 the collective reaction to Colt from the majority of the female population
Jesse Streeter
Jesse Streeter 4 days ago
There's nothing wrong if someone has cats I have six because they were dumped as kittens and I couldn't leave them because they were not even weaned from their mother yet so sad. I also love in the country though.
kinG Ding-a-linG
kinG Ding-a-linG 4 days ago
The show is edited so hardcore who knows what their conversation actually was like
TestofTorment 4 days ago
I was half expecting to see Colt bolt for the door... he can't handle a real woman.
Jason Wittman
Jason Wittman 4 days ago
Her laugh reminds me of "the circus of values" from BioShock
randy bobandy
randy bobandy 4 days ago
"I would not date all" ...brutality
randy bobandy
randy bobandy 4 days ago
Colt is a pathetic little trash man.
Rochelle Banks
Rochelle Banks 4 days ago
I literally watch these videos all the time but today, today I felt that the subscribe button was necessary.
Sophie Lauren
Sophie Lauren 4 days ago
I adore her.
Trent Dieman
Trent Dieman 4 days ago
Why does colt kinda sound like Ethan from H3H3
Fabio R
Fabio R 4 days ago
She has natural drunk laugh :D
Saelo 4 days ago
Man I'd love to just nerd out about physics with her. She seemed like a super fun person.
Sailor Prisma
Sailor Prisma 4 days ago
Ana Gonzalez
Ana Gonzalez 4 days ago
I want to see more of Britney. She owns her profession, her interests. She's way out of his league, and here we have Colt trying to act like he's better than her.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 4 days ago
I once had 15 rats, because I had two and they had 13 babies and I loved them all too much to adopt them out. That was years ago, I only have one rat right now. But having 13 cats would be animal abuse because you need more space for larger animals like that. Six isn't horrible but it's starting to get out of hand unless you're like specifically dedicating your work and home to rescuing or something like that. A lady on my street caught all the stray cats and fed them so they were just taking over the neighborhood and then she moved out and took like 4 with her and released all the others so they terrorize the neighborhood now.
ThatChick Ron
ThatChick Ron 4 days ago
I almost feel bad for her lol she's shooting her shot and colts over here friend-zoning this goddess 😆🖤
Jay Stuard
Jay Stuard 4 days ago
The appropriate amount of cats is 0!!!
Jacob Mecrob
Jacob Mecrob 4 days ago
0 cats.
H*ck 4 days ago
Brittany is an absolute queen ngl I hope she kicks ass with whatever she does
Fake 4 days ago
its okay colts i have 10 cats
Keto Kween
Keto Kween 4 days ago
I BURST out laughing when he said “Is he wearing a skirt?”
Billy bob
Billy bob 4 days ago
More Colt!
Shadow Reaper
Shadow Reaper 4 days ago
My family (I am engaged, and we have a son) have 3 cats, we bought two, and rescued one. Three cats is probably the most cats you can have, for the sake of having pets (meaning, not for the purpose of rescuing) otherwise, costs, and stress factors on cats come more into play. Daily upkeep is insane with three, who in their right mind gets six of these monsters :P Love them to bits, but three is almost too much, imagine six.
TacoFist 4 days ago
Buffpro has the same laugh as her LOL
Occboc 4 days ago
16:00 this isn’t a beach it’s a bath tub there’s no sharks in a bath tub
sts ros
sts ros 4 days ago
hand full
sts ros
sts ros 4 days ago
two top
sts ros
sts ros 4 days ago
Just A Normal Russian Ruso
Just A Normal Russian Ruso 4 days ago
who’s the actor I’m asking for a friend 0_0
BT A 4 days ago
He is made for reality tv.
Columbus Monks
Columbus Monks 4 days ago
3 if your single 4 if your dating 6 if your sad 10 if youre a breeder
Shan Nanigans
Shan Nanigans 4 days ago
Lmao I live for buffs comments and laugh 🤣🤣🤣 y’all are so funny together
OliverSnickIsMyName 5 days ago
I- I have six cats....... But I'm a minor and they were foster kittens that had medical issues no one else was willing to deal with so suck it bish
Karthika Ammu
Karthika Ammu 5 days ago
This video was really funny😂😂😂
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