Cringe Couple Pretend To Be Real Vampires

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18 days ago

Reacting to Extreme Love where this married couple pretend to be Vampires. Not only vampires but the King and Queen Vampires of the court of Austin Texas. It's totally cool and not cringe at all.
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Married Vampires Drink ‘Donor’ Girlfriend’s Blood | EXTREME LOVE
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In this upcoming episode of Extreme Love, we meet Logan and Daley, the king and queen of the vampire court of Austin, Texas. The couple are married - and live with Logan’s girlfriend, Ilona, who is also their blood donor when they need to feed. All three were involved in a polyamorous relationship, but tensions have been running high between Daley and Ilona for two years - can they resolve their differences?

CinnamonToastKen 17 days ago
Maybe noods at 10mil Thank you for your emotional energy as I too, am a vampire!
Amanda Lopez
Amanda Lopez 3 days ago
I expect this now!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 8 days ago
Wolves are better 😂😂.
Shutty 14 days ago
@Freckled Fox &&&***jjj*****j**j*jjjjjjj Ujjain j🥲
sherolled 27
sherolled 27 15 days ago
I love you two, you always makes me giggle. Cattle
Leeroy Porkins
Leeroy Porkins 15 days ago
@Katy Joseph It does explain why they live for so long. 🤣
Kim Chi
Kim Chi 3 hours ago
Of course, they are from Austin.
XYLOR YULIA 7 hours ago
ken is so right. THis is not how it works hahahahahha
XYLOR YULIA 7 hours ago
way to go vamps with windows made of clear glass where sun can get through
OliverSnickIsMyName 9 hours ago
girl really just trying to replenish the lost blood from her period
Ashtynコリンズ Day ago
This is like a horrible ass fanfic came to life
Keitumetse Ketlhoilwe
Keitumetse Ketlhoilwe Day ago
symptoms of iron deficiency
Gandalf TheWhi748
Gandalf TheWhi748 Day ago
Extreme love more like cheating in broad daylight
Tim Portantno
Tim Portantno 2 days ago
"Blood, s-... Emotional energy, sexual energy..." She was going to say "sperm," wasn't she?
Zayne Golden
Zayne Golden 2 days ago
You guys are hilarious!
Heather Larson
Heather Larson 2 days ago
This is basically slow cannibalism.
macks fox
macks fox 2 days ago
10 mil and Ken and Dane will make a joint only fans
Mr. Bluechills
Mr. Bluechills 2 days ago
Dude sounds like a bad Nicholas Cage impression.
nikib7791 2 days ago
Hmmm.... Sounds like they've been watching to many damn Twilight and Vampire Diary episodes.
christopher ragan
christopher ragan 2 days ago
im gonna get swole and dress like simon belmont and go to there club . what they gonna do then
Kathleen Genieve
Kathleen Genieve 3 days ago
But then what happens every 28 days when this girl gets her ladies time she's droppin a lotta blood, a LOITTA Blood.
Desiree Vazquez
Desiree Vazquez 3 days ago
I feel like being a vampire is a ruse for his blood kink LMAO
Deshyy T.
Deshyy T. 3 days ago
Whenever I hear someone say something about feeling shocks when touching someone else i always think about those buzzer rings that 'shock' the other person when you touch them xD
Buffy Kunsman
Buffy Kunsman 3 days ago
Logan and Daley south are amazing people and so is there girlfriend illona
TheTardyOwl VG
TheTardyOwl VG 3 days ago
"Vampires awaken during puberty." What is this? The Sims 4??
Mr.Fixie 4 days ago
Dracula is dissapointed bro...
M Bumtaia
M Bumtaia 4 days ago
“He’s gonna be leaking through his front teeth”😂😂😂
Holly L
Holly L 4 days ago
Rebe ri
Rebe ri 4 days ago
All those years I thought I am just very prone to sunstroke, where I am actually a vampire...
King Deer
King Deer 4 days ago
Ken is right. Vampires don't want to live in Texas, that's how they claimed that title lol
Reeebirthh 4 days ago
What weak vampires once a month 😂😂😭 don’t let me catch them eating normal food
Kelly Servo
Kelly Servo 4 days ago
I dated a psychic vampire, it was not consensual. I found out later on when I was experiencing some scary shit. I was able to leave him thankfully before too much more damage was done.
Tetra Sphere
Tetra Sphere 4 days ago
Where are the lycans when you need them?
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez 4 days ago
I’m from austin and I’ve never heard of this before
Stephanie Ferreyra
Stephanie Ferreyra 5 days ago
Lol they "Zinged" XD
Andrew Wessel
Andrew Wessel 5 days ago
I found out recently I’m Vitamin D deficient. Does that mean I’m a vampire?
