Soap Addicted Lady Can't Stop Eating It

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24 days ago

Me and Ethan (CrankGameplays) are reacting to TLC My Strange Addiction where this woman just cant get enough soap. Eating 100 bars a year she's keeping her insides clean with soap and laundry detergent daily.
Ethan -
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CinnamonToastKen 23 days ago
SOAP GANG RISE UP!! Thanks to Ethan for joining us this week! Here is a playlist of our recent collabs if ya liked this one!
Puezous UN
Puezous UN 8 days ago
She probably gets the suds when she is sick
FlowerCrown 19 days ago
Sarah Bogovich
Sarah Bogovich 21 day ago
The soap eating story that CinnamonToastKen explained is very similar to my child hood story but instead of on a tooth brush the soap was just squirted in my mouth and I was being cocky so to prove to my mom that it wasn't fazzing me I decided to swallow the soap and the sensation of soap being swallowed burned my entire throught and drinking water does not help just makes it very bubbly lol. Funny now but not when it happened. 😬 oh well bad parenting lol. Blame the parent.
Mr. Know it all
Mr. Know it all 21 day ago
Mr. Know it all
Mr. Know it all 21 day ago
_•はたけ カカシ_•
_•はたけ カカシ_• 11 hours ago
I like the smell of fire but I still don't eat fire wait can u even eat fire
Kate Stefanelli
Kate Stefanelli 13 hours ago
Joined by the beautiful crankgameplays Y e s
Kate Stefanelli
Kate Stefanelli 13 hours ago
Unus annus flashbacks
Lexi Wagner
Lexi Wagner 19 hours ago
Yeps Neps
Yeps Neps 23 hours ago
"Sweet, salty... sour..." No, man. Bitter. Soap just tastes bitter lol
Reinoud van Reekum
Reinoud van Reekum Day ago
I used to be addicted to soap, but it's okay, I'm clean now.
Maik Geijsen
Maik Geijsen Day ago
Survival tip: eat grass
SpaceyGracie Day ago
Ethan didn't need his mom to put soap in his mouth since he did it willingly later on in life
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Day ago
"Sweet... salty... sour..." "How is it all of those things" My sweet summer child has clearly never had a Pulparindo
Liza Broome
Liza Broome Day ago
Ethan:There should be a top soap their list. Also Ethan and Mark: does a soap tasting tier list
Audrey Kapsa
Audrey Kapsa Day ago
He should do a collab with Markiplier and Cryoatic again!
Bonnie Bell
Bonnie Bell Day ago
Eef you determined all soap has different flavors during Unus Annus. Does anyone else remember that video?
Chris Smith
Chris Smith Day ago
I like strawberry soap😅😅😅lol
eanna connolly
eanna connolly Day ago
How does someone not realize eating detergent will hurt the inside of your mouth, would you not feel that maybe, oh wow my mouth kinda hurts ever since I've been eating soap and detergent
eanna connolly
eanna connolly Day ago
Someone needs to tell this girl what sherbet is it would be a healthy alternative to detergent with the same tang to it
Lia Hamilton
Lia Hamilton Day ago
Don’t worry she’s clean now
trashyalphys 2 days ago
“Have you ever had your mouth washed out with soap?” “Uhhh no I never have.” *flashbacks to REDACTED*
DeezRMyDays 2 days ago
She’s going to college? What college? Common sense college?
SaschaB! 2 days ago
Welp, my meemaw washed mine out with soap. And got switches to smack me with. I'm a millennial lol
sinem onel
sinem onel 2 days ago
if i eated soap. i dont eat it bc i did. no i didnt
BethDWriter 2 days ago
I've accidentally tasted soap while washing my face.. It smells like strawberries, but it doesn't taste like strawberries
Ms. Valdez
Ms. Valdez 2 days ago
It's a condition called pica. I had it while I'll was pregnant, its usually due to low iron. I was obsessed with gain dryer sheets and gain soap and fragnazia purple soap. I didnt eat it but I sniffed it like coke 24/7 while eating crushed ice
MissAlienSpacePirate 2 days ago
Easy fix. Get this woman some coriander. :'D
Lullaby Byebye
Lullaby Byebye 3 days ago
See my parents never washed my mouth with soap, but at one point I decided that I wanted to taste the soap so I took a bottle of hand soap and just poured it into my mouth. I started crying.
