The Worst Dating Show I've Ever Seen

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15 days ago

Reacting to the Cut where speed dates climate each other with a button and its the worst dating show I've ever seen in my life. Really shows how shallow people can be and base attraction on looks alone.
Eliminate Your Date with One Press of a Button | The Button | Cut
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CinnamonToastKen 14 days ago
Hope you like the video! Hit the like button just as fast as these people hit the red button!
Lady B
Lady B 11 days ago
All the tall guys get taken by these short biotches. Meanwhile, girls like me who are over 6' end up with little guys circling like vultures. My biggest issue is, I don't want a guy I can throw around.
Lily S
Lily S 11 days ago
That dude picked her because of the great smile and because she’s there for the summer.
Grant 11 days ago
broo it was my birthday this day but i had a seizure during your video sympathy plz
Vera Dragon Jedi
Vera Dragon Jedi 11 days ago
I will never understand people who base others off height. Like My boyfriends like half my height- and he’s amazing! What does height have to do with anything
Nora Frankie LaChino McCabe
Nora Frankie LaChino McCabe 11 days ago
I loved it
Regi B
Regi B 4 hours ago
I like how Buff’s interpretation of the Date restaurant choices get more and more expensive as the video goes on 🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣 this is too funny
Laurenlittl3 5 hours ago
the part where ken says the high body count is a tell that he cant stay in a relationship LOL that got me
Laurenlittl3 6 hours ago
I don't think Ken actually understood this game, I mean if you don't like someone then PRESS THE BUTTON, you shouldn't be worried if you are going to hurt someone's feelings. In this game its either you click the button or someone is gonna click the button on you, and if your actually serious about finding a date then your going to have to click the button on those you don't have a preference for. I mean dating is all about personal preference and if you don't like the way someone looks THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. everyone dates someone they find physically attractive, I'm not saying that its the only thing that matters but stop acting like its not something that doesn't matter. I wouldn't want to lead someone on into thinking I wanted to go on a date with them just because I couldn't click a button then feel forced to go on another date with them? everyone has preferences on who they want in their life, especially when it comes to dating, plus all these people are random there's a very low chance anyone on this show will actually hit it off, so if you think they will in the first few minutes of meeting that's just not likely.
Laurenlittl3 6 hours ago
plus ken you have a very attractive wife and I'm sure that's not all you accounted for when deciding to date her but you cant get mad if they want to date someone they find attractive. I understand the frustration of watching these people seemingly put no effort into getting to know each other but that's all the games doing not theirs, like just look how much time they had to actually talk.
ImNotWorriedBro 6 hours ago
Lol no one knows how to dats anymore
Sera - Marie
Sera - Marie 10 hours ago
I am so glad they were able to recycle Stephen Hawkings voice box and put it to work on some equally as complex and important mathematical equations as it was previously accustomed to. Q: Do you like dancing? A: Nah Voice box : Why can't you reprobates just get along?
Michael Day ago
I'm so single I wouldn't have turned anyone down
baloney maloney
baloney maloney Day ago
I think the whole end message of the show is don't be shallow because what goes around comes around
Tiffany Clark- Grove
Tiffany Clark- Grove Day ago
60 to 70 would be a deal breaker lol
Tiffany Clark- Grove
Tiffany Clark- Grove Day ago
O come on, talking about Star Wars AND legos on a dating show is weird
lycan Day ago
They probably ran out of people.
프리더스 Day ago
Nathaniel Shrock
Nathaniel Shrock 2 days ago
Wait a minute.... GLaDOS is that you?
KCStoneMeNott !
KCStoneMeNott ! 2 days ago
In a dream world Buff and I would get married in the mountains and we would do double date nights with Kenny and his cutie 😂 And if they can't find a sitter then I volunteer us to sit for them and they can just go take our reservation lol
Ranger Zickle
Ranger Zickle 2 days ago
the only character I liked was the button
Lauren Rose Lee
Lauren Rose Lee 2 days ago
재키 2 days ago
Okay, but you're either attracted to someone or you're not. It's not going to change by talking to them an extra 60 seconds, but still, this is a bit much. Also, "I love cats" and "I'm a self-described cat-lady!" are two very, very different statements.
jewel 2 days ago
Honestly you Guys are more judgemental than most of the people on the show. They at least are rating their personal attraction to any random Person who was selected for them (and there is no need to feel bad for not being into someone obviously). You on the other hand pretend to actually know what their personality is like based on a few sentences and genuinly think they are bad people. At least If you actually think what you say in this video. Though I would be happy If anyone could explain to me why I am wrong, english isn't my first language so maybey I simply misunderstood :)
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 2 days ago
Amem one night and out of the house!!
