Worst Husband Ever Wants "Alone Time" With His New Girlfriend

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12 days ago

Reacting to TLC Seeking Sister Wife where Garrick, the worst husband ever, wants "alone time" with his new girlfriend. Danielle has become a third wheel and they leave her crying on the beach while they enjoy each others company having fun on the vacation.
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CinnamonToastKen 11 days ago
F's in the chat for Danielle
Ashtynコリンズ Day ago
Lyca92 Day ago
Skylar Stellman
Skylar Stellman Day ago
Zef Koch
Zef Koch Day ago
Georgia Grace
Georgia Grace Day ago
Liesel Pretorius
Liesel Pretorius Hour ago
No one is forcing her to stay with him, he is a piece of shit and she is dumb, what a combination.
Pompey Trooper
Pompey Trooper 3 hours ago
For this reason only I hope gods real, just so this piece of shit can come face to face with judgement day.
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd 8 hours ago
Guess he is in hog heaven...sicko
Judy Fleming
Judy Fleming 10 hours ago
I don't get it.Divorce is one of the worst sins in the bible.
Tyler Hebert
Tyler Hebert 15 hours ago
I hope the exposure she gets from being on this show aids in getting her the help she needs. I hope this opens her eyes.
ASHLEY BENNETT 17 hours ago
Run Danielle Run!!!
Alex 18 hours ago
"I can see that thing from the front" 🤣😂🤣😂
Shelby Crutchfield
Shelby Crutchfield 22 hours ago
She should be on that beach looking for a new man!
Ashtynコリンズ Day ago
What if the two girls get together and leave him
Andrew Wessel
Andrew Wessel Day ago
I feel bad for Danielle, and tbh I think she’s more attractive than Roberta anyways. Garrick is an ass
BVA iLoveYou
BVA iLoveYou Day ago
"It wasn't maliciously done.." so he knows it's hurting her but it wasn't done with malicious intent?
Akariko Day ago
reading comments about how people think Danielle is stupid for still being in the relationship pisses me off so much. some of yall have never heard of manipulation and abuse and it shows
Akariko Day ago
danielle and roberta need to fuckin leave that man. the perfect ending would be the two running off together with the kids while the man gets to realize how much of an idiot he has been
melanie langham
melanie langham Day ago
I hate this guy SO FREAKING MUCH!
mira Day ago
He's the normal not "internet famous" version of Onision
Anna Allison
Anna Allison Day ago
The only reason that Garret keeps Danielle as a “sister wife” is in order to keep Danielle from taking the kids and getting the house and making his sorry a$$ pay child support. Roberta will leave Garret as soon as she can become a US citizen and sue for spousal support.
Lisa Berry
Lisa Berry Day ago
Why are they letting him do this?
bharathi kathireson
bharathi kathireson Day ago
Buffpro at 4:15 hahahaa
Topless Stock Tips
Topless Stock Tips Day ago
I love your commentary on this video 😂❤️❤️❤️
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Day ago
This video makes me sad, whatever tf the guys name is, he fills me with anger
Noodlez Day ago
This guys is a scum bag
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D Day ago
I feel so bad for her, she has no selfrespect. Also that guy needs a beating tbh, can't stand people like that
Tiffany Clark- Grove
Tiffany Clark- Grove Day ago
The show should be called Insult to Injury
tokiakahaley Day ago
Dude garrick doesnt blink wtf
Jerry Vann
Jerry Vann 2 days ago
He is a fumbling goon!,
Jerry Vann
Jerry Vann 2 days ago
Stop.all the fake hysterical laughter! Any relative fact or opinion spoken and followed by all the giggling means very little. You guys are not still in biology class at Anywhere High School. Unless the point of your broadcast is to disparage the folks you are reporting on (mission accomplished) a bit of empathy wouldn’t be amiss. In other words, don’t be dicks. Can I say dick on utube? SusanV
Rebma Rocks
Rebma Rocks 2 days ago
Danielle needs a second husband to even this bullshit out lol
cindy Newey
cindy Newey 2 days ago
Wowsers! Wat sort of woman takes this shit U must think very little of yrself, u are so much better than this 🤦‍♀️
Chiara MacLellan
Chiara MacLellan 2 days ago
Is there a chance you could add subs? I'm missing a lot of what you're saying, I think mostly when you talk fast. I'm Scottish and used to the American accent, but you've thrown me. 😂 I'm not joking or hating, I honestly can't get half of it.
dancingshepherdess 2 days ago
This was awesome! 😅👍
I AM LILOU BLOOM 2 days ago
Even his upper lip wants no part of him, Sis Danielle honey you shouldn't either! These shows have to stop with the BS.
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 2 days ago
The Remarried Empress but not royalty, real life version
Virginia Fierro
Virginia Fierro 2 days ago
If anyone called me the large wife I would quickly become the the “Large Widow”
Anteres 2 days ago
They should get him his own room behind some nice vertical bars. Pimping is illegal right? Even if the pimp is the customer?
