The Dumbest Couple I've Ever Seen Is BACK (With More Kids)

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22 days ago

Reacting to TLC Unexpected where the dumbest couple I've ever seen is back with even more kids and silly drama! Somebody save these kids from themselves!
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Hailey meets up with her friend Tiarra and tells her almost everything about the Matthew drama but neglects to mention one very important thing: she has been hooking up with him while Hailey 2 is pregnant with his son.

CinnamonToastKen 21 day ago
First! Also check out the previous video on these people
Alice Mazzucco
Alice Mazzucco 8 days ago
These kids need to grow up,omg they have no clue at all.
SI Gaming
SI Gaming 12 days ago
None of this is as dumb as pokimane getting railed and the guy she playing over the other side crying his eyes out and still to this day is whipped by her. I dont think anything is more dumb than that.
Carrie Anthony
Carrie Anthony 12 days ago
These teens need to know they cannot keep a man by having a kid no matter what their name is they are stupid as hell and Matthew I have no words he is going to regret this not the kids but what he has done
Powell Gaming
Powell Gaming 13 days ago
Mans getting around like Quagmire
Urtė Mackevičiūtė
Urtė Mackevičiūtė 14 days ago
@RemixTehScumbagAUTTP kfd4Z su.
Tia Schaeffer
Tia Schaeffer 6 minutes ago
Maybe this is a cult.
Texas Honey
Texas Honey Hour ago
If a guy fks around on you, y'all ain't a couple, y'all is fk buddies. Durrrrr 🙄
etoniqe 2 hours ago
JoAnn Hempen
JoAnn Hempen 3 hours ago
Ok Mathew needs to be neutered. Clearly his 16 year old “noodle” has birth more babies then most grown men. These kids having kids is just crazy. Hello...birth control calling...take me! Very easy solution to all of this....birth 👏🏼Control or at least a little self control. Pick one!
D. 5 hours ago
Hailey is just not all there obviously
Dayonna Render
Dayonna Render 5 hours ago
Shouldn’t be talking about kids like that
Mike Murray
Mike Murray 7 hours ago
Videos like this that you guys watch is just a depressing reminder that people like this exist. I mean, I know that they do, but I don’t wanna actually see it.
Amber Starr Banks
Amber Starr Banks 9 hours ago
This is annoying. period. Couldn’t watch you guys.
Liesel Pretorius
Liesel Pretorius 10 hours ago
He is tapping the Mom too.....
Mariamo Combo
Mariamo Combo 10 hours ago
Girl point period she was not your friend and Matthew is Not a real Man is Just a Babymaker Man.
lange darm
lange darm 12 hours ago
coming soon, episode 3: Haleys mom has got it going on
MHA Official
MHA Official 14 hours ago
Breh I'm ligit 13 and I'm like 10 times smarter than these people... I babysit and also research about how to deal with stuff if I'm ever in these situations. These are the most stupid people I have ever seen, I might even had lost a bit of brain cells watching this.
Tara Martinez
Tara Martinez 15 hours ago
Dying 😂
Kristen Neuhauser
Kristen Neuhauser 17 hours ago
I wonder if shes gonna be prego again, eating popcorn waiting for the answer
Shooter Mcgavin
Shooter Mcgavin 23 hours ago
I have a little cousin named hailey, help!
Caskey Wench
Caskey Wench Day ago
You mean you love us as much as Mathew loves getting his noodle wet? Lmao
Anthony Johns
Anthony Johns Day ago
Oh shit bro that was a funny one
Olivia Apigo
Olivia Apigo Day ago
At the end of the day, Matthew and Hailey are just kids, its their parents' fault especially Matthew's that he ended up that way
s.drxke Day ago
Matthew probably didn’t even realise they were different girls, he don’t know how they look he just knows their name and wants to get his noodle wet
RubberTag Day ago
Sad to see her having so bad self respect for herself...
Rosa Esquivel Martinez
Rosa Esquivel Martinez Day ago
Worse pullout game ever
moon child
moon child 2 days ago
"I wanna get my noodle wet"....Hun you barely a grown boy with a noodle the size of a macaroni. Take a seat XD
Madelyn Gutierrez
Madelyn Gutierrez Day ago
Nik Nak
Nik Nak 2 days ago
“I wanted to get my noodle wet” LMFAO 🤣 who the fawk says that lol 😂
Selena Ledezma
Selena Ledezma 2 days ago
have they ever heard of birth control and protection?
Proxilery YT
Proxilery YT 2 days ago
@5:23 youre right man, my mom had 2 children, single mother, her own house, with her own job to help support us, and she was taking night classes at remington all at once, and graduated with a business degree, and got a better job and it changed alot of shi, you can do alot of things at once if you put your mind to it, doesnt mean tha teen mom is willing to do that tho, which sucks.