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 2 days ago
We got the best in Virginia!!!! It’s legal here!!!!💯🍀✊🌎🌎👍🏻🙏
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend 2 days ago
She is!!!
ScIoNix Xx
ScIoNix Xx 2 days ago
I’m not gonna knock someone for voting someone out they’re not physically attracted to. You need attraction lol.
So Andso
So Andso 3 days ago
It’s the Lemon Law at work
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 3 days ago
I'm deathly allergic to cats so cat lovers are a deal breaker for me.
GeneralKayoss 3 days ago
Democrats are like cultists lol
Shutupbradley 3 days ago
Girls cant grow smaller either, and many guys wont date girls taller than them. Many girls have (yes have) to stop wearing heels so they hurt their boyfriends ego. And thats not due to the girls issue with height.. So yeah. The height thing goes both ways.
Ducky 3 days ago
Buff: " I'm gonna be old SOON " Also Buff: " Why he wearing ripped jeans!? what happened there ? " Like ok grandma. 😂
melia w
melia w 3 days ago
As a girl who is nearly 6'1, I don't have to "luxury" of only dating guys who are like 10 inches taller than me 😂 Going NBA Wife 🏃🏾‍♀️💨💨💨
laurie Kerze
laurie Kerze 3 days ago
They should up the anti by randomly electrifying the button, or adding an ejection seat.
csgaiao33 3 days ago
i agree with ken on the whole height thing. very superficial...
Loki The trickster
Loki The trickster 3 days ago
If I won my 2nd date would be a week long on the beaches of bahamas
Muhammad Haseeb
Muhammad Haseeb 3 days ago
Video starts Ken does intro Buff : Ima make concerned manager face
bueno 3 days ago
Every time they laugh together I feel like I'm watching Beavis and Butthead 😂
Joe Dohn
Joe Dohn 3 days ago
“Hi there, my name is John. What’s your name, beautiful?” “Uhhh hi. It’s Jane :)” “I like your bracelet, that’s really pretty on you.” “Thank youuuu!” “So how did I get so lucky to be sitting across from you? What’s your sign? “I’m a pisces! What are you?” “I’m a Leo 😏 I got ta keep it 100 with you, this is really more of a test to see if you on MY level 😉” “*laughs* ohhh really now?? Okay. So, what do you do for living?” “I’m in a band, and I’m a traveler.” “Oooo I wanna hear (:”
Fop Dumpling
Fop Dumpling 3 days ago
Buff’s permanent blush on his cheeks tho
Ronny D. B. Lopez
Ronny D. B. Lopez 4 days ago
What happened to actually have conversations just to be respectful for someone else's time? Just be kind and talk, and don't only focus on looks alone on whether you actually "like" someone.
Nicole 4 days ago
You know there is actually a very painful procedure that can make you a little taller. I can't remember how much taller since it's been a long time since I watched the documentary or a girl who did it. I don't think it can be done in the US though.
Gulf Coast Florida Man of the Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast Florida Man of the Gulf Coast 4 days ago
Was Ken on the rag or something?
Jemma Craig
Jemma Craig 4 days ago
omg this is hard to watch
randy bobandy
randy bobandy 4 days ago
This game is so mean...I would cry 😂
SHEEPDOG PLEB 4 days ago
Your wife is super beautiful and your calling others shallow hahahaah
RasTex666 4 days ago
Imagine grouping people together based on their political party and not looking at each person individually.
LittleDarkOne 4 days ago
CinnamonToastKen out here trying to convince us he would date an ugly girl for her personality.. Like come on dont even pretend.
Jess 4 days ago
Thin slicing in dating. I like it. Better than speed dating where the buzzer is rung whether you're decided, or not. No further assessments required. Goodbye! Awesome that they both get control over the button.
