Ridiculously Dangerous Kids Toys

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We're reacting to WatchMojo Top 10 Dangerous Kids Toys and these toys are Ridiculously dangerous toys intended for kids! Some are banned and rightfully so! Lawn darts all the way to radiation!
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CinnamonToastKen Month ago
Did you guys have any of these toys when you were kids?
Let's Just See With BB
Let's Just See With BB 10 hours ago
@Chloe Rene that's crazy huh!?
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 12 hours ago
@Let's Just See With BB Nothing wrong with a bit of asbestos. Puts fibres in ya chest :P
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 12 hours ago
@Mandeep Singh There's always one
Fun With Minerals
Fun With Minerals Day ago
Im fully in support for the abolition of warning signs on products, not street or hazard signs. If you can see a vat of acid and you took a dive, that's on you.
Fun With Minerals
Fun With Minerals Day ago
I had a chem kit, I created green, and brown.
Derrick Harmon
Derrick Harmon 3 hours ago
5:55 blowtard piercing
Blake Carnes
Blake Carnes 6 hours ago
I have to defend th CSI kit.. As a younger dude I was very much into crime scene investigation (field of study, not the show)
Morgana Rich
Morgana Rich 8 hours ago
My cousin has a glass eye because his friend shot it out with a BB gun.
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake Day ago
These toys are definitely harmful, but nothing compares to those deadly rotating scooters aka *_shin busters!_*
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake Day ago
And for this reason, I will definitely NOT be buying my future kids any toys
Victorious F.I.G.
Victorious F.I.G. Day ago
I had moon shoes. They were glorious.
Dale2uk 2 days ago
No way I had that csi kit when I was like 7 😳
Robert 2 days ago
I had the forensic kit as a kid 😑
Rebe ri
Rebe ri 3 days ago
I mean, if you are dumb enough, everything can be dangerous. One time I tried eating a wooden gate and got a splinter in my throat. Than I pinched my upper lip in a dumpster lid while playing hide and seek. And using sheep droppings as pearls gave me roundworms... And I wasn't even the dumbest kid in the village. There was a boy who balanced over the liquid manure pit, fell in and suffocated.
Sarah Carney
Sarah Carney 3 days ago
Its Skydancers!!! lol. The one that you pull the string and it spins and flys off of the stand. I wish I could find those for my kids!! lol
Chunky Moe
Chunky Moe 3 days ago
The sad thing, I had all these except for the Atomic lab. I still have all 4 fingers.
Dread Beur
Dread Beur 4 days ago
all 3 of my brothers had the blow darts and yeah its easy so suck the darts in xD
mason 4 days ago
My uncle got one of those lawn darts stuck in his head when he was a kid
Brolanna 4 days ago
Omg my brother and I had one of them pump bb rifles. Turns out if you pump them up twice the recommended amount, you can shatter car windows 😬😂
Sammy Ancor
Sammy Ancor 4 days ago
How to get your ears pierced for free! Use a blowdart
Alex Larison
Alex Larison 4 days ago
I literally had that csi kit thing when I was 7 luckily I only played with it like 1 time and never touched it again.
THE_RickyReiter 4 days ago
I like to think ken only has like 3 shirts
Ross W
Ross W 5 days ago
You can actually still buy those blow guns my friend has one right now. The needles are like 3 inches long
cutedogsweetsugar 5 days ago
I had moon shoes growing up! Loved them. I never got injured with them... maybe because I only used them indoors??