Nando Peraza
Nando Peraza 2 days ago
*Any girl named Hailey* Matthew: It’s free real estate
Jack Mustang
Jack Mustang 2 days ago
Dude. I swear. Matthew is so dumb. I mean, how do get every single girl pregnant, and then break up with them? I just find it strange. Matthew is a huge cheater. So much for wanting to get his noodle wet every time. Look. You only loose your virginity once in your life.
Mr Goodbar
Mr Goodbar 2 days ago
She's laughing because she's tramatized 😂
handstwister 3 days ago
Where the hell are the super pissed off Dad’s ?
PlayfulManda 3 days ago
Nope, two click bait 40yr old child commentaries are way more embarrassing
blxck rcses
blxck rcses 3 days ago
Bruh I'm 16 and all I'm doing with my life is playing Minecraft. Yet these people are out here having kids
Adam 3 days ago
Not me watching this while eating raman
SioSoftballer 3 days ago
Juliana Johnson
Juliana Johnson 3 days ago
Are there any parents watching this hoping our kids aren’t going to be this dumb?
Mike Clarke
Mike Clarke 3 days ago
Mckayla is still the dumbest person on this show
Sam Carmen
Sam Carmen 3 days ago
Nah, I'm 16 and even I know that they are both dumb. Hayley 2 is dumb for thinking she was different and Hayley was dumb for taking Matthew back. smh
L 3 days ago
Matthew is a clown but like...those girl probably gotta be the biggest clowns for believing Mr noodle actually wanted a meaningful relationship 🤡 what the hell are the parents doing?? Just watching this happen???
Rach 4 days ago
Wait what show is this?
Taliah Levie
Taliah Levie 4 days ago
Omg i remember watching this on tv
Coleen Hudson
Coleen Hudson 4 days ago
Looks like Matthew's going for the girls with no dads. Slick...
Dollar cost Backpacker
Dollar cost Backpacker 4 days ago
"nobody can understand Matthew" lmao
jessi davis
jessi davis 4 days ago
I hope these girls find a way to be better parents than they were given. The amount of enabling that all these parents do is astounding.
Wiggl3s _
Wiggl3s _ 4 days ago
There’s a girl I know that fell pregnant unexpectedly when she was young (19 at the time) and although she didn’t plan it her and her boyfriend have became absolutely amazing, devoted and loving parents and even welcomed a new baby into the family last year (she’s 23 now) these people on this show are just dumb, spoiled and being enabled by their parents.
jnie swartz
jnie swartz 4 days ago
Matthew is gross! And highly doubt he's gonna have a bright future with TWO kids at 17! Goid luck!
Jessica Preusser
Jessica Preusser 4 days ago
This is real omg hilarious
Jackson Lay
Jackson Lay 4 days ago
What kind of trailer trash is this 😂
Bianca Naomi
Bianca Naomi 4 days ago
I’m so confused wtf is going on in this, how many kids is Matthew ?
Meda Rapsang
Meda Rapsang 4 days ago
I love ur kitty headphone 😂
Nina 4 days ago
First of all, I need to know where to get that Camp Crystal Lake shirt.
Allison Houston
Allison Houston 4 days ago
I don’t understand .... if you don’t want your child to end up like you then why would you not change? Lmao
Monica Ballucci
Monica Ballucci 4 days ago
The beard guy laugh Annoying asf
Cortney Smith
Cortney Smith 4 days ago
If y'all are doing this show, you should cover Max and Chloe!
Ellen Millqvist
Ellen Millqvist 4 days ago
OMFG 🤣🤣🤣
Planet Lavish
Planet Lavish 4 days ago
Lmao this whole video I have two teenage boys they are so gonna watch this when they get home from school... lol
Planet Lavish
Planet Lavish 4 days ago
Link to page (the other dude) please? Lol
Virgo Luv
Virgo Luv 4 days ago
I have that same Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt.
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia 4 days ago
Lmao 🤣
christina docteur
christina docteur 5 days ago
She had 6 hours of sleep and complaining
Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor 5 days ago
Bob Barker's new catch phrase. HAVE YOUR MATHEW SPADE OR NEUTERED.
znake japan
znake japan 5 days ago
where are this kids parents
Hailey S
Hailey S 5 days ago
Right now I wished I wasn’t named Hailey..💀
Mynt Plays Games
Mynt Plays Games 5 days ago
Mathew is preganant and the girl is too!
Old Man
Old Man 5 days ago
*"I tell you hwat, my I'm gonna doodle with mhai noodle." - That kid*
Topless Stock Tips
Topless Stock Tips 5 days ago
Oh Matthew 🤯
Southern Fried MamaBear
Southern Fried MamaBear 5 days ago
Honestly being done with your baby daddy by the age of 35 is actually genius
Kinsley K
Kinsley K 5 days ago
No no no no my name is Kinsley
Pinche Gorda
Pinche Gorda 5 days ago
These guys hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂 watching this cuz it was in my recommended section and I instantly became a fan
Year 6 Class
Year 6 Class 5 days ago
I don't get it he isn't cute, smart or rich and gets a ton of girls pregnant yet they still want to be with him, someone explain me this logic!