Dan Luckins
Dan Luckins 5 days ago
12:40 Do you know the difference between vodka and whiskey? Same thing with weed bro, theres different kinds that people react differently, now your educated
I died of laughter at 13:20! Hahaha
Ditto Head
Ditto Head 5 days ago
60-70? That’s what those 3 extra years gets you
Joseph Moreland
Joseph Moreland 5 days ago
That's so funny buff called the bud reggie I'm from Co so we call it Swag and when I was living in Az we called it Reggie
Psychedelic Photography
Psychedelic Photography 5 days ago
Hey boys loved the video keep it up
carrieeaston39 5 days ago
I believe the pineapple is actually the symbol for the hospitality industry
Jacabo Blanco
Jacabo Blanco 5 days ago
17:40 dude got kind of shafted lol. The first two chicks that came up were not very attractive lol. But you could at least pretend for a few minutes 😂
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Peterson 5 days ago
But I agree she's a tyrant.. she's a Democrat 😕
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Peterson 5 days ago
You must not know what speed dating is all about not that I've done it but look at it this way if you're out searching for a girlfriend or wife you're not going to even attempt to talk to someone who doesn't mean your preferred standard. During speed dating you're supposed to get all of that out of the way right away. If she doesn't date guys under five six and you say that she is shallow for not doing that means you want her to get go against her own preferences. How are other people entitled to her time if they don't meet her standards? Entering speed dating there isn't any harm done because you only literally talk to them for a couple of seconds. It would be different if you were dating someone fell in love with them and they ended up getting a bit chunky and you leave them because of it.. that's shallow. Or date a guy for a couple years and then break up with them because they're not at your preferred height that would also be shallow and very devious. What you guys are saying is basically what the LGBT community is saying that a trans woman is a woman and a man that is typically straight should be okay with dating them even though they have a penis in their biologically male. That's absurd and it's not transphobic just because you don't want to date someone that has a penis or that is a biological male. Again we have preferences and we are entitled to that. But you are not entitled to tell others what their preferences should or shouldn't be. It's like you're a child in a man's body, not cute buds. You lack the ability to critical think.
MiJelly 5 days ago
bc of the height thing... i prefere freckles.. i love them... i mean yeah there is make up.... but still .. my boyfriend doesn't have them.. i also like boys who are taller then me... my boyfriend is like 1 cm higher than me... it's just something we find cute.. it's not a necessity
Amanda Peterson
Amanda Peterson 5 days ago
Pineapple symbols can indicate if a person is a swinger. It's like a code between them so they know who's approachable. Lol
Ditto Head
Ditto Head 5 days ago
Lucas Dawber
Lucas Dawber 5 days ago
I would be pressing the button just cause I like touching red buttons😂
Mawmaw makeup
Mawmaw makeup 5 days ago
Buffpro i I wouldnt press the button on you ;)
C4isK1 666
C4isK1 666 5 days ago
Ok if you don't know what a Tie fighter is you don't deserve to be on tv
M Herman
M Herman 5 days ago
The ear thing is over
Geoffrey Wendelen
Geoffrey Wendelen 5 days ago
This is tinder in real life 😆
Lexi G
Lexi G 5 days ago
Idk I don’t feel that’s it’s awful to pass on someone based on their looks, attraction isn’t the most important but it is important . I mean I wouldn’t want to date someone who didn’t think I was attractive that’s worse than getting them just saying no to me lol
Pearl Kelly
Pearl Kelly 5 days ago
I absolutely admire your big bushy beard. My partner has a beard like it and I call it "the fanny tickler" 😂
Jeannette W
Jeannette W 6 days ago
I've been 5ft since I was 14. Can confirm you cannot will yourself to grow haha.
Scooty Poot
Scooty Poot 6 days ago
In response to the whole "not liking guys of a certain height" thing I agree with it being stupid but can't really fault women for having that preference in dating b/c there are many men out there who only date women with larger/big breasts or larger/big butts. And yes, I am aware that those things can be changed via surgery but not everyone can afford that or even get it themselves b/c they have other medical conditions that prevent them from having major surgery like that.
MC Jaes
MC Jaes 6 days ago
Pineapple tattoo 😅🤣
Chad H
Chad H 6 days ago
Women only care about money
Chuck Green of Green Drywall Solutions
Chuck Green of Green Drywall Solutions 6 days ago
I was just reading a study about how the more partners someone has before marriage the less likely they are to be happy. People with 20+ have a less than 20% chance and I had to do a double take because that amount seemed insane. But my guy out here banging 60-70 chicks
Lauren L
Lauren L 6 days ago
Pineapple girl rejecting the douchebag was sooo satisfying
Rhen Liz
Rhen Liz 6 days ago
I went on a blind date once. Not my kinda thing. The guy was nice and all, but he was incredibly clingy. It was really awkward...
