Charlie Has A Knack For Spotting Serial Killers In Gas Stations

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Month ago

Today Me and Penguinz0 react to Gas 'N Fuel Employee Training Video 4A​ Makin' It Happen and learn that Charlie has a real knack for spotting serial killers specifically in gas stations.
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
It was a pleasure recording a video with one of the stars from Hunger games. Never in my life have I thought I would be here today. Thank you.
Youtubehasaids 2 days ago
huh. I always just knew him as the guy who commentates on the slap championship videos lol
Ethan Shenk
Ethan Shenk 4 days ago
I have one question i want answered would you drink rumchata? It tastes exactly like cinnamon toast crunch so i wanna know this if the cinnamon toast man likes rumchata
Aynaaa _
Aynaaa _ 10 days ago
MyNameIs AFCC 17 days ago
You damn right, Ken. This is a movie star over here
Matias Juncos
Matias Juncos 23 days ago
Hunger games star
Wtf uck
Wtf uck 3 hours ago
Yessss!!!! workplace training videos 🤣 More of these please 🙏
TheAmazingVic 23 hours ago
Have you ever laughed so hard that you make weird squeaky sounds bc you can’t breathe? Bc that was me when the lady was like “and there’s a can of paint thinner inside” so casually. Like. In what situation, EVER, would that happen? It escalated so quickly. I love it so much
kristal andrews
kristal andrews Day ago
I have so many questions....
Pennywise With Wifi in The Sewer
Pennywise With Wifi in The Sewer Day ago
“I went to put a huge bit of metal in the microwave but I think Tiana stopped me” Yeh sounds about right
Catnip Hunter
Catnip Hunter Day ago
Whoever is the actor of Chris is without a doubt a killer
Seminolesach Day ago
Who the hell puts a can of paint thinner in the microwave!!! 😳😂
Toby Barnett
Toby Barnett Day ago
If a job asked if I’d take a bullet for them I’d take that as a threat. Take all the money from the store you want it’s not mine lmao
Toby Barnett
Toby Barnett Day ago
I wanna microwave a fork so bad but outside in a safe way
the_agate_gate Day ago
I was born the same year as Charlie. I’m pretty site poptarts still come in foil bags... but I’ve always eaten them straight or refrigerated.
Kat Munday
Kat Munday Day ago
Charlie sounds very similar to Adam Driver I'm here for it
•_• R. •_•
•_• R. •_• Day ago
8:08 Hey! It’s my rusty nail collection! I was looking for those!
*** 2 days ago
I'm a little obsessed with Ken's t-shirt, Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil!!!
Slapndabass 2 days ago
Bruh it is my birthday I’m old and wanna die but father time will take care of that wish very soon I’m positive
Razgriz85 2 days ago
PopTarts still come in tinfoil packaging.
Saif K
Saif K 2 days ago
This is the greatest collab of All time.
lynaeefe 2 days ago
Extrovert vs introvert🔥
Mary elizabeth
Mary elizabeth 2 days ago
You right crocs for me
matthew crocker
matthew crocker 3 days ago
No one is mentioning Shelly’s pants?
Sarah Ploharz
Sarah Ploharz 3 days ago
No way this was made in the 2000’s. The cigarettes aren’t in a locked case
Erika Ronska
Erika Ronska 3 days ago
How did I not get a notification for this video?????!!!!!! I'm subscribed to both!
Andreas! 3 days ago
I've never seen Charlie in these types of videos lol.
Raven Ariyeal
Raven Ariyeal 3 days ago
Lmao this bish tryin to blow the gas station up 🤣🤣
Nya Shamrock
Nya Shamrock 3 days ago
7:06 do y'all's pop tarts not come in foil wrapping anymore?
BaileyJ 4 days ago
Chris looks kind of like that one guy from college humor videos
madimark •
madimark • 4 days ago
I love when Charlie chuckles a little cause of Ken’s uncontrollable laugh. So wholesome
G73DZ 4 days ago
yo charlie is so funnt glad for this collab
Felipe Patricio
Felipe Patricio 4 days ago
Anna K
Anna K 4 days ago
The video is from 2003... That's the year I was born.
Trevor 4 days ago
I can't always tell what emotion charlie is showing
Miles Ratliff
Miles Ratliff 4 days ago
Ken are you aware your glasses are often crooked?
