Husband Manipulates Wife Into Divorce So They Both Can Date A Brazilian Chick

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21 day ago

We're reacting to TLC's Seeking Sister Wife where husband Garrick tells his wife Danielle that God told him they need to get a divorce so that they can both have a Brazilian girlfriend. Seems like a bunch of manipulation to us and the whole thing is really weird.
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CinnamonToastKen 20 days ago
Suns out guns out! God told me that you'd leave a like on this video... What do you guys think about this one?
Brandon Raizis
Brandon Raizis 3 hours ago
Can’t argue with that logic
Free Range
Free Range 5 hours ago
Those guns look nice,Ken ;)
Sheila Minnesota-73
Sheila Minnesota-73 4 days ago
They just lied to a judge!! On tv even!!
Jessica -aka JessaNae
Jessica -aka JessaNae 6 days ago
@Jemma Craig whaaaaat??!! Nooooo!! Really?! I like the dude! He just seems like a sweet gentle giant!
Jemma Craig
Jemma Craig 6 days ago
i think you need to drop buff pro man. sorry to say.... or at least cut his laugh out holy shit
Subby Nien
Subby Nien 3 hours ago
"We call her the tiny wife and we call her the large wife" Guy is an emotional abuser. Someone get those women out of there, that guy is pure evil.
Chandler LaTourneau
Chandler LaTourneau 4 hours ago
What a broken woman… very sad
Free Range
Free Range 5 hours ago
Ken+Buffpro make this 10× better and more tolerable.
Chad Matthieu
Chad Matthieu 9 hours ago
I'm physically angry, I can't describe exactly what it is... But I'm in need of hurting that man
kraft dinner
kraft dinner 12 hours ago
does that guy have to piss himself laughing at every single thing omg
Lori Priore
Lori Priore 14 hours ago
Love you guys I’m lollllll
spendiferouslochness 15 hours ago
I am late but hopefully you see this, I used to know a kid who was also "allergic to watermelon:. They would have reactions to one's that were HUGE because there were unnatural sugars in it due to the growing process. Maybe try organic?
ShuXione 19 hours ago
I read this title correctly, right?
Taylore D
Taylore D Day ago
Why y’all sip the tea? I can’t tell if it was because one of the parents had gas or because they seemed clingy 🤔
Ashtynコリンズ Day ago
Bruh I feel so bad for the wife
Amu Nicole
Amu Nicole Day ago
A jojo shirt 👀
Renne Vangr
Renne Vangr Day ago
I love these ones with the big dude, he's got a great laugh.
krx Day ago
This woman needs friends
Jillian Davis
Jillian Davis Day ago
Don’t worry Ken religious people hate it too when people use religion as an excuse to manipulate people and justify doing whatever they want.
Mary Moore
Mary Moore Day ago
I bet her parents have always hated him. Because he's garbage. Total garbage.
Kristy Dubar
Kristy Dubar Day ago
holy shit, you guys comments to this shit is so what i am thinking. some people out there are the dumbest people out there. and that man is taking such advantage of his wife's faith. what a prick!
Jerry Vann
Jerry Vann 2 days ago
Girl!, Get a grip! This idea is absurd. Your. Husband (ex) is a tool. When it’s ok for you to have more than one husband then he can have another wife. You are Giggling again dudes. I’m out. I can’t take anymore of this. I hate him too, but you boys are pushing it.
CA_Gizelle 2 days ago
lol welcome to the Seeking Sisterwives Cestpool
jessica campos
jessica campos 2 days ago
Broo find someone closer to home?? Tf
Luiza Mello
Luiza Mello 2 days ago
Stop talking "brazilian booty". Creep! We're normal people. 🤦‍♀️ Sexualize women is discusting.
Luiza Mello
Luiza Mello 2 days ago
This wife is so depressed she is losing her hair.
Niki R
Niki R 2 days ago
Infuriating people I swear... How can y'all restrain yourselves and not curse 😵
Lady Mia Eriksson
Lady Mia Eriksson 2 days ago
That guy is a creep..
londy nhlangulela
londy nhlangulela 2 days ago
Yea Dane they are gross 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉
Orphan 2 days ago
Too much for my brain
Sam Sufy
Sam Sufy 2 days ago
Jail him.
Anteres 3 days ago
Yes darling you can have as many wives as you wish after you get castrated!
Magikct 3 days ago
Catherine Shock
Catherine Shock 3 days ago
He is one step away from being a cult leader
songpoetry1 3 days ago
As a christian, this whole situation makes me facepalm so hard! Girl, you're falling for manipulation! This is not a godly man and you don't have to put up with his crap! Honestly, the whole demeanor of that guy makes me feel uneasy, like my hairs are standing on end. Maybe I'm projecting because a close friend just got out of an abusive marriage, but I feel like there might be more going on as well. Edit: I technically believe in pacifism, but I feel the urge to strange this guy as well. My heart hurts so badly for his original, legitimate wife, who's somehow putting up with this!