Silver Star
Silver Star 5 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks he's doing a terrible impression of Johnny deep the entire time.
Stefanie Zayas
Stefanie Zayas 5 days ago
i hate the sun too
Cinder Fox
Cinder Fox 5 days ago
His old pictures look like he was way too inspired by the movie “Interview with a Vampire”
McPuggy Nuggies
McPuggy Nuggies 5 days ago
The "Vampires can't see themselves in a mirror" myth (for lack of better words) would actually be true if it was way back then! Mirrors use to be made with silver, which was considered a "pure" metal (that's why it kills werewolves/ghouls because it represented purity). So that means that back when it was made with silver, they wouldn't see themselves. Nowadays, I believe they stopped using silver (at least the pure version of it. Might be mixed with other metals) so they might be able to see themselves in the mirror 🖤✊
Jeannette W
Jeannette W 5 days ago
I would be like get the hell offa me. 7 years of Velcro boi? Hell naw.
Megan 5 days ago
They are the only two in the society 😅 reigning over themselves 😩
Jill Blog
Jill Blog 5 days ago
Vampire Dude: “This is something you are born with” Me: “Like you were born with those eyes?”
Christopher G Rivera Esquilin
Christopher G Rivera Esquilin 5 days ago
When Dane said "Lycan" instead of werewolf, I knew he was an Underworld fan.
Karma Day
Karma Day 6 days ago
Okay, late to the party, mostly just listening while I paint, but that last line the guy said before Ken and Buff start ragging on how he talks was pure Nic Cage to me. Like, Ghost Rider Nic Cage. ~ 4:11 "I love everything about her."
babybluex 6 days ago
They actually believe their own BS, its crazy.
Megan Striplin
Megan Striplin 6 days ago
These 2 r so funny individually and together... pure gold
Arwyn Avalon
Arwyn Avalon 6 days ago
"He's like, 'Dang, girl! I wish you had turned into a vampire after puberty!'" Buffpro wins the internet.
Watchdog 6 days ago
Cringe over 9000!!!!
Logan 6 days ago
I pretended to be a vampire in highschool because of Twilight 😅
nicole summers
nicole summers 6 days ago
13:08 ...I feel like somebody in high school said that he resembled the guy from Twilight and he just ran with it and never stopped 😂😂😂
Miss Maree
Miss Maree 6 days ago
Man, ken and buff should go check up on this dude cause....shit went SO wrong.....
crochetcocoking 6 days ago
and i bet he asked her out daily too
Chula Z Influenza
Chula Z Influenza 6 days ago
Intense thirst, nausea headache!? No, ur sugar is low!
Simon Whitehurst
Simon Whitehurst 6 days ago
This dude watch one vampire movie and was like i relate
Rimowals 6 days ago
i can imagine him biting her arm and cutting something important and she dies
Laura Goodwin
Laura Goodwin 7 days ago
People must be really bored during the pandemic.
Charles Manswoon
Charles Manswoon 7 days ago
Austins motto is keep austin weird! So they are in the right spot!
Charles Manswoon
Charles Manswoon 7 days ago
I met them at their bdsm club in Austin. They were pleasant people! Especially Daley!
Choccy Milk
Choccy Milk 7 days ago
In front of my salad? Really!?
GrandMasterApple 7 days ago
Me furiously pressing the subscribe button while subscribed for those ken nodes
Richard Noggin
Richard Noggin 7 days ago
I think they are wrong about Vampires. I doubt they will sexy like Edward. They are more like Nosferatu. Pointy ears, pale skin, deranged looking eyes. If they look like that I'll become a Vampire King of Kentucky.
A B 7 days ago
In texas hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Miss oh Mian
Miss oh Mian 7 days ago
I think I have seen a same scenario in a hentiii a vampire girls drinks some 'Man juicy ' ......😂 kinda similar situation I guess
Miss oh Mian
Miss oh Mian 7 days ago
I think I have seen a same scenario in a hentiii a vampire girls drinks some 'Man juicy ' ......😂 kinda similar situation I guess
Miss oh Mian
Miss oh Mian 7 days ago
When delusion heightens and reach the peak of it they become vampires!!
Helene H.
Helene H. 7 days ago
The long hair looked so much better on the V-King than the short ones... They make him look like a fake vampire tztztztz
Érika Joyal
Érika Joyal 7 days ago
"I wish you Turned into a vampire After puberty!" This one was GLORIOUS 😅 I choked on my drink 🤣
kittys alt account
kittys alt account 7 days ago
they just look emo tbh
cheifbag2230 hi friend
cheifbag2230 hi friend 7 days ago
at the end im suprised she didnt start hissing or something
Erica Lanes tricks to saving
Erica Lanes tricks to saving 7 days ago
Dumb 😂
As 7 days ago
I kinda wish that real vampires exist. Is it wrong of me to wish that this couple would actually meet actual real vampires. Ha ha
N8 The Great
N8 The Great 8 days ago
I literally stopped watching 10 seconds into the video.
