My British Accent Is Beyond Perfect 🤠

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Month ago

Today we learn how to speak in a British accent thanks to memes and I must say, My accent is beyond perfect. Can't even tell I'm American honestly.
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
I faught we were in dis togeva....
Island Life
Island Life 21 day ago
I’am Kuly
I’am Kuly 21 day ago
I'm from Yorkshire in England, UK. Ova ere theh seh fingz like. = Over here they say things like "Put wood in't oi'l." = Close the door "Na den mush, wey'az thy bin, thaz reyt loppy" = Hey mate, where have u been, u r really dirty "Thaz bin daarrn't Coyul Mine ageeyun, an't tha? ". = U have been down the Coal Mine again, haven't you? Enjoy the giggles. Peace 😂✌️☮️☯️
xxx yyy
xxx yyy Month ago
@CinnamonToastKen Riddle: she is the daughter of Teresa
Leonard Kris
Leonard Kris Month ago
⬇️Teresa/grandma ⬇️My Daughter/mother↗️ ⬅️Daughters Son-in-law...? IDK! 🤣😂🤣😂
A G Month ago
@noneyourbuisness That's like asking are you dumb or are you stupid.
Sophie Static
Sophie Static 6 hours ago
I mean, as a British person, I’m living for this 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hanane El
Hanane El Day ago
So we’re just gonna ignore طيز محشي???? I’m crying 😂😂😭😂😂😂😭😭😭
Dave MCG
Dave MCG Day ago
Guys, it's not "idnit" it's "init" like "in-it" literally.
Kai Bainbridge
Kai Bainbridge Day ago
T's don't exist in any of the British accents except posho's
jieyanni 2 days ago
My boyfriend is British and I’m American and I choose to torment him by sending British memes
Karly Robinson
Karly Robinson 2 days ago
As a Brit living in Florida, I’ve been here almost 6 years and STILL can’t order water, nobody understands me 🥺 I end up having to describe it as a bottle of the wet clear liquid 😑
Sanc Koranga
Sanc Koranga 2 days ago
The abcd had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣
Sp1cyN0va 3 days ago
I had a brain aneurism trying to figure out that riddle
Adam Brewer
Adam Brewer 3 days ago
Haven't seen them laughing that hard since they realized mr. safety is the elusive "Luke".
Courtney Emily
Courtney Emily 3 days ago
The "mento" should've been "mentool"
Lox Blood
Lox Blood 4 days ago
When they do hill billy accents it still sounds just like them 😄
Teri Pažoutová
Teri Pažoutová 6 days ago
This is how I pronounce english words whenever there's "R" and my english teacher sometimes can't understand what I'm saying. I don't know if my pronounciation is bad or if the teacher doesn't simply hear it. English is my second language.
Mark Vaughn
Mark Vaughn 6 days ago
I remember when I used to be a progressive. Oh, I look back in embarrassment. Thankfully I never made videos capturing myself being progressive.
Jose Zamu
Jose Zamu 7 days ago
Buff laugh is insanely contagious LMAO
Alice Teighe
Alice Teighe 7 days ago
Me: *laughs in British*
Kaitlyn McCort
Kaitlyn McCort 8 days ago
Omg Buff makes me die laughing just from his laugh
Sofie M
Sofie M 9 days ago
Americans be like: “A, B, Z”
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
This made me laugh so hard.
Cruella 10 days ago
I’d love to hear you do a Welsh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 accent 🤣🤣
Hawk Eye
Hawk Eye 11 days ago
Oi we dont talk like that?? Reading out loud.... Wait what 😅
Jordan Grundling
Jordan Grundling 11 days ago
I love you're videos but Americans call liquids gas and foot ball is nothing but rugby with the stolen name of football.
monica bullock
monica bullock 12 days ago
I’ve seen every CTK video, and this was by far the best!!!!
Lucy Brown
Lucy Brown 12 days ago
as a certified british person you HAVE to listen to the Birmingham accent bc it makes you lose brain cells ahah
Giggles McGee
Giggles McGee 12 days ago
Lol the pommies in the comment section 😂 sorry guys but most of you do not speak like the queen.
Pip 13 days ago
British people be like: Bluebries
pagalmasala 13 days ago
Sometimes is Woo-Tuhh...