Dido Grace
Dido Grace 3 days ago
Went through 4 years of undergraduate (and am currently in graduate school) without eating soap, and even I felt judged a lot. Can't imagine the social isolation this kind of addiction would cause...yikes
Bin Chicky
Bin Chicky 3 days ago
Shots shots shots shots!
Celly T
Celly T 3 days ago
Someone get this girl some Thrills Gum-
Giovanna Sall
Giovanna Sall 3 days ago
20:40 EEF
You hate it when I speak the truth
You hate it when I speak the truth 4 days ago
The last weird trend I saw was around the time Covid hit a bunch of people started licked toilet seats, door handles, and other weird thing trying to catch Covid or try to prove it was all fake.
Morgan Irbs
Morgan Irbs 4 days ago
My mom always tells me to "suspend my disbelief" with shows but like- You guys might have been onto something in the first part with the detergent, that this is just movie magic. The girl is embarrassing herself on live television for money, like America's Got Talent, American Idol, and all of those other reality-television shows.
Ike Dodson
Ike Dodson 4 days ago
More EEF
Soap lady: *eats soap* My brother who eats bugs when he was younger: oh first time?...
Tilde Wetterlundh
Tilde Wetterlundh 4 days ago
When I was little I was SCARED to even just touch that stuff and I still don’t like to touch it (idk why honestly) and she be out here just eating it like 0_0
kakapupu 4 days ago
actually hand sanitizer must be rather common as it's mostly alcohol, and you know, dumb alcoholics will drink anything that's got alcohol in it.
Honey hippie
Honey hippie 4 days ago
How did she NOT DIE?
Emily Barnes
Emily Barnes 4 days ago
I love Ethan and Ken. But when Ken asks Ethan have you ever had your mouth washed out and he says no. I was like...does anyone remember the unnus annus episode where he and Mark rated the taste of different soaps...
Michelle Tilbury
Michelle Tilbury 4 days ago
My mom made me bite a bar of soap so it got stuck on the back of my teeth
Lauren Theorist
Lauren Theorist 4 days ago
I had my mouth washed out with liquid soap and I still remember the taste. I hated it. If you really feel the need to make your kid have soap in their mouth, please use a bar.
Abbi Williamson
Abbi Williamson 4 days ago
does she fart bubbles
Stratosphere 4 days ago
Pica is a pretty wild condition man
Walter Chavez
Walter Chavez 4 days ago
staged. she was licking that white marshmellow shit they showed by the mother off her palms
katlobro 5 days ago
25 year old who had her mouth washed out with hand soap multiple times by her Mama because she repeated words her Daddy, Uncles, and older cousins said and thought she was cool for doing so 😬 My Mama has since given up on my sailor’s mouth 😂
clownsscaremetoo 5 days ago
Boomers: I'll wash your mouth out with soap! Millennials about to invent the Tide Pod challenge: Is that a challenge??
Hypnopixel 5 days ago
Eff: I wonder if the soaps she eats has different flavors... Also Eff on R E D A C T E D: We eat soap
MaryGrace Popky
MaryGrace Popky 5 days ago
Someone explain to me why Ethan didn’t mention that he ate soap with mark during [REDACTED]
JohnnyJoestarTheCripple 5 days ago
Cara O'Dea
Cara O'Dea 5 days ago
My daddy washed my mouth out with lava soap... rip
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith 5 days ago
It’s horrible but I knew a girl at my girls school and I guess she was trying to kill her self and ate half a box of powdered laundry detergent. However at the time no one knew that she had done this. She then came into the rek room and out of nowhere she started throwing up foam and bubbles. It was very difficult not to laugh and many people were rolling on the ground laughing. She was taken to the hospital to have her stomach pumped. I can only imagine what that looked like. She was fine and came back to school a couple days later. It was a pretty wild thing to witness. My advice to soap eaters would be to get all natural glycerin soaps that only have natural scents inside. She could make her own safe soap at home. That way she can eat soap and not die. To be fair though some soaps smell so delicious and some look delicious. Sometimes it makes you think for a moment about tasting it. But most normal folks don’t take it as far as to actually eat the soap.
