LoopyDoopy145 8 hours ago
Yo, I can relate to this kid. the only meat I eat is chicken nuggets. sometimes chicken strips... im wierd i know.
R3cycl3dGoods 8 hours ago
Man that airport was empty
Juliana Valdez
Juliana Valdez 8 hours ago
Am I the only one a little heartbroken they couldn’t fly :(
Barf Salamandruid
Barf Salamandruid 8 hours ago
@CinnamonToastKen and @Buffpro History lesson: They are probably speaking Yiddish, or Pennsylvania 'Dutch' (broken/Americanized German from the 1700's) and not actually dutch lol, more like Deutsche. Judging by the "Ich" for "I" that I keep hearing them say I assume it is the latter.
midnightwolfgamer 8 hours ago
yes, all humans have mercury in their body but we only have very little of it. some have higher levels then others
Rob Martin
Rob Martin 8 hours ago
He wrote his phone number on her hand... moments later in the washroom she washes her hands. Doh!!!
xVacunaVenomx 8 hours ago
I wish cultures like this would die off already 🙄 ESPECIALLY cultures that suppress women.
Lucid Local
Lucid Local 8 hours ago
This is my 185th video without subscribing.
Paige Herel
Paige Herel 8 hours ago
I grew up in the city and on a farm, going back and forth between them. Our farm is really rundown cause no one lives there, so I am used to both the extra like nasty nasty outhouse and well water, snakes in the basement, and then living in the city the 'normal' for most people. So I get both sides.
Jenna Hollinger
Jenna Hollinger 8 hours ago
Gotta love the passive aggressive editing
nnlknk kln
nnlknk kln 8 hours ago
There are other videos about them once they reach their destination it becomes crazy. One of them gets a panic attack too, they should totally react to the rest!
s.drxke 8 hours ago
I’m pretty sure the change she told the guy to keep was around 50 cent in usd like fuckin hell Ed
Sofia Perez
Sofia Perez 8 hours ago
Guess we’ll never know what grandma do
Florencia Ramos
Florencia Ramos 8 hours ago
i need to know what happeeeeeennssssss
lange darm
lange darm 8 hours ago
"what flavour" "all of them" you had me dying laughing there
Dahlia Cross
Dahlia Cross 8 hours ago
What Ken said about the level of comfort of living is true, I'm in Japan and have a full function robot toilet and I could never even go back to a normal toilet, I'm living the life with my booty staying warm
Jaymie Guerra
Jaymie Guerra 8 hours ago
these girls are so wholesome, i love watching them discover things lol
Samantha Strassell
Samantha Strassell 8 hours ago
We call them Yoder towers by our house not Amish taxi drivers 😭🤣
bobbinatorrah67 8 hours ago
TLC found new low hanging fruit to turn into a show, however at least it’s more wholesome than some recent series’s.
Kaj Yakuzonik
Kaj Yakuzonik 8 hours ago
Kim Sutton
Kim Sutton 8 hours ago
"What kinda parent you gotta be to tell your kid that? 'If you leave don't come back.'" John Winchester.
Faiza Beldelmi
Faiza Beldelmi 8 hours ago
I want to watch a whole movie about those girls
Michele Rogers
Michele Rogers 8 hours ago
Brother is def coked out lmao 😂
Fake Name
Fake Name 8 hours ago
What if Daniel gave her his number because he knew about the photo id thing so they'd obviously need a ride back?
The Emma Lee
The Emma Lee 8 hours ago
Sorry, I thought this was the 1800s.
Abri Rich
Abri Rich 8 hours ago
Lol when the girl actually goes to your school 🤭 She is older now btw Technically she is a grade below me
Steph S
Steph S 8 hours ago
“I don’t want to hurt nobody”😂😂😂 “I paved a driveway, colored a picture for my moms refrigerator” 😂😂🤣
Garret Knysh
Garret Knysh 8 hours ago
Me: Ken, I want to occasionallly watch content from other creators Ken: What is out there? It is nothing but hellish and of the devil
LinnieAlexis 8 hours ago
I loved this
John Dough
John Dough 8 hours ago
I love watching you guys realize how bad some of the amish community is.
Brittany Griggs
Brittany Griggs 8 hours ago
I always thought the amish let their children experience the world on their 18th birthday and the child got to choose whether they wanted to stay or leave
J Land
J Land 8 hours ago
Imagine having that much sensory overload you aren’t allowed out of a bunch of field tractors aren’t even used, I’m going to be overloaded when I go to the airport.
Kage Akuma
Kage Akuma 8 hours ago
I feel so awkward in public places if I was a bystander I'd actually (most likely failing spectacularly try to help these young ladies out entirely because I know how awkward it feels in a needing an ID when you don't have one situation even if you have other forms of ID.) I've been through a lot in my life, been homeless before, lived out of a car, so when I see someone in need who seems genuine I help out, I I didn't ask for help from strangers, but on occasion strangers helped me, even if I turned them down so now I make sure I pay it forward to others.