Pip 14 days ago
Lacey Parrish
Lacey Parrish 15 days ago
British people in the comments “Smile frew da pain luvs”
Lucy Murray
Lucy Murray 15 days ago
If you could react to Scottish memes that would be tasty
Fraser Knight-wk
Fraser Knight-wk 16 days ago
B in from bri in myself I lov this hummer
Benjamin Hutchins
Benjamin Hutchins 17 days ago
Americans really struggle on if British people are posh or don't know how to say most letters
dylan murphy
dylan murphy 18 days ago
So the accent of London (one city) is the accent of multiple nations that make up a union?
KayKinz 19 days ago
Wow it sounds like you live somewhere close to me because it was the same here 😂
Charlotte Louise
Charlotte Louise 19 days ago
ARRY POTTEH 😂😭🤣 Tbh this video makes me proud to be British 🤣😭
Gianni Giordano
Gianni Giordano 20 days ago
I wanna see the American version of this like British ppl making fun of the American accent by spelling it how we say it cuz idk it would be interesting to see
Knite Jax
Knite Jax 20 days ago
8:27 I tried it that way, then went to MS Paint
Jade 20 days ago
You are Teresa’s daughter. No one cares but still...
Jade 20 days ago
Or in my British accent: oi mai you’re Teresa’s dau er. No bloody bugger is bovvered bu stiw
Cupid's Arrow
Cupid's Arrow 20 days ago
The Theresa's daughter one, it sounds like in-law should be the answer lol
Yanni Paloukas
Yanni Paloukas 20 days ago
Actually you sound Australian in that accent especially when saying mate only Australians say mate not to be disrespectful or anything
Pandora FB
Pandora FB 20 days ago
I fort you wah sound, lads. 😃
ARMSTRONG 21 day ago
So few of them are accurate it hurtss
lee hunter
lee hunter 21 day ago
As a Brit in the north east The accents where spot on, loved the memes with the American accents
Nuria Mercado Mendoza
Nuria Mercado Mendoza 22 days ago
La aimep3 es un meme en inglés jajajajaja 7:56
Rees-Mogg for PM
Rees-Mogg for PM 22 days ago
"the british accent" (RP) is nothing like the one people online make fun of. That's one of the many local accents, my dudes.
RatCryptid 23 days ago
I feel so attacked I'm laughing so hard
Charlie Vernon Hickey
Charlie Vernon Hickey 23 days ago
ow dare you, ow bloody dare you you rapscallion. If you fink imma let dis one go blud you goh'ah nuvva fink cumin fam, meet me down mah endz bruv, mah boyz abbouh'ah shank you up fam for insul'in d'way ah speak fam. As a Brit, I can confirm this is exactly what most of us sound long as you add at least 3-4 swear words per sentence you'll be fine mate
Charlie Vernon Hickey
Charlie Vernon Hickey 23 days ago
2:48 wrong. As a Brit, I can confirm that anyone who speaks that way would have said 'I faught we WAS in dis togeva'
Sectionzz Echo
Sectionzz Echo 24 days ago
Honestly man this is great, us British can handle the roast (or perhaps in this case, the toast)
Taylor Reno
Taylor Reno 24 days ago
"Raise hell, Praise Dale, Roll tide!!!"
Dean Schreiber
Dean Schreiber 24 days ago
11:03 the kookaburra says
Luke Brideau
Luke Brideau 24 days ago
Jacksepticeye also said Hach for a long time
Luke Brideau
Luke Brideau 24 days ago
Yeah I bet you five bucks they’re talking all that shit like they don’t make American accents where they are And think u all talk like hillbillies. For me it’s that they think I’m riding around on polar bears getting Timmys every day and saying eh I mean it’s not too far off but come on
Soph 25 days ago
You two are the only people who can make me laugh at these tweets and not get unreasonably angry
Bigboy Gameing
Bigboy Gameing 25 days ago
Y’all making it sound like British people got down sindrome 😆
Joe 25 days ago
British is not an accent
S McNeil
S McNeil 26 days ago
My favorite actor is "My Cocain". Innit. :)
Sahil Sagwekar VEVO
Sahil Sagwekar VEVO 26 days ago
I'm not laughing at the jokes I'm laughing at them 🤣🤪
Miss Macabre
Miss Macabre 26 days ago
I'm British and thought this was hilarious! While most if these are cocky or southern accents, it was still funny as hell. I want them to do one for Yorkshire accents (where I'm from). For you Americans it's basically the accent the Starks have in Game of Thrones and obviously Sean Bean is from Yorkshire 😉
Clickerd 26 days ago
Wait till you come across scottish twitter lmao
Lily J18
Lily J18 26 days ago
I just find it amusing that British people are either made fun of for being incredibly posh or very chavy - there apparently is no in-between lmao
A & M Bogart
A & M Bogart 26 days ago
I love how Kens fingers hafta become a protractor to figure out an Alabama Family Tree. ;)
Fox Baldur
Fox Baldur 26 days ago
When I saw the riddle, I paused it and did exactly the same fingerstuff Ken did. So I was like "wth" when I unpaused the video and saw him doing it. xD
Ravnite Sanchez
Ravnite Sanchez 26 days ago
wacky banana
wacky banana 27 days ago
Maybe u should do a video on Australian accents just cause this on was just SOOO funny and because I am Australian myself and I want to see wat u Americans think of Australia and of course cause it’s funny. But maybe I just don’t know if that exists yet.
