The Weirdest Infomercial Products We've Seen On TV

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25 days ago

These are some of the weirdest infomercial products we've ever seen on tv. Tone your face with electricity or have a hula chair for you abs?
Reacting to Watch MojoTop 10 Ridiculous Infomercial Products
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CinnamonToastKen 24 days ago
My bowl cut was perfect
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy Day ago
I was blessed to have a mother who was a hair stylist
BLACK_HyDrA161 19 days ago
@Raynaldi Yudhistira on date of release it was mine too happy belated birthday!
adam1983ish 20 days ago
Imagine using the piss filled club and forgot to put the lid on or it snaps and then get covered in piss oops wrong club😬
adam1983ish 20 days ago
😂😂😂 it's the suck cut from Wayne's World😂😂👌🏻
Alexander Caulfield
Alexander Caulfield 20 days ago
Is it just me or does Ur neck look super white n frail without a collar 🤣🤣🤣
Sho NoLuv
Sho NoLuv 2 hours ago
I'm dying 😭😭
Jeana Jett
Jeana Jett 4 hours ago
That chair makes me think of the sitting peepee dance. Lmao!
brenda fleming
brenda fleming 18 hours ago
Love you guys Buff don't drink the Kool-Aid!
St. Pinkerton
St. Pinkerton 21 hour ago
If you like hearing a song once and then having it stuck in your head for eternity, check out "Slap Chop Remix".
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy Day ago
They have a store called as seen in tv. All sorts of crap in that place. I freaked out when I saw the flow bee. I was like lol it’s real.
Shiloh Ivy
Shiloh Ivy Day ago
Omg 😲
Capt'n Gnomie
Capt'n Gnomie Day ago
Yeahhhh..... My mom had a shake weight.....
DJ Onex
DJ Onex 2 days ago
10:58 Why don't you just straight up pee in the bush at that point O.O" Looks less weird than THAAAAAT
marian whittaker
marian whittaker 3 days ago
CinnamonToastKen hi from the uk where can i get that top with jason in a boat that you was on you in this video
F34r Tr4sh
F34r Tr4sh 3 days ago
Oo the tiddy bear would love Mary X'D
Lea Kolbeck
Lea Kolbeck 3 days ago
Ken rocking the bowl cut made me laugh so hard, it's only 6:30am and I accidentally woke up my kids 😂
beanieb2009 4 days ago
Imagine walking in on grandma wearing that mask while sitting in a Hawaii chair
kittikoko 4 days ago
Literally watching this sitting under a Snuggie... well, an off-brand slanket. 😛
peace froge
peace froge 5 days ago
When you realize they’re watching Watch Mojo
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 5 days ago
We had a version of the slapchop when I was a kid.
Kelsi Walters
Kelsi Walters 5 days ago
And the GLH lmaco 😂
Sarah Lovee
Sarah Lovee 5 days ago
My step dad got us all snuggies...I fell asleep in mine and almost died. It's a robe backwards.
Un.kwn. 5 days ago
bruh i thought the shakeweight was something that southpark made up
Rachel 123
Rachel 123 5 days ago
I still have a slap chop
Papa Carson
Papa Carson 5 days ago
“My mom had one and it was already old, and I’m old” Damn that’s like old^2
Winter Bonnie
Winter Bonnie 5 days ago
I want a tiddy bear
Heidi Kasel
Heidi Kasel 6 days ago
My grandma totally had a Flowbee.... we still give her a hard time about it to this day. 😂😂😂
Brandon 6 days ago
hurry up and grow a mullet wit me ken
Keely Cooley
Keely Cooley 6 days ago
Also why the hell did the infomercial lady pick up and say on tv yes that's really his name "Rick Hunt" , anyone else remember "Mike Hunt". They have to air this later than 7pm
Itzlolo1991 7 days ago
Omg my grandma made a knockoff FloBee thing.. she somehow rigged something up w/ the sucker attachment on the vacuum cleaner & my papaw would cut his hair w/ it! 💇🏼‍♀️💁‍♀️ 💇🏻‍♂️💁🏻‍♂️
ashley mechel
ashley mechel 7 days ago
I had a snuggie when I was younger and my biggest complaint is there wasn't enough fabric in the back to cover me xD everytime I moved I got cold because it's slide off
Cydnee 8 days ago
I'm pretty sure I won a snuggie at a cheer competition
Emporer Tivurnis
Emporer Tivurnis 8 days ago
Isn't that mask the one that had the gel that had depleted uranium powder in it?