Susan V
Susan V 6 days ago
I feel like she does this for attention, seeing how she talks to her sister and her sister is clearly the prettier one.
Autumn Hazlett
Autumn Hazlett 6 days ago
The tide pods are locked up where i live
Dua Rey
Dua Rey 6 days ago
Like... y'all... That's sugar or salt fr... Powder detergent doesn't pour out so smooth and perfect like that! It has a slight bit of moisture or stickiness to it in a way. So usually some little granules clump together. That's sugar. And you can make suds and bubbles from egg whites, or milk foam, and even sugar. Fake.
master flubrnukt
master flubrnukt 6 days ago
A drop of Dawn and the cursing gone
Levi Llama
Levi Llama 6 days ago
YESSSS ETHAN AND KEN! 10/10 collab 😩🤙
Defiant Fork
Defiant Fork 6 days ago
Imagine her mom went OMG ME TOO
mr. yest
mr. yest 6 days ago
normal man you like crack her my crack is ditergent
SHSL_DepressøEspressø 6 days ago
People Probably Say The Same Thing It Feels Right When They Guzzle The White Liquid That A Lot Of People Know About.
chris 6 days ago
Fun dip.
Dragon Des
Dragon Des 6 days ago
I am almost certain that soap powder will only be bitter
Brandon 6 days ago
the friends killed me XD
skooma-cat 6 days ago
I actually used to have a friend that she would just rip hole hand folds of grass up out of the ground and just shove it in her mouth and eat it bugs dirt and all
Aleczander Lee
Aleczander Lee 7 days ago
Lol I got my mouth washed out with soap when I was kid
tawny. 7 days ago
ethan talking about how soap has to have different flavors like he doesn't already know that...
keiiilalei 7 days ago
wocky suds
Bratt Rox
Bratt Rox 7 days ago
Everytine they show her eating the suds off her hand my stomach hurts
Bratt Rox
Bratt Rox 7 days ago
I had a babysitter after I got out of school in kindergarten and in her house we weren't allowed to say hell so I got my mouth washed out with soap.... in my house that was just a word for a place religious people believed existed so it weirded me out that I would get soap in my mouth over a place she believed existed. It's like washing my mouth out over saying North Korea or something. For the record I'm gen Z so people may still be getting their mouths washed with soap. I've gotta say it's so disgusting. Oh and I was burping bubbles after that.
Jaiden Hansen
Jaiden Hansen 7 days ago
I wonder if Kermit and her have the same favorite XD Irish Spring
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 7 days ago
I had to eat soap as a kid and the smell of irish spring SICKENS me. I was a shitty kid though I kinda deserved it 😂
Kisa Bliss
Kisa Bliss 7 days ago
They should really collab more often I love their vibe together
ColdTurkey 7 days ago
😭 Momento Mori I'm sitting here wearing my goddus annus hoodie friggin abouta cry bc Unus Annus was the reason I got a job and a therapist and antidepressants and am about to open a bank quit smoking and get a place of my own..... Unus Annus though was hilarious taught me to live each moment like it's my last and to make the most of the time I have here..... 00:00:00
Robin Miner
Robin Miner 7 days ago
Detergent. Cheaper than crack
Robin Miner
Robin Miner 7 days ago
Tempest's aka......bubbles!
Robin Miner
Robin Miner 7 days ago
Is she eating Irish spring?