Debra Siegle
Debra Siegle 2 days ago
kinda feel like roberta wants to come to US
Maria1992 2 days ago
"We... protected... yeah." Wow never heard anyone lie THAT BADLY
Maria1992 2 days ago
I feel like this guy doesn't deserve love in any shape or form...
Sam Sufy
Sam Sufy 2 days ago
Idiots who believe in religions.
Mach 3 days ago
Man I hope this show is fake. Not only would that be a sigh of relief, but it would be genius writing and acting lol.
Nilla Rahman
Nilla Rahman 3 days ago
i hate him damn i hate him
DWP Inspector
DWP Inspector 3 days ago
full of him self kick him to the curb
summer a
summer a 3 days ago
She needs to leave that relationship he’s awful
Lord of the Jams
Lord of the Jams 3 days ago
honestly i dont remember i was prob fucked up i was crazy back then danielle: 6:09
Edgy Boy Rave
Edgy Boy Rave 3 days ago
Hope Roberta and Danielle leave Garrick for each other
afannoe 3 days ago
F in chat for our girl.
Catherine Shock
Catherine Shock 3 days ago
He is going to pull the “she is my wife now, you have to leave “ bullshit
sakurafan000 3 days ago
I actually think that Garrick not only doesn't care about Danielle, I think he enjoys humiliating and torturing her. He not only wants to have a hot new wife, he also wants to humiliate Danielle to feel powerful and wanted. This guy is a sadist.
Ballroom Blitz
Ballroom Blitz 11 hours ago
@Sara Colglazier at least I don’t use those smileys on USposts. What are you 12
Sara Colglazier
Sara Colglazier 11 hours ago
@Ballroom Blitz never heard of mental torture 🤔 why are you even asking? Is it that hard for you to comprehend.... 😬 how do you make it through life if you can’t even figure something this simple out....? 🙄
Ballroom Blitz
Ballroom Blitz 2 days ago
Charsy 3 days ago
I've read/heard waaay too many stories of women being forced into polyamorous relationships who are not actually "polyamorous", but just a way for the guy to have his original partner to accept that he'll be cheating on her and she should be fine with it. They all sound the same and they NEVER end well. Trust, respect and absolute transparency are in the heart of polyamory. Everythig else is just a a manipulation from one of the partners towards the other.
ivyshaolin 3 days ago
he doesn’t want a polygamous relationship he just wants a new wife
HH Hagrid
HH Hagrid 3 days ago
How does the camaraderie crew sit and listen to that. I would be like stfu girl and leave his a** you deserve so much better.
HH Hagrid
HH Hagrid 3 days ago
I’ve seen healthy polyamorous relationships and have nothing against it, but this guy sucks. This is more like cheating and your wife turning a blind eye to it than polygamy.
Laina Lopez
Laina Lopez 3 days ago
Marrimae 3 days ago
They're no longer together. Roberta and Garrick yes, but not Dannielle.
Jas Bless
Jas Bless 3 days ago
Stuart T
Stuart T 3 days ago
She’s going to snap one day and just pop him straight in the face. And y’know, couldn’t blame her. This guy..what an absolute lunatic.
Lauren Schulman
Lauren Schulman 3 days ago
React couch is basically all I watch now
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago 3 days ago
I wish Buff would laugh louder, he’s so quiet.
pinkman 3 days ago
No no no no no noooooo
Taylor D
Taylor D 3 days ago
Danielle, stop sitting on the beach and go get yourself a drink and a quicky ;)
Kimberly Robinson
Kimberly Robinson 3 days ago
They are both such pretty women they deserve so much better . No women should ever feel like a second choice
Carole Johnson
Carole Johnson 3 days ago
Maybe the large wife should go be a new bang sister for Dimetri....
Alyssa Cozart
Alyssa Cozart 3 days ago
I'm gonna start taking a man advice from you guys lmaooooo
Writer 3 days ago
This makes me want to CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE.HIS.ASS.DANELLE!!!! HE IS TRADING YOU IN FOR A NEWER MODEL!!!!! THIS IS NOT GOD'S DOING AT ALL!!!!
uwuseokie 3 days ago
This man manipulated her love for him into doing this and then keeps on doing things he knows she will hate. And thats aside from not doing poly relationship right anyway. He's just horrible.
abbie miller
abbie miller 3 days ago
him infantilizing/calling his wives sisters is super weird and gross kinda makes it sound like he has a weird incest kink
Lina 3 days ago
"Too bad she had to wear that life jacket" Yeah too bad she had to be safe and make sure she doesn't drown. As if he needed to make it any clearer that he does not care about any one else but his gratification
Renae Lynn
Renae Lynn 3 days ago
Danielle needs a boyfriend to do the same thing...see how he likes it... would be so funny.
린Rin 3 days ago
I think polygamy in itself isn’t a bad thing. But it takes an idiot to not see that this isn’t REALLY consent. Danielle obviously hates this, is uncomfortable, it’s so so obvious and is being blatantly ignored even though she is dropping the biggest hints. Polygamy is only ever okay if all members genuinely are into the idea whole heartedly.