Lauren Theorist
Lauren Theorist 4 days ago
I once worked for a place that told me not to give money to a robber if the store was robbed and I was like...even if they have a gun??? We didn't have an emergency button or anything.
legoking 509
legoking 509 4 days ago
this is some porn acting
dude cx
dude cx 5 days ago
Oh cool '94 too cx
Rocket Power Not The 90s Cartoon
Rocket Power Not The 90s Cartoon 5 days ago
Meme Culture Be Like: Life Is A Joke And We're Cashing In On It" DOGE TO THE MOON🤵🐕‍🦺🚀💰👨‍🚀🏁🌕
chris 5 days ago
When she said "danger's not only found at eye level" I thought he looked down at her camel toe. That shit dangerous.
Amanda Tripp
Amanda Tripp 5 days ago
I love this so much. I have so much experience in cstores. And have watched so many of these videos. 😑 you’re not allowed to laugh during training though, so thank you.
CatchSome ZZZs
CatchSome ZZZs 5 days ago
The reason Gas and Fuel doesn't still exist is because Chris came along to each one and fixed them all up
Anthony de Lange
Anthony de Lange 5 days ago
Bill reminds me of the guy in falling down the movie
Miranda Clark
Miranda Clark 6 days ago
I have been subscribed for a while but haven't had any of your videos pop up for quite some time until yesterday. I have been watching these videos now and I love them xD I have been in a really crappy place emotionally the last month or so and these videos are starting to be my go to when I'm feeling particularly down. They always make me laugh and feel better :,)
Knob Knuckle
Knob Knuckle 6 days ago
94? I feel old now holy sht
KeysAndOs#5 HatesYouTube #2
KeysAndOs#5 HatesYouTube #2 6 days ago
I actually did that with the pop tart. Caught the wrapper on fire and ended up getting in trouble because I blew it out and ash blew all over.
skooma-cat 6 days ago
Pop-Tarts here where I am still coming tin foil wrapping
Avery Tricks
Avery Tricks 6 days ago
the intro to the instruction video reminds me of the zoo race
raptorms773 6 days ago
5:57 what the heck game are buckets in?
J R 7 days ago
ew. Cringe when he gloats about having young partner
josh engemoen
josh engemoen 7 days ago
Knack is back baby
L 8 days ago
why is everyone collaborating with ken
Aisha Nicole García López
Aisha Nicole García López 8 days ago
Bill after he took 20 bullets to the chest: I’m alright, It’s just a flesh wound🤣
Khris Goodman
Khris Goodman 9 days ago
At my 7/11 there’s always a horse... FR tho lol there is
The Crane Tarot
The Crane Tarot 9 days ago
When you have a baseball so you J A B them in the head.
the mini owl
the mini owl 9 days ago
They go in tight ends come out wide receivers
Jumping Dragoon
Jumping Dragoon 9 days ago
Imagine never working in your life? That's so wild yo.
Cotton Candy Sans
Cotton Candy Sans 10 days ago
wait don't poptarts still come in foil
Devin Manic
Devin Manic 10 days ago
He was expecting to work alome because he has prior gas station experience
Mirksmurf 10 days ago
Cool im the same age as charlie
No Money Productions
No Money Productions 10 days ago
11:11, I have a slight suspicion Chris wasn't saving that baby...
RpH T3rr0r
RpH T3rr0r 10 days ago
Bill looked like Michael Douglas' character from the movie Falling Down lol
Memento Mori
Memento Mori 10 days ago
Bill went full Clint Eastwood on their ass
Stan ummUMMummyathatwilldo
Stan ummUMMummyathatwilldo 10 days ago
officer Greg in DBD plz
Masterjedi343 10 days ago
That could be a movie starring Liam Neeson; He's an ex-soldier or SF. He becomes a gas station manager to get away from it all. But THEN, his store gets robbed, and like...his employee gets kidnapped. Now Liam has to go back and take revenge.
Masterjedi343 5 days ago
@Atheist Gamer lmao these plots are so interchangeable I am not surprised.
Atheist Gamer
Atheist Gamer 6 days ago
That's already a Jason Statham movie except it's armored truck robbers lol.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
That song is fire 🔥🔥.
Jonathan Rhodes
Jonathan Rhodes 10 days ago
The real lesson from Bill's death is that if you shoot one, shoot both.