PrincessBunhead 8 days ago
I used to watch Ronco, Chef Tony, and the Magic Bullet late at night while I did my college homework. Back when the trend was to sell knives that could cut hammers and such
Livid-Aria 9 days ago
Lmao I actually bruised my vertebrae wearing a snuggie going down the stairs because the fabric got caught under my feet and I slipped 😂
TruthHoplee 9 days ago
George Clooney claimed recently he uses the vacuum hair cutter and has for twenty years/ Also I only kno what it is from from the classic Wayne's World movie.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
That mask looks so creepy.
GENERALSEAL 10 days ago
the wearable towels reminded me of the things roman senators would wear
nnacroon 11 days ago
The tiddy bear cannot be real
HBOMB Scantling
HBOMB Scantling 11 days ago
Bob Saget the tiktok star? Of course we know him
Ada Wong
Ada Wong 11 days ago
Did no one else Catch the Creators name?... "Mike ..HUNT" Say it out loud.
Carrie 13 days ago
As a 5ft tall person I really need a tiddy bear lmao.. the seatbelt digging into my neck is a legit problem 🤣
Donovan Kovacs
Donovan Kovacs 13 days ago
that mask thing should be more like do you want to participate in the annual purge undetected and in comfort? well now you can!!!!!!
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis 13 days ago
I have seatbelt pets for my shoulder
GaminG Rookeys
GaminG Rookeys 13 days ago
The shake quake brings me back 😂😂 someone in my family owned one but idk wth happened to it but is best if it just stays lost 🤣🤣
boll poll
boll poll 13 days ago
"Tiddy bear - fits on all makes an models" FYI, because Volvo released the patent for the 3 point belt for humanity reasons, as the polio vaccine. The more you know.
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 14 days ago
I saw that mask and all I could think was “I’ve seen this movie, some bitch gonna die”
Kohaku Senpai
Kohaku Senpai 14 days ago
But why do I want a tiddy bear
meh 14 days ago
I guarantee Buff got his trim from the vaccum clippers for canine's. Bet.
Mine gold
Mine gold 14 days ago
6:37 I'm rejecting my humanity Jojo
Dragon Prince DraKai
Dragon Prince DraKai 14 days ago
I wish I had younger brother that looks like bowl cut Ken.
Bobby Huang
Bobby Huang 15 days ago
K Lorraine
K Lorraine 15 days ago
When I was young, my mum made my gram cut my hair because I hated her brushing it, I still am scarred and luckily I have super long hair now but yeah it deff was traumatic !
pagalmasala 15 days ago
Yeah grandpa show your kids how famous you were...
Stormie Kelley
Stormie Kelley 15 days ago
Not gonna lie I am 27 and still have my snuggie from when I was like 13. Lol
Kim-Hugo Rundereim
Kim-Hugo Rundereim 15 days ago
Kinda dissapointed that ken and buff forgot to mention that even southpark made fun of the shakewheight. Oh well
ZillTheGOAT 15 days ago
I found out about so many youtubers since quarantine, you being one of them Ken. Can't lie I'm happy I got a late start. All the new uploads combined with the absolute archive of old videos is like heaven. Unlimited videos.... for now at least I've been putting HOURSSS in 😂 *This comment is inspired by the top comment of someone stating they're jealous of people who found Ken later on*
steezy🥰🥰 16 days ago
Harley VanNote
Harley VanNote 16 days ago
So, I looked it up, and Slap Chop Shamwow Guy "beat up a hooker," aka repeatedly punched a prostitute in the face - *because she bit his tongue and wouldn't let go.* Bit of interesting context!
Sarah Duropan
Sarah Duropan 16 days ago
I had a coworker who used the spray on hair. I always felt so bad for him. We worked in a casino. And all day, everyday people would see him and laugh. Because he looked ridiculous. All the spray does is change the color of your scalp into a brown muddy color. And it gets inside the hair follicle, creating black dots. But he really thought he was fooling everyone!
LeeLee Girl1985
LeeLee Girl1985 16 days ago
Trumpy Bear was my favorite infomercial to react too omg cringe. The cringe has nothing to do with Politics. Its the actors. Who are snuggled up to their Trumpy bears. I cried LOL
Like Button
Like Button 16 days ago
Can women use that golf club?
Olivia Pierce
Olivia Pierce 16 days ago
Combine them! Put on the wearable towel and Jason massage mask while pissing in the golf club and shaking the shake weight! Then relax in your Snuggie CRINGE started with infomercials & house mothers😬
Olivia Pierce
Olivia Pierce 16 days ago
Buffpro has the sweetest and most genuine smile during Ken’s intro. His laugh always makes us laugh!!
ravenclawtom 17 days ago
sara Blockinger
sara Blockinger 17 days ago
i got a snuggie its blue and it has monkeys on it
Sebastian Snoeck
Sebastian Snoeck 17 days ago
Titty bear ?