DustinX S
DustinX S 6 days ago
I think I speak for all short people when I say thanks for sticking up for us man 🤘🏻 lol
Counterclockwork 6 days ago
Tbh.. If I somehow ended up there, I’d just race to push the button on each of them just to be a friggin troll or something idk.. And my response would be, “Because funny..”
Matthew Coronato
Matthew Coronato 6 days ago
As a man that's 5'5 and turned down due to hight more than once, thank you Ken. You're the real mvp.
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy 6 days ago
Em Mi
Em Mi 6 days ago
Dude I hate this guy so much him saying it's not often guys reject girls sounds like he's bitter because women out of his league have shot him down so he's taking it out on women he thinks are below him.
Em Mi
Em Mi 6 days ago
They should do a version of this with bisexuals it'd be honestly funnier/ more entertaining considering we usually have dif prefs for different genders so I'm hoping "streaks" would be shorter
Christi 6 days ago
Love you guys 😁 This reminded me of the older MTV show called Next. Geez, that really shows my age....guess I'm to old for Andrew 😆
Boston Williams
Boston Williams 6 days ago
10 minutes and you win... It's not going to be wholesome
Jay 6 days ago
Some people have height preferences 🤷‍♂️ im 5 4 so like super short it is what it is
Watchdog 6 days ago
That was hilariously awful
Basil Plant
Basil Plant 6 days ago
Those shows they make are so cut and scripted that none of it matters. Cinnamon toast ken does matter, tho.
Bigbrain 2006
Bigbrain 2006 6 days ago
The height thing is bad for girls that are too tall too not only guys that are too short
babybluex 6 days ago
Ken is mean today lol, has he seen his own wife? She is super hot so I'm guessing he didn't notice her attributes lol.
babybluex 6 days ago
Is Ken short?
Christoffer Pettersen
Christoffer Pettersen 6 days ago
So hes 26 and have had 60-70 girls... i'm 29 and i haven't had a single one.... I'm gonna die alone... 😭
William PPL
William PPL 3 days ago
That isnt something to be proud of. Its a sign of cheating. Dude is gonna dip once he gets what he wants
Mr X
Mr X 6 days ago
I’d like to see these girls do the same test once they hit 35
Mr X
Mr X 6 days ago
Am I not getting the show? Seems like a guy can reject a girl for whatever reason he wants....ya know...exactly like women do. Am I not allowed to pick up on red flags flying higher than these chicks body count....
Britaniegh W
Britaniegh W 6 days ago
Freeda Bo Young
Freeda Bo Young 6 days ago
Only three hours ago, I heard buffpro's laugh for the first time and I can't get enough of it
crochetcocoking 6 days ago
12:10 that's not a lego, that's a rubik's cube...
Mama Dishwasher
Mama Dishwasher 6 days ago
That first guy has an awful lot of nerve someone who’s the literal enbodiment of a human thumb, looks and personality wise
crochetcocoking 6 days ago
9:03 she can't vote him off if he crushes her hand first! big brain play!
Michael Bugner
Michael Bugner 6 days ago
Being glad that tattoo girl eliminated Andrew, then wanting someone to eliminate her, then being glad she was eliminated, then hating that guy. "You either door a hero, it live long enough to see yourself become a villian.
Beth 6 days ago
I am so incredibly confused about food soil man ngl
Global warming is hot
Global warming is hot 6 days ago
Becca barely said anything but it was still enough to convince most of us that she's complete trash
Deniz Aydın
Deniz Aydın 6 days ago
This is like one of the Black Mirror episodes, the one that an "app" introduced 2 strangers with each other and they have limited time to get to know each other. It is almost the same
Mister D
Mister D 6 days ago
that dude looks like a psychopath. I can tell by his eyes hes some sort of mad one. I could be wrong of course, Im just saying what he looks like to me edit: older lads want younger girls, but younger girls dont want older boys, what an irony
Molly lancaster
Molly lancaster 6 days ago
That one girl is gonna be forever single ... picky as hell
BallPeens 6 days ago
Please react to more of this game this was hilarious
Bell Luna
Bell Luna 7 days ago
14:44 Ken Savage!!
Female Undertaker
Female Undertaker 7 days ago
XD not gonna lie I honestly want this button
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