Kristie Ward
Kristie Ward 5 days ago
The girls with the mean mom were pregnant at the same time 😂
Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything.
Don’t mind me. I’m just afraid of everything. 5 days ago
This reminds me of that satirical Onion video somewhere on USposts where girls were told to watch out for this kid named Cody and at the end the reporter said she was pregnant with Cody’s child, and he kept getting all the girls pregnant! I think Matthew’s the real-life Cody!
Matthew already has more kids than brain cells.
13roget 5 days ago
It doesn't help that Mattew has the most punchable face ever. Here's the biggest question though: Where the hell is the fathers of the girls? I cant help but feel if the father was there Matthew wouldnt have gotten a chance to strike again because one of the dads would have taken some Burdizzo's and made Matthew a eunuch.
tahnee m
tahnee m 5 days ago
“Act like Haley 1” 😂😂💀
anthony P R
anthony P R 5 days ago
Need a follow-up video 18 years later not kidding where's matthew then and how much does his kids hate him don't forget payback's a b****
anthony P R
anthony P R 5 days ago
Adoption adoption anybody know about adoption you know there's a day after pill nowadays too too young just too young
Carolyn G
Carolyn G 5 days ago
What show is this
Lauren Craig
Lauren Craig 5 days ago scottish and I understand what those girls were saying in that car clip
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson 5 days ago
May his noodle never go dry lol
Soshell18 5 days ago
All these kids need to stay outta each other......
Austin Wheeler
Austin Wheeler 6 days ago
Mathew is going to enjoy child support
La FlakissMua
La FlakissMua 6 days ago
Dumbest bumbest I feel so bad for the kids
P J 6 days ago
hooh man, I'm 17 and was worried I was messing up because i can't drive yet and i haven't even had my first kiss but adter watching this,,,,,,,,,, i've come to the conclusion i'm not doing too bad at all
Ash Ignacio
Ash Ignacio 2 days ago
Same here, man
FotherMucker21 6 days ago
No you guys missed a big point with the sister lol. The sister you guys said couldn’t watch her kid because of school. There was actually a big drama with her boyfriend who was suppose to be watching her while she goes to school. And the boyfriends mom met this guy on the Internet and they only been talking for a short amount of time and she was letting him move into the house. And the girl didn’t want her child around a stranger who the mom didn’t even know long. And was panicking and asked her mother and sister to pick up her child. And now doesn’t want her daughter staying at her boyfriend’s house. But is in a pickle since she’s already month into schooling and it’s a far drive:
babybluex 6 days ago
Can we please discuss the mother being high on drugs??.
babybluex 6 days ago
The mother is as high as a kite! Definitely pills.
Kelly Wynn
Kelly Wynn 6 days ago
Why are these babies front facing in their car seats? Unsafe!
California Patty Cakes
California Patty Cakes 6 days ago
You guys just popped up on my YT, I’m glad b/c I can’t stop 🤣🤣🤣
Ruth R
Ruth R 6 days ago
Imagine wasting ur one chance at life like this
Cheryl Olsen
Cheryl Olsen 6 days ago
I don’t think he is paying for either baby.
maxx mansion
maxx mansion 6 days ago
Great chemistry between Ken and Buffpro! My new favorite YT duo❤️
Stacey M
Stacey M 6 days ago
I don’t watch this show and I don’t know how I ended up here but WTF?!? 😳😳😳 this is beyond dumb. There has to be another word for this situation and these people
Ruth Ellen Wearne
Ruth Ellen Wearne 6 days ago
I love how Hailey 2 announces she’s 8 weeks pregnant like she’s 25 and got her shit together.
Brillig Day ago
Not even at 25 girl 💀💀💀
Erica Rose
Erica Rose 3 days ago
Haha. I cackled.
Yo Momma
Yo Momma 5 days ago
Anonymous Figure
Anonymous Figure 6 days ago
It's dumb kids like these ones that make everyone their age look stupid.
Global warming is hot
Global warming is hot 6 days ago
When I was 16 there was a girl in my class that got pregnant and a year later she was pregnant again, 2 kids at 17. Meanwhile the rest of us were busy goofing around and playing counter strike on the school computers. *Just don't have kids that young.*
Little Debbie Olson
Little Debbie Olson 6 days ago
Pregnancy pack lmfao 🤣
love music N
love music N 6 days ago
3:10 this part is so hilarious 🤣🤣+ sad for the 👶!
Miss MarG Millionaire
Miss MarG Millionaire 6 days ago
Y'all too old for this
KR 7
KR 7 6 days ago
being young does NOT mean you have to be stupid af about carseat safety. Come onnn
franshanie lands
franshanie lands 6 days ago
Theeee best caucasian ratchetness I've ever seen in my lifel 🤞🏾😂😂😂😂😂😂 Y'all my stomach gone from laughing so😂😂😂😂😂😂🤞🏾
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