Kali Johnson
Kali Johnson 3 days ago
Mani Savvy
Mani Savvy 3 days ago
This guy is a nightmare.
pinkman 3 days ago
Hazel Taylor
Hazel Taylor 3 days ago
how did that guy get two women!?
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn
Krysten Burkhardt-Hansyn 3 days ago
Omg I hate this guy so much..
MultiHicup 3 days ago
Entertaining, but you comment and stop the video to frequent
val 3 days ago
“It puts the lotion on its skin type of guy” 🤣🤣🤣
Rhea Decastro
Rhea Decastro 4 days ago
Her husband gives me American psycho vibez....😶😵
Sweet-O-Nifty 4 days ago
They committed perjury by lying to the judge to get a divorce.
Sandi Wbutterfly
Sandi Wbutterfly 4 days ago
I always wonder how the man would feel if his wife wanted another husband or two LOL
Dido Grace
Dido Grace 4 days ago
Ken and Buff's pained reactions to this mess give me faith in humanity
Nat C
Nat C 4 days ago
The man is selfish but she’s naive
mekorn29 4 days ago
Does anyone else find it odd that these programs are on a station meant to expand the human mind, but these shows are filled with absolute morons?
Heather 41
Heather 41 4 days ago
I wish you would look into the snowdens. All the crazy abusive scary stuff going on now from back for several years.
Des Des
Des Des 4 days ago
It's really obvious the wife's whole family is just holding their tongues. It's so sad.
Des Des
Des Des 4 days ago
In defense of the wife's family, you have to be careful in a situation like this. Sometimes telling someone that their situation is bad just causes them to not trust you and drives them into the arms of the person you have a problem with. So sometimes all you can do is love them and be there when things fall apart to the the people they run to :/
Kenna Smith
Kenna Smith 4 days ago
Your wife honestly recommends some of the funniest content I’ve ever seen!! Way too go Ken someone who understands you!
Julia Stubbs
Julia Stubbs 4 days ago
You guys are so funny😂
Kat Webel
Kat Webel 4 days ago
Does she not realize she's married to a psychopath? O_O
xxwriter389xx 4 days ago
he doesn't blink tho like wtf
Kat 4 days ago
"Hold my Powerade" ^_^
Jodi Waterson
Jodi Waterson 4 days ago
Danielle has made such a sacrifice for Garrick(Joel Ostend), the least he could do is be more sensitive to her feelings
Margaret Chapman
Margaret Chapman 4 days ago
Why is her family entertaining this BS from either of them. I’m waiting for her brother to jump over that table and knock him out I’m not even related to this man and I’d be knocking him out. This woman is brainwashed and I can’t imagine that he is that wonderful in bed , That a woman would make that sacrifice I know that I wouldn’t that’s embarrassing it’s belittling and to make matters worse as beautiful as the wife is the fact that the sister wife is that beautiful why even get married??? And it’s obvious the reason the woman is doing this is to get a visa to get here to the United States it’s disgusting this kind of bullshit needs to be stopped. And also he brainwashed Danielle into being bisexual I mean I don’t care what anybody says this is why that man is doing this he Selfish in every aspect of his life he cannot just have what the normal realm of things are he manipulates the Bible into what suits him and he wants two women To bow to him and it’s just disgusting there is no love there maybe for the Roberta enough for Danielle
Sammy Ancor
Sammy Ancor 4 days ago
What if this was ken's kid?
Jennifer Perkins
Jennifer Perkins 4 days ago
Literally, physically uncomfortable to watch. I feel so bad for the wife.
Carrie Natoli
Carrie Natoli 4 days ago
This would be great apart from the bloody hyena laughing on the right
joshua tica
joshua tica 4 days ago
This guy is so cringe and I don't like this whole sister wife thing it's super disrespectful to his first wife. He's stupid for wanting thus and she's stupid for encouraging it...
Lauren Hawes
Lauren Hawes 4 days ago
Why does this dude look like the guy in the "match the criminals" thumbnail? Same haircut.
Dementry 4 days ago
This is just saving happiness
gothic BB
gothic BB 4 days ago
Gamer 007
Gamer 007 4 days ago
If he can convince his wife, than he could start a whole religion.
AnimalLover18 Does anyone else likes animals
AnimalLover18 Does anyone else likes animals 4 days ago
Plot twist: Danielle is actually sad because she wants Reberta for herself.