Za_Panda227 8 hours ago
I need to know more about these girls XD
Addyson Caillouet
Addyson Caillouet 8 hours ago
They’re speaking Pennsylvania Dutch
Michaela -
Michaela - 8 hours ago
The Amish where I live speak Pennsylvanian Dutch, more than likely they speak Dutch
Shannon 8 hours ago
This guy just screams depression
Amber Starr Banks
Amber Starr Banks 8 hours ago
This is annoying. period. Couldn’t watch you guys.
eanna connolly
eanna connolly 8 hours ago
I get rejecting modernism and embracing tradition but this is not what they meant
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed 8 hours ago
The suspense, I need to watch this show now
The Fool
The Fool 8 hours ago
No toilets in the robot.
Shelby *
Shelby * 8 hours ago
Wha... what... my 2 fav youtubers ... know .. eachother... and collabed !?!?!?!?! KEVIN MARRY ME
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed 8 hours ago
This is honestly so wholesome
Jay Bayer
Jay Bayer 8 hours ago
For some reason people think everyone has a photo ID. It really should be free and mandatory, but since it isn't, many people live without one.
Jarl Ballin
Jarl Ballin 8 hours ago
edenithil 8 hours ago
It's actually my birthday. So thank you :)
Fortwengler Courtney
Fortwengler Courtney 8 hours ago
Omg gross.
Mandi Jackman
Mandi Jackman 8 hours ago
He wrote his number on her hand, then she washed her hands in the bathroom .. So now she doesn't even have that .. LOL
Kaylee Hill
Kaylee Hill 8 hours ago
Ken roasting Jess’s new man when he looks like his brother 🥴🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Erica Marie Lee Pagan
Erica Marie Lee Pagan 8 hours ago
How dare yall leave this cliffhanger
LionHeart Lev
LionHeart Lev 8 hours ago
Gotta watch the mute, about an amish man who gets in an accident and losses his vocal cords. But amish mom says no surgery.
karl tee
karl tee 8 hours ago
Nooo this was too short. I want to see more haha.
Som nambulants
Som nambulants 8 hours ago
100th video!? (Laughs in cinnamon) I'm further down this road to debauchery!
Isabella Rose
Isabella Rose 8 hours ago
OliverSnickIsMyName 8 hours ago
*me who thought rupee was an actual thing in the real world until I was 10 and drawing then nearly every day since I was 6* ..... 𝕎𝕠𝕥-
Brandi Herring
Brandi Herring 8 hours ago
Plot twist: Grandma became a gypsy
TheNamesKay 8 hours ago
Honestly this just reminds me of how people treat me with my ADHD/Depression People who dont have it dont realize how genuinly hard it is, because it IS hard. We cant just get up and just "yeah I'll be productive :)" we just physically cant And when people tell us all were doing is making excuses it only makes it worse and harms out mental state. Please be more gentle with people with mental health issues :( (In general/@ dr Phil, ken was pretty much fine from what I noticed)
Zucchini 8 hours ago
I live in PA and there's Amish everywhere and horse and buggys on the road. people think the Amish are kinda crazy and weird but honestly they're pretty chill and just keep to themselves.
NirPoPaganda 8 hours ago
It’s crazy because I just smiled a majority of the video. The one girl is so pure at heart. Very honest about how she felt. Amazed look on her face. This was great.
Johnny Joestar
Johnny Joestar 8 hours ago
"How do you have a Social Security card without an ID?" Bitch did you not hear them? They're Amish! EDIT Also, you can totally own a Social Security card without a Driver's License/ID wtf is that guy talking about?
Telic 8 hours ago
this is honestly adorable
Kage Akuma
Kage Akuma 8 hours ago
I thought Rumpringa was common, but not gonna lie I could see myself developing a crush on a former Amish woman, they are completely sweet and upfront, even blunt. I'm autistic, so the whole being upfoward and blunt is refreshing to me lol
Chelsey Lin
Chelsey Lin 8 hours ago
I am already laughing watching these videos but when Buff laughs it makes me laugh so much harder! I just love his laugh 😂
Anton Dillard
Anton Dillard 8 hours ago
An 18 month old "accidentally" drinking Draino? That's sus af
Jennifer Thomas
Jennifer Thomas 8 hours ago
LMAO HIA is a small airport!
Colby Moore
Colby Moore 8 hours ago
One of the funniest things I've heard 7:56
Trisha Lennex
Trisha Lennex 8 hours ago
Are you a big fan of Texas?
Chloé 8 hours ago
Layla is such a happy child, her laugh is so sweet.
Elly wick
Elly wick 8 hours ago
I love how buff explodes there. That's the best. Like thank you!!!
Aint Paul
Aint Paul 8 hours ago
This video reminded me why the Roman Catholics and the Lutherans persecuted those anabaptist heretics.
Jacques Smuts
Jacques Smuts 8 hours ago
Damn Dane, Where you disappearing too?
Broseph Broman
Broseph Broman 8 hours ago
*"I can't drink all these green beans!"* Lmao!!
Whitney Alonzo
Whitney Alonzo 8 hours ago
He legit looks like The Devil trying to disguise himself as a human.
Blue Fan
Blue Fan 8 hours ago
Piece of dirt dug down through mud, past acid, spit up by a slug, eaten again and shat out a slug's arse. He is lower than that. Anyone who doesn't know the difference and thinks it's ok, same for YOU!