Fire Breathing Moon Beam
Fire Breathing Moon Beam 8 days ago
She might just be allergic to the sun
Neko-chan is tired
Neko-chan is tired 8 days ago
Fun fact: mirrors were (and sometimes still are) made with silver as the reflective surface. Which would explain why vampires aren’t able to see their reflections, as we all know vampires are also weak to silver. But not all mirrors are made with it. So in theory, with the right mirror, they could actually see themselves without problem.
yuka shiro
yuka shiro 8 days ago
GET . THIS . MAN . TO . 10MIL . ASAP .
Lonely Stargazer
Lonely Stargazer 8 days ago
Yes... we become vampires in our teen years beacuse of My Chemical Romance music
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 8 days ago
Someone get Blade after them 😂.
Shama D
Shama D 8 days ago
M'dudes are at the first stage of cannibalism with their blood drinking wtf
PhorOh Phor
PhorOh Phor 8 days ago
Dude I love buff pros genuine smile every time you introduce him. It reminds me of childlike excitement, very sweet and cute
The Rabid Scorpion
The Rabid Scorpion 8 days ago
By the looks of the end of this video, they're gonna be the first divorced vampires.
Ceirra Valencia
Ceirra Valencia 8 days ago
Me when I was 7 pretending to be a vampire
Mason Herrington
Mason Herrington 9 days ago
The way ken says "keeenk" and not "kink" lolol
Ana-Maria 9 days ago
Did that guy started making out with that woman while his wife was there? Like wtf
TruthHoplee 9 days ago
Depending on the amount anything over a shot blood rots becoming toxic in the intestines basically and can cause hemochromatosis an overload of iron in the system causing the person to become violently ill. lol when a vampire gets their period is it like a trigger for them to want to drink de blood.....tampon lollipo..yeah sorry that's disgusting.
Mike TheScienceGuy
Mike TheScienceGuy 9 days ago
The Winchesters are coming for them, just you wait
Doctor H.M.L
Doctor H.M.L 9 days ago
Now I like vampires I find them really cool but this is just too weird.
Ana Banana
Ana Banana 9 days ago
“Is this Edward” 😂
Your Daily Dose
Your Daily Dose 9 days ago
I’ve got polymorphic light I a vampire then ? Welp better find me a guy 😂😂
Bøsky Sylvia
Bøsky Sylvia 9 days ago
Amazing how some desperate men need to make up bs stories just to sleep around...
Professionally Uneducated
Professionally Uneducated 9 days ago
The dude sounds like an over acting Nick cage
Cynth G
Cynth G 10 days ago
Sure hope they don't catch no disease drinking each other's blood
Rowan Work
Rowan Work 10 days ago
Did anyone else the Buff= Buffy thing here?
Solgaleo 10 days ago
I’m just waiting for them to get sick at this point cause drinking other people’s blood is worse then a hand shake
Emily Hay
Emily Hay 10 days ago
1. the way this guy talks sounds way too much like Nicholas Cage 2. sunlight literally gives me a rash and i dont claim to be a vampire lol
Cleo 10 days ago
Oh gosh they embarrass our real vampires from Transylvania 🤦🏻‍♀️ 'I am kidding' still dumb tho
Djs Animations
Djs Animations 10 days ago
Maybe they thirst for blood because they don’t drink water or eat proteins so their thirst is just the need for iron. 🤔
Thoma Weinmann
Thoma Weinmann 10 days ago
8:15 did she not have to take the middle school class on heat related injuries? Nausea and headaches are both symptoms of heat exhaustion
Brendon Wharton
Brendon Wharton 11 days ago
This my daughter weekly west
ItsFrogSplash 11 days ago
check out P.C. Cast books called the night series. kids in those books go through a change just like you explained.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 11 days ago
Cass K
Cass K 11 days ago
Oh, sounds like she has an iron deficiency 🤣
Arda Oguzhan
Arda Oguzhan 11 days ago
Im not judging him but the guy wearing green shirt has the ugliest beard i have ever seen.
Mighty Moon
Mighty Moon 12 days ago
Most of us get headaches from being in direct sunlight for a whole hour. Sun’s intense, girl. You ain’t unique. 😬
cruches25 12 days ago
9:20 damnnn buff is a savage ive watched that part like 30 times
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