Kayleigh Haines
Kayleigh Haines 7 days ago
I mean, i like the burn if smiths salt and vinnigar chips, but I stop when It hurts or I will have too many chips... I don't eat much chips anymore though. Sometimes hot chips with veggies and schnitzel or whatever the meal is Too much of anything can be bad for you
Luke Nuke
Luke Nuke 7 days ago
if she ate detergent she would have died by now
Diane Harlow
Diane Harlow 8 days ago
Parents punishing kids with soap send like a myth !! But my parents and grandparents used to do this to us! Yuck 🤮
Kelsey Linn
Kelsey Linn 8 days ago
Immediately cringed when she said, "Laundry detergent" like chills went to my soul... hahaa
Kraven Moarhed
Kraven Moarhed 8 days ago
I’ve never heard of crank and I don’t plan on watching anything else he does.
barb brown
barb brown 8 days ago
😂 the story about your mom making you brush your teeth with dawn dish soap. 😂 I literally FELT THAT & Can still taste it from when I swore at my mom at like 5 years old ( Yes, I was a little demon and it just got worse when I didn't get my way) after I tried to run and hold my breath and wiggle free from her legs but it didn't work and since I was putting up such a big fight i made it way worse she accidentally squirted enough to make me throw up. And burp bubbles for like 5 hours at least not to mention the diarrhea for a few days. Its been almost 30 years and I still gag and remember that taste when I smell dawn dish soap. Yucky
SoraHakuDA 8 days ago
Eef: I don't eat soap Eef in Unus Annus: "I'd say this soap tastes better than this one"
Mega_Bird700 8 days ago
Huffing laundry detergent will give you a brief high believe it or not.
Weirdo_girl 101!!!
Weirdo_girl 101!!! 8 days ago
My mom washed my mouth out with hand soap twice. Not because I said a bad word tho- it was because I dropped a plate and the second one was I went down to the neighbors house and forgot to tell her. Liquid soap is gross, and those reasons were crap. (I dropped the plate because I was washing the dishes and it just slipped- she thought it was because I was mad at her even though there was no reason to be)
Everett DaGoat
Everett DaGoat 8 days ago
Girl: I eat the soap when I’m washing my hands She’s eating soap that’s on her hands after she uses the bathroom. This is not clean at all doesn’t matter if it’s soap
Everett DaGoat
Everett DaGoat 8 days ago
Ok there’s no way she would be still alive y’all know what’s in laundry stuff?
Skeley Shenanigans
Skeley Shenanigans 8 days ago
Ethan: I eat soap Unus Annus fans: *Vietnam war flashbacks*
NillaWaafers 8 days ago
I had a friend literally explain the whole process of how tide pods destroy your mouth scientifically and we were literally in fourth grade
NillaWaafers 8 days ago
I can’t count how many times I had my mouth washed out when I was little-
Joel Stevenson
Joel Stevenson 8 days ago
You feel refreshed from eating dirty soap hands...
Henry Loader
Henry Loader 9 days ago
The forbidden treats
EMZ TAYLOR 9 days ago
i like the smell of laundry detergent don't mean i'm gonna eat it
Colton Speezac
Colton Speezac 9 days ago
There is gum that tastes like soap, she should go buy a pack.
Skitchz 9 days ago
A lesson to be learned There was a little turtle his name was tiny tim they put him in the bathtub to see if he could swim he drank up all the water and ate up all the soap and now he’s stuck in bed with bubbles in his throat
Gabbi 9 days ago
3:15 okay but people actually spit in each other's mouth where i am. couples, obviously, but it's disgusting.
Stephii Teal
Stephii Teal 9 days ago
Oh yes I remember having soap in the mouth as a kid for saying the word bloody XD
Mr.MovieMafia 9 days ago
I shouldn’t be washing the dishes while I watch this video. It’s bound to give me... ideas 🤣
Ali Meets World
Ali Meets World 9 days ago
I think she eats the soap but then the crew is like "we need to reshoot that line" so she goes for more to do the scene again and they're like "nononono" lol just lick your fingers as if you have it on there 😂
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 10 days ago
That is so weird😅😅.
Illustrious Cabbage
Illustrious Cabbage 10 days ago
I actually like it better when the friends are very circumspect. You can see them trying to judge the depth of the crazy they just stumbled into and it's hilarious.
C0C0NUTLYF3 10 days ago
i've been a long time subscriber to Ken and it just makes me feel so old seeing Ken so seasoned. Like seriously no offense but it brings me to tears how long it's been
horse2503 10 days ago
She farts bubbles 🤣🤣🤣
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