Andrew Carnborn
Andrew Carnborn 10 days ago
7:49 oh we remember Charles, we remember
Rose Aeries
Rose Aeries 11 days ago
Is his wife actually 26? 😕
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall 11 days ago
^are you sure you wanna do this^=please kill me ^*^
Korban Steel
Korban Steel 11 days ago
Those cops came straight out of Cyberpunk 2077
Thecrazysamurai69 11 days ago
Americans are quite a different breed xd
Blep Bloop
Blep Bloop 12 days ago
Ken, you look great with the salt and pepper hair!
wildhorses runfree
wildhorses runfree 12 days ago
When she took the lighter fluid out of the microwave I died 😂🤣😂
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan 12 days ago
Holy shit! When Bill went and got the bat, I SWEAR for a second there I thought I was watching a clip from the Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down"
Librado Moreno
Librado Moreno 12 days ago
"Would you take a bullet for this store" nope I'm opening both registers and giving them the $700 in the back office
AZOMBIERYO 12 days ago
11:14 fun fact that baby grew up to become joe biden
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado 4 days ago
Who’s joe Biden
C1over 12 days ago
What about the wendys hamburger song
CC W 12 days ago
Who else thought that was the beautiful buff pro filter again??? Maybe it’s just me... I’m a new subscriber, and I’m old and awkward....
Ray Horizons
Ray Horizons 12 days ago
You need watch German forklift training video "Klaus" please!
Noble Zero
Noble Zero 12 days ago
"Wide receiver"?..... Something else is goin on here, this gas station ISN'T A GAS STATION AT ALL
Nando Peraza
Nando Peraza 12 days ago
People: Infinity War is the greatest crossover Me, an intellectual:
Łucas 12 days ago
Ken's Shirt Tho
bloxmaker5900 13 days ago
"We all work together towards a common goal..." Communism
Troubled eNVy
Troubled eNVy 13 days ago
If I worked at a gas station and was getting robbed I just tell the dude to the stash some of the money outside for me
Signal Shift
Signal Shift 13 days ago
You should check out "Staplerfahrer Klaus" a german classic.
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 13 days ago
Just started a new job and I had to watch 5 hours of stupid stuff like that
GHOSTMAN TV 13 days ago
This is the greatest collaboration of all time.
Fiasco Jones
Fiasco Jones 14 days ago
The only big red button at the gas station I worked at shut off the pumps.
Space Smorgy
Space Smorgy 14 days ago
Honestly why did it take me so long to subscribe when CinnamonToastKen is like my spirit animal.
salty spoon
salty spoon 14 days ago
There's no way this was a real training video Absolutely not
livid sphincter
livid sphincter 14 days ago
Wait... I'm older than charlie!?
MalindaTheAngel 14 days ago
You should see some of the old dollar general commericals and cbls.
Charlie Elwick
Charlie Elwick 14 days ago
Fantasy threesome right here
Noah Pop
Noah Pop 14 days ago
That long haired guy has always been so unbelievably cringe. My goodness. Can't stand him..
jasiel delgado
jasiel delgado 4 days ago
I think he’s okay but I don’t like his content nor his jokes But people enjoy his stuff so he’s doing alright There’s certain things the he says that people don’t notice and I ask myself when did it ever become cool to randomly joke about groups that are treated like garbage throughout the world Like that was so random and could’ve used any other majority group instead I mean I’m thick skinned but it’s just so random and could use literally any other group that makes more sense I’m not gonna go into specifics or else I will be attacked with hypocrisy
[Username Deleted]
[Username Deleted] 14 days ago
[Comment Deleted]
Happy Goat
Happy Goat 14 days ago
This is the best and most graphic employee instruction video wtf
George peter Thony
George peter Thony 15 days ago
I loved the "Let the police out of the closet" button.
sarinjaro 15 days ago
Lol! Bill is officially the final boss!
BirdyTay 15 days ago
16:30 Her face threw me off idky, I looked back on it and she looks like the teacher in Little Nightmares 2...
WEEB 15 days ago
The police just teleported there,omg
Der Pommespanzer
Der Pommespanzer 15 days ago
You should watch "Gabelstaplerfahrer Klaus" it's German but it's basically just a giant gore fest and super funny
Postal Dude
Postal Dude 15 days ago
dayumn charlie be shakin like a crack addict
Nazurath 16 days ago
Im ancient 34 but dont have a 26 year old wife. I dont think, my mail order bride got lost in shipping thanks to lockdown
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