Colby Waldemar
Colby Waldemar 4 days ago
UGH!!! Millenials !?! No Morals or respect..
Cheri Sweets
Cheri Sweets 4 days ago
If it wasn’t for the two of you I could not even keep watching this 🤣 Cringe 😬
Des Des
Des Des 4 days ago
This guy has actively created this awful situation and takes literally no accountability for the emotional toll its taken on everyone else. It's horrible.
Niy Williams
Niy Williams 4 days ago
Garrick is literally using this as an excuse to have his cake and eat it too. He doesn’t care about Danielle and Roberta does. I feel like when someone actually clues Roberta in she won’t be too pleased
Ashley Keene
Ashley Keene 4 days ago
My heart breaks for her! 🥺
Keair Snyder
Keair Snyder 4 days ago
Roberta and Danielle would have a great thing going if they just got rid of Garrett. Think about it. Roberta calls Danielle sweet names, she is constantly considering Danielle's feelings, and she was eager to get in bed with Danielle. She would make a much better spouse. She could still get her visa. She could stay home with the kids while Danielle works, and Danielle would finally have a spouse who gives a damn about her which would probably make her reciprocate the feelings after what has probably been years of emotional neglect. Seems like a win win to me.
Persephones Charm
Persephones Charm 4 days ago
I hope the girls end up together and kick him out
Margaux Cy
Margaux Cy 4 days ago
These videos just make me think "men." ugh
Melody M
Melody M 4 days ago
You should listen to the podcast Snap Judgment episode A Wives’ Tale, it’s about a polygamous relationship that based out of a religion and it’s so much more interesting that this shitty dude that thought having multiple wives and being manipulative is alright
Claire McDaniel
Claire McDaniel 4 days ago
Bruh!! He is trash!!
You fake laughs. He laughs too hard.
Kat Webel
Kat Webel 4 days ago
The dangers of low self esteem... holy crap. That and piece of crap humans using religion to manipulate people. Just say no.
Jaydon Winger
Jaydon Winger 4 days ago
That beggining clip... like man, the camera crew has GOT to be like hey.. here's a number get some help. cuz she needs to leave this dude he's so manipulative.
ushijima wakatoshi’s Right hand
ushijima wakatoshi’s Right hand 4 days ago
This man is the reason why people thing bad of polygamist relationships. It’s not like this when everyone equally loves each other.
H*ck 4 days ago
Polygamy is supposed to be about all the people involved loving each other it’s not guy dates too women and the women aren’t in a relationship like that’s just fucked up
cheeziepizza 4 days ago
you guys are such losers
Jas Chondria
Jas Chondria 4 days ago
Danielle is my favorite I’m rooting for her. She needs to be released from this situation 😭😭 her husband is awful 😣
AngelBeatLover 4 days ago
I feel so bad for Danielle because she has no connection with Roberta. This is a true sister wives situation where he is the one getting everything. If it was polyamorous Danielle would be having some relationship with Roberta, even up to intimacy with her if she was comfortable with it. It would be about the three of them discovering a connection between all of them.
NoxLoch 4 days ago
I can’t imagine what it’s like to effectively see your partner cheat on you in the open.
Rick Roll Rizal
Rick Roll Rizal 4 days ago
I've always felt TLC is weird with sister wives
Keto Kween
Keto Kween 4 days ago
You know she can CHANGE HER MIND and say “once y’all fucked and lied to me I couldn’t do it”
Keto Kween
Keto Kween 4 days ago
He obviously knows it’s wrong if they’re sneaking a “quickie” in! How DISGUSTING 🤢 🤮
Linda jar
Linda jar 4 days ago
I feel like he used polygamy to get out of paying alimony later when he leaves Danielle.
Carolyn Versage
Carolyn Versage 4 days ago
He's straight up a selfish narcissistic tool bag. Danielle leave his butt. Go find a nice Brazilian man so you can keep busy also
Devin Parkko
Devin Parkko 4 days ago
If he was eaten by a shark, i would feel bad.. for the shark.
Brandon Goss
Brandon Goss 4 days ago
If someone thinks he deserve 2 women to date. Then seriously I would go find another Husband. Tell your sister to come with you to go get 2 separate Guys. Cause one guy having 2 girls is downright stupid. What your doing is robbing other people a date with one that he could love.
belinda hepworth
belinda hepworth 4 days ago
Wow he is a sleazebag
COW6IRL69 4 days ago
This is not a thrupple relationship, this is a dude divorcing his wife for an exotic girlfriend and the ex-wife is forcing herself into a fantasy where this is normal. He's practically pushing her out the door and she's lying to herself. I think I'm mad at both of them. I can't say I'm mad at Roberta cuz I don't know if she even has a clue to what's going on.
Mollie Rolin
Mollie Rolin 4 days ago
I'm not at all well versed in polygamy but I feel like when there's 2x the number of partners in your relationship you should feel LESS lonely not more
Zahra Louw
Zahra Louw 4 days ago
All jokes aside, I honestly believe Garrick's a psychopath👀
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