Emma Wood
Emma Wood 4 days ago
He's either cheated before or his plan is to marry this women ditch the old wife and kids and start a new life 😯
Mike CantGame
Mike CantGame 5 days ago
id watch more of this but that guys laugh is more annoying than the video you guys are watching
Triumph 1983
Triumph 1983 5 days ago
I'm sorry, but when I heard her say that they would be spending all the nights together..alone.. I'm like...okay, I'm out. This is strictly my opinion, but any woman that agrees to accommodate a man in this way, needs some help. She needs to build up her self esteem and realize that she deserves much better than this, I would think she must feel like the third wheel here. I don't see this loving threesome family here. Garrick just wanted an excuse to have a different woman, that's it. Danielle will be permanently left out. She needs to get out of this girl!
Canadian Sheepy
Canadian Sheepy 5 days ago
My dad left my family for a Christian mother with her two daughters who were assholes
Heaven Licon
Heaven Licon 5 days ago
Buff pro 🔥❤️
anonymousandcool 5 days ago
I feel like a LOT of women could do with having these two guys judge their crappy relationships to finally see the reality HAHAHA
Sara Davey
Sara Davey 5 days ago
It's fine to be poly it rly is, but if she doesn't want to then no that's not fine. If he manipulated her to be poly or to have a 2 wife then no it's not ok. Bring poly and married that's fine. Being married and then manipulates them to be a 3 way relationship then no again it's not ok.
Tetra Sphere
Tetra Sphere 5 days ago
They dont even speak the same language? Wow. Thats definitely lust (cheating) on his part and green card\citizen hunting on her part.
kryptonite9sunni 5 days ago
I’m sad for her.
Gray 5 days ago
"I love me wife, unbelievably" It's true, I don't believe it
Victor Faria
Victor Faria 5 days ago
Brazilian...Chica... Pick one, geez.
Nightbird 5 days ago
The large wife!?! Not today m***********
Nightbird 5 days ago
Creep creep creep creep creep
Nightbird 5 days ago
That girl will be gone as soon as her papers are final.
Bru Reis
Bru Reis 5 days ago
i hate how americans think we speak spanish "a brazilian chica" >:(
jourdin delesparra
jourdin delesparra 5 days ago
Lmao "the slinky sleeves"
Drake Docson
Drake Docson 5 days ago
They are going to get charged with perjury if anyone in the courts see this.
Drake Docson
Drake Docson 5 days ago
Divorce is the right choice, but she needs to leave and stay divorced.
Angie Wangle
Angie Wangle 5 days ago
I noticed when she was talking about how she was excited and wanted her to be there BUT it opened up scars tells me that he's cheated on her in the past. Yikes.
RaoWolf 5 days ago
you know how they could make this situation one million times better so the girl comes over from Mexico, then both of the wives end up falling in love, and they leave the crazy dude :)
ruby brown
ruby brown 5 days ago
The whole sister thing adds a whole new layer of blegh on this mess. I've heard of sister wives but I didn't think they actually referred to each other as sister, I thought it was metaphorical. I don't even call my own sister "sister"
Drake Docson
Drake Docson 5 days ago
She holds her mouth like that because she got busted in the mouth for messing up her lines.
Tina Dodd
Tina Dodd 5 days ago
Garrick is huge manipulator! He’s just disgusting
ZOR O::::::::::::::::::::::::::
ZOR O:::::::::::::::::::::::::: 5 days ago
These is hard to watch.. And I hate that guy ... Like dam...he don't even care
Nathan 5 days ago
I feel attacked with the beard comment 💀
Lily Foxglove
Lily Foxglove 5 days ago
Garrett's sleeves are ribbed for no one's pleasure
Marcelo Velasquez
Marcelo Velasquez 5 days ago
Shelby Litten
Shelby Litten 5 days ago
I don’t understand... if they’re so religious that they believe this why is he sleeping with Roberta before they’re married
tilenHD 5 days ago
i think that danielle has some kinda satisfay your man complex like she is prednting to be happy and shit i feel bad.
lilly bennett
lilly bennett 5 days ago
I agree with you guys I'm ready to hurl🤮
Allison Edenfield
Allison Edenfield 5 days ago
Watch both wives fall for each other and leave him lmao!!!
tilenHD 5 days ago
is it just me but his wife look way hotter than that brazilan chik.
Zoosmell Pooplord
Zoosmell Pooplord 5 days ago
imagine marrying a person like this.
Jesse Vaughn
Jesse Vaughn 5 days ago
It puts the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again @^@
LaVie EnRose
LaVie EnRose 5 days ago
Watching this made me mad.
Danger QD
Danger QD 5 days ago
20:11 Ken turns into Sykkuno YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY XD, oh GEEZUS (literally)
Roswell Baby
Roswell Baby 5 days ago
The large wife??? Uhmmmmm
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