Billy Frost
Billy Frost 5 days ago
back when i was younger, they used to sell these chemestry sets aimed at 5 to 8 year old kids that were meant to be educational tools for kids. They were very popular back in the day and it was very common for those sets to include substances like lead and other minerals that could be very lethal. That was back like in 2009 and while i do believe that brand still exist today, they dont come with substances that pose any harm even if mishandled by a kid anymore
Skyler Garza
Skyler Garza 5 days ago
Modern lawn darts are boring, they weigh like half a pound and have a completely rounded end with most of that weight in it in sand. And completely plastic
Skyler Garza
Skyler Garza 5 days ago
I still have an unopened csi fingerprint kit from when I was a kid, got given 2 for Christmas one year (different adults gave me presents without consulting eachother) because of my asthma my mother made me wear a mask when dealing with powders in general (even when cooking with powdered sugar) so I guess I was lucky on that front considering I used the hell out of the one of those I opened
Gwen Patton
Gwen Patton 5 days ago
I have had several different brands of blowgun over the years, but not as a child. Those things are not toys, they're WEAPONS. Even the small-caliber darts are nasty enough to kill small animals like birds and squirrels. They did make special mouthpieces on the better brands, so when you load the dart, it clicks past a plastic lip, and you can't get it back out of the mouthpiece by breathing in. It can only be blown forward out the far end. But earlier models didn't have the special mouthpieces. These things are like pellet or BB guns (NOT Airsofts...people insist on calling them "BB guns", even though the airsoft pellets are far larger than BB-gauge, and aren't made of copper-coated steel like real BB's) inasmuch as they are *weapons*. They should never be given to children to use unsupervised. Even airsoft pellets can hurt and raise a nasty welt, and can destroy an eye, so they are NOT for children. I remember when my friends in high school would get hand-pumped BB guns, only pump them once, and shoot them at each other in games of "Assassin". With a single pump they generally didn't pierce skin, but they hurt like crazy. I've got slingshots with laser sights that fire steel ball bearings hard enough to cause severe injury. Even the "fire and forget" hard clay ammo you can fire out of a slingshot can and will hurt A LOT, but a few hard rains will cause them to disintegrate. But my favorite BB guns are the CO2 pistols with a full-auto "giggle switch". They'll fire a 15-BB magazine in about a second and a half. Great for target practice, but NOT for children.
Mynt Plays Games
Mynt Plays Games 5 days ago
They definitely said "let's teach kids how to make nukes"
Cya Comics
Cya Comics 5 days ago
Definitely feeling the moon shoes one, i used yyo have the moon shoes 2.0, which was just the regular purple ones, i cannot count the amount of times i twisted my ankles. Thems were dangerous, but in the end, most people would be able to just walk it off ironically.
Ingrid Pone
Ingrid Pone 5 days ago
I had the moon shoes - still do. I remember rolling my ankle once and tripping many times
Jedi Knight buckley
Jedi Knight buckley 5 days ago
I have lawn darts and I have a airsoft gun the annihilates soda cans and a machete
Sarah Lovee
Sarah Lovee 5 days ago
Had the csi kit AND the computer game!
Sarah Lovee
Sarah Lovee 5 days ago
Sarah Lovee
Sarah Lovee 5 days ago
The amount of these I had...
hamneggwich 5 days ago
I remember the wars. My Sky Dancers Vs my bros Dragon Flyz
Coleman Frey
Coleman Frey 6 days ago
After making a toy thermal nuclear bomb, you get to play Fallout in real life
Nicolas Quinta
Nicolas Quinta 6 days ago
the kids that inhaled the dart had a free trial of blowing their brains out Kurt Cobain style
Heidi Kasel
Heidi Kasel 6 days ago
Anyone else thinking of Dexter's laboratory when seeing the chemistry set?
brandon mcnastypants
brandon mcnastypants 6 days ago
Hey Grandpa what did you play with when you were a kid? well grandson we made bombs, we made glass we and we also play with uranium. Yup great times!
Caleb Zook
Caleb Zook 6 days ago
Show this to you mom and dad and they will let you play all the video games you want
Doodles Malrkey
Doodles Malrkey 6 days ago
Oh come on, lawn dart roulette is lots of fun for all ages Yup, that's not sarcasm at all
Kayla Carpenetti
Kayla Carpenetti 7 days ago
The flying toys Ken was talking about at 1:11 were Sky Dancers. My sister and I each had one back in the day. It was a fairy doll that had two rigid wings and stood on a pedestal, and when you pulled the string on the pedestal, she would take off like a helicopter. Eventually they were recalled because kids would point them at each other as weapons, point them at their own faces (eye injuries), or get hair tangled in the wings.
Ethan K
Ethan K 7 days ago
I made explosives all the time as a kid...Dad had a massive garage full of everything. Machined a spring steel ballista that got me sent home when I brought it as my complex machine project for science class in 4th grade XD
The Real Lycan GD
The Real Lycan GD 7 days ago
I own a set of Jarts.
Coin Hunting with Emily
Coin Hunting with Emily 7 days ago
Moon shoes were so cool I always wanted them.
Sean Vengren
Sean Vengren 7 days ago
When they said noon shoes I got war flashbacks they should instead call it the ankle twister
Pnutimus The 1st
Pnutimus The 1st 7 days ago
I had a air powered shotgun that had a cork attached to the end with string but I cut the string off and shot my brother multiple times before my mum took it away from me.
Patrick 7 days ago
12:14 Ironically, radiation sickness would make any chest hair fall out
john john doe
john john doe 8 days ago
Bb guns
NAVEMAN3 8 days ago
My dad grew up with lawn darts and back then they were much sharper than they are now.
Meep Meep
Meep Meep 8 days ago
Most of these it is the kids making them dangerous
Lexi the Glaceon
Lexi the Glaceon 8 days ago
Moon shoes? We call those Jordans where I’m from
Eminem- chan
Eminem- chan 8 days ago
Give them some weed then boom you have USposts’s version of cheech and chong
John Lee
John Lee 8 days ago
Lol I grew up watching CSI lol, and I still remember that shit being for sale at Wal-mart and wanting one
EclecticBread NCircus
EclecticBread NCircus 8 days ago
Moon shoes sucked. The hard plastic slipped on everything. They should have put replaceable rubber on the bottom.
Akinipool 9 days ago
my older brother had one of those blowdarts the exact one lol.
GippyHappy 9 days ago
4:28 Baby's First Kamikaze Mission
Chubby Angel
Chubby Angel 9 days ago
I remember the CSI toys kits being sold
heddja 9 days ago
only had the fairy thing that you talked about, none of these other death traps
Hein Beukes
Hein Beukes 9 days ago
Me at 6: at the shooting range with my dad's .38 Kids today: toy guns are dangerous!!
Camran 9 days ago
Oh shit I had that CSI kit, hopefully there was a considerable amount of asbestos in mine
Dakota Whidbee
Dakota Whidbee 9 days ago
I had the csi kit and loved it. 😄😄😄
1 9 days ago
Yes... toy guns >>> worse than kids playing with radium!! Checks out in this dystopian political climate
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon 10 days ago
Omg glassblowing!! If the hot glass shatter, pieces of super hot glass can get in your eye and get stuck. If you burn your clothing and it’s synthetic then it just melts into your skin instead of burning off and the burns! I got a big burn on the top of my leg, IT HURT LOL.
Logan Flaathen
Logan Flaathen 10 days ago
I still have my daisy pump bb gun , i usually pump it til its hard to pump haha, so like 5 or so and i could pierce cans and milk jugs with ease
Cassy Locke
Cassy Locke 10 days ago
I feel like pogo sticks should be on here
Cassy Locke
Cassy Locke 10 days ago
I had moon shoes
J H Barrett
J H Barrett 10 days ago
I had the same BB gun u could pump, I killed many a animal
Brian Arborio
Brian Arborio 10 days ago
I always loved replacing the plastic disks in my UFO Pistol with pennies (which happened to fit perfect) and then shooting my younger brother in the back of his neck. Almost as fun as adding a bottle of Nair into the ole super soaker....Fun times
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 10 days ago
Use the airplane hooked up with the atomic bomb to spice up your play session.
DustyWills 10 days ago
Moon shoes, yes.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
Why would people make this for kids?
Surgio McCree
Surgio McCree 10 days ago
I had some moon shoes and they were terrible.. No springs, just giant rubber bands that didn't support anyone that tried them on..
JVLawnDarts 11 days ago
Omg it’s my favorite sport!
Star Fane
Star Fane 11 days ago
Grew up on a farm had a huge flock of wild geny birds. They were awful, dirty annoying, yet delicious birds. We threw lawn darts into the flock while thry ran around. But, we ate them after.
Luca Palomo
Luca Palomo 11 days ago
Hungry hippos is a game for men
CNinja 7
CNinja 7 11 days ago
time to watch 2 handsome men again
XB0X 11 days ago
I had moon shoes and they were awesome
B F 11 days ago
Lawn Darts with metal fins. I have one still laying around the garage somewhere.
n013ody's channel
n013ody's channel 11 days ago
Pls do more of this.
AppleBars KCP
AppleBars KCP 12 days ago
i was too light for the moon shoes to work
Liz 12 days ago
omg I played with the CSI kit!!
Arnold Harding
Arnold Harding 12 days ago
I want that chemistry set now
Miz Bee
Miz Bee 12 days ago
Me in Botswana, Africa hearing Ken saying he's seen shows of people in Africa using the blow gun to hunt animals like, where? hahahahahahaha
Kingkrock 12 days ago
Didn't the romans use darts like that in warfare? Kinda speaks for itself that you shouldn't make it a toy for kids (or drunk adults) lol.
Kam Harry
Kam Harry 12 days ago
I had a few of these its actually suprising even had the lawn darts use to throw them into trees but where suprisingly blunt and the moon shoes where great yeah i fell over loads but just walk it off thats what everyone told me to do
koila maoh
koila maoh 12 days ago
I miss the days when toys could kill a kid.. Now we have lame over protective toys.
Amber 13 days ago
Moon shoes caused my first 3 broken bones
adam thefatam
adam thefatam 13 days ago
that blowdart gun image and vid with the laser pointer that they showed was from tkor ( the king of random), i made one they are easy to make and pretty harmless
drastic derp
drastic derp 13 days ago
my most dangerous toy was a golf club and my sister can confirm it Edit:this is when I was like a toddler
Truistic Water
Truistic Water 13 days ago
Ahh the old days ...
Sara 13 days ago
My family still has lawn darts in our storage unit, snitches get stitches
Username 13 days ago
I got a toy car stuck in a friends hair when I was 6
Mr Hai
Mr Hai 13 days ago
In my childhood my dad bought me a wooden sword meant for practicing martial art, definitely fractured some of my friends and enemies bones with it.
Romy Abou Jaoudé
Romy Abou Jaoudé 13 days ago
Is it weird that I REALLY want one of those atomic science set AAAA
Jonas Bowen
Jonas Bowen 13 days ago
I She’ll like the blow dart one is what Costco shootings nowadays
Ape Beats
Ape Beats 13 days ago
I had a set of yard darts. We came up with a game of chicken that was super fun. Stand way back from each other and see how close you can get to hitting someone. If the person the dart is flying towards moves, they lose.
Ape Beats
Ape Beats 13 days ago
I was lucky enough to have some moon shoes given to me second hand when I was around 10. Oh the joy! Nothing like strapping on your new awesome moon shoes and rolling your ankles as you awkwardly jump around! 👍😀 YAY MOON SHOES!!!
Cassie Van Doren
Cassie Van Doren 13 days ago
Damn! I had moon shoes!
ari 14 days ago
This was posted on my birthday
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 14 days ago
I used to have the CSI kit and I remember my mom throwing away the powder because it kept getting everywhere lol
Ironic Medic
Ironic Medic 14 days ago
12:00 I can feel the wrath of Dr.Oppenheimer about to be unleashed
Contageouse 14 days ago
i swear i played with a glass maker when i was a kid, that shit looked sooooooo familiar lol
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