CrookiNari 17 days ago
I'm not gonna lie, the Hawaii chair looks like it'd be great for stimming.
The Mudpit
The Mudpit 18 days ago
"Rick Hunt, and yes that's his REAL name" what? ummm.... you mean Mike ?
Cece Elizabeth
Cece Elizabeth 18 days ago
"The Bob Saget cut" I'm in tears 🤣🤣🤣
red strange
red strange 18 days ago
Up here in Canada We have whole "As seen on TV" Stores in malls Cool vid Thanks
flowschinski 18 days ago
the slap chop is still used in my kitchen lol
ErinIona 18 days ago
That dirty laugh from Ken when Buff said “Which way will it be facing” XD
Rohail Ahmed
Rohail Ahmed 18 days ago
I just imagined Toy Story.
Caylah West
Caylah West 18 days ago
Bro... like two of my family members have the hulachair 😂
Taylor Martinez
Taylor Martinez 19 days ago
George Clooney says he’s been using a flowbee for 25 years...not kidding 🤣
The Maelström
The Maelström 19 days ago
*I actually knew somebody who used that ‘spray-on hair’. It isn’t just ‘paint’... more like an extra-fine silly string that hardened on his bald spot. He had to dye the rest of his (grey) hair black to match the spray. The dude was so invested he had cases of this stuff -a lifetime supply- in his attic!*
Isaiah Ortiz
Isaiah Ortiz 19 days ago
6:44 let me walk in my house with a random jabawockee just chillin 👀
Noodle Marie
Noodle Marie 19 days ago
6:45 imagine robbing a house and walking in on that sight
heyysimone 19 days ago
Just get dressed!!
Tomaso Chocotaco
Tomaso Chocotaco 19 days ago
George clooney claims that he has been using the flowbee haircutter for decades.
vcness 19 days ago
the slap chop one is hilarious to watch xD so many ambiguous phrasings
colbi mitchell
colbi mitchell 19 days ago
i had my haircut with a flowbee many times as a child i always liked it because it wouldn't get any hair on me. but after many years sadly we had to retire it.
Jamie Williams-Hurst
Jamie Williams-Hurst 19 days ago
My grandma had one my cousins always had bowl.cuts 😂
Steven Tyrrell
Steven Tyrrell 19 days ago
I think Rand Paul uses the vacuum clippers to cut his hair!
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh 20 days ago
Ken gonna grow a full on Buck Colton mullet 🤣👍
monkeynumber nine
monkeynumber nine 20 days ago
🙄 like any guy wouldn't just dip out of sight for a minute
Trinity Bond
Trinity Bond 20 days ago
I still have my Snuggie
Miss Anthrope
Miss Anthrope 20 days ago
Had a snuggy? I HAVE a snuggy
Stephanie Rakes
Stephanie Rakes 20 days ago
I can't imagine anything bad about Dane, he's adorable!
Lego Mocs And more
Lego Mocs And more 20 days ago
I bet there is a camera in the tiddy beats eyes
Lego Mocs And more
Lego Mocs And more 20 days ago
Auto check am I right
Mysticblue1212 20 days ago
Believe it or not I actually own a Flowbee. You look stupid as hell while you're cutting your hair but it does work well.
Kellie Rogers
Kellie Rogers 20 days ago
You got to watch South Parks episode on the shake weight... You're welcome!
Elle's Bell's
Elle's Bell's 20 days ago
Wearable towel make everyday a toga party
Celest Ace
Celest Ace 20 days ago
Ken and buff are like our Funny uncles lol.
Heather Grady
Heather Grady 20 days ago
Hey....snuggies are awesome
Mr. Miller
Mr. Miller 20 days ago
That toga would make a fire Roman senator costume. Just wear a purple shirt underneath and BAM! You’re the Praetor of Rome
MorganArizona 20 days ago
Years ago some podcast guys I watched bought a hula chair and tried to discuss the news straight-faced while riding it and almost peed themselves laughing. I seriously don’t know how a serious commercial got made.
Afro Kid
Afro Kid 21 day ago
Granny's got artritis
navster10 21 day ago
I only know bob saget from full house not funniest home videos
Ana Mery
Ana Mery 21 day ago
*especially if you have a shake weight We love you too
Kitora Sohma
Kitora Sohma 21 day ago
Great shirt to match that mask, lol
Baipo2141 21 day ago
I need reactions to Cathy Mitchell infomercials. Some of the moments are so great.
XYLOR YULIA 21 day ago
the shake wave....hahahahh
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