Jojo 27 days ago
I’m a Brit, my stomach hurts from laughing, so funny. When I visited America I had to get my American friend to order water for me .... the waiter thought I was having some sort of seizure or something 🤣😂
Tiffany Mays
Tiffany Mays 27 days ago
Tiffany Mays
Tiffany Mays 27 days ago
You guys always make me smile :)
datmanxd 27 days ago
Wo e fo yis doat XD
TheBeatsGoBoom 27 days ago
It's funny but like if it was "English accents be like" then it would be funnier AND more accurate.
Francisco H Coronado
Francisco H Coronado 27 days ago
It's actually a pretty easy riddle. Just saying Edit: Nvermind, my mom is having a real hard time with it XD
Joseph Camp
Joseph Camp 12 days ago
It's C - daughter right?
Shree Mangalam
Shree Mangalam 27 days ago
This is the hardest I've laughed in recent times 😂
LunaxLucy xxx
LunaxLucy xxx 28 days ago
9:39 I got stuck here and ur face was gold
Vivi Burger
Vivi Burger 28 days ago
Favorite part 6:34
Bee Lindsay
Bee Lindsay 28 days ago
You need to react to a Geordie or Yorkshire accent! Would be interesting to see if you could understand them haha
Jessica Nathalie
Jessica Nathalie 29 days ago
Buffs laugh makes everything funnier HAHAH
tintin dome
tintin dome 29 days ago
je n’ai absolument rien compris au meme des accents
IdentifiedYT **
IdentifiedYT ** 29 days ago
We don't pronounce the T because we drank it all
Makenzie Riley
Makenzie Riley 29 days ago
There are so many British accents...
I like Jamaican frogs
I like Jamaican frogs 29 days ago
There is more than 1 British accent and also we made the language
sweetlikegrande Month ago
My first video you guys, and hon estly, been watching more and more!!!! Love the vids! Keep em' comin!!!!
Whatever Dude
Whatever Dude Month ago
I love buff's laugh.. its contagious.
Cj Month ago
Wren Rambles
Wren Rambles Month ago
V Month ago
this vid is even funnier because of buff's laugh lol
Liberty Or Death
Liberty Or Death Month ago
British people be like “how deh you moake fun of aw fukin axecan”
Alice Ackerman
Alice Ackerman Month ago
I'm laughing so hard at 4 am
Kayden Jones
Kayden Jones Month ago
Kayla S
Kayla S Month ago
Can’t wait for this virus to be over 😂😂
Kayla S
Kayla S Month ago
I’m from newyork and people think I say wooder instead of water
Blueriboh Month ago
I don't mind Ken and Buff making fun of my accent but if anyone else does it I'll contact my lawyers
EvilChibi Month ago
"Inn'it" is just the English version of "desu".
Sharkwolf darkwolf
Sharkwolf darkwolf Month ago
British people don't use letter T when they talk because they drank it all already.
Julie Curtis
Julie Curtis Month ago
Yeah, you're speaking more cockney, which is regional😡
Chelsea Squibb
Chelsea Squibb Month ago
I get it now after living in America the last 2 years 😂😂us Bri ish do sand stupid😂😂
Emil Ehrnrooth
Emil Ehrnrooth Month ago
Thats shtewpid innit bruvs
Cristian Martin Show
Cristian Martin Show Month ago
Grandpa Max!!!
BusHMonKey NATE Month ago
Wow, these are soo far away from our accents but soo hilerious 🤣🤣
RockSolitude Month ago
The thing that gets British (and other countries) people about Americans making fun of certain British English accents is not that the Americans are making fun of the British accent, its that the Americans feel like they are in the position to make fun of how other English speakers talk.
Meran H
Meran H Month ago
First they thought we all spoke like we're from Buckingham palace now they think we're all chavs next we're all going